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  • Monica K

    2 years ago

    Morning juicers

    Day 55 feel amazing have some much energy. I'm looking fwd to day 60 and having a meal, feel I want to eat food but not far till the end. I will still juice and have odd meals when I reach day 60. Can't believe I've come this far, it's been hard but well worth it. Xx

  • Monica K

    2 years ago

    Morning all

    Day 26, lost 1stone 4lb so far. Feeling good, 34 days to go.

    I feel like I wana exercise all the time and have lots energy.

    Still have to distract my thoughts when I can smell food or see others eating. people keep asking me what I'm doing to loose the weight, I've semi converted 3 people who are having juice and then an evening meal. How's everyone doing?

    Happy Juicing :)

  • Monica K

    2 years ago

    Hey everyone

    Day 13 complete, very tired and felt like I could have done with a duvet day. I completed a 5k run yesterday and think that's part of the tiredness today.

    Hope your all well on your juicing journeys :)


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  • Early rebooters

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    This group is for people who have just started rebooting. It's a group for motivation, discussing recipes and for helping people to not give up.

  • Juicing for fertility and hypothyroidism

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    Sharing support tips and ideas for thyroid juice Recipes and juices to boost fertility. Currently undertaking my first 60 day Reboot. Welcome any support,suggestions and tips.


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