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    Hello, My name is Cristina, I'm originally from Philippines but now I'm living in Stockholm creating this group hoping to get some support from you guys who are into juicing..and into losing weight..I'm myself struggle a lot when it comes to weight. I came from a culture who eat rice into breakfast lunch and dinner and even to no wonder we put more weight!!! Since I was 7 I have a problem with my hurts when I feel the cold rainy days..some says its genetic that I have a rheumatoid arthritis something like that..I didn't really went to doctor since in Philippines it cost a lot to go to doctor so im just self medicating buying some anti inflammatory meds. I know it's wrong but it works and help me ease the pain.. Anyway...lets make the story short. When I got here in Sweden. They have good medical benefits. So I started to see a doctor and investigate what is really causing the pain in my knee..we have done a lot of test..and it shows I don't have rheumatoid arthritis. For a year and half my doctor didn't give up on me and keep investigating why I have pain,what is the cause of pain..everything..and for those times we still could not figure out why\what all these question. To the point I gave up to myself to find all those answer scientifically.. Then I thought that maybe I weighted to much that my knee could not handle I will try juicing to lose weight. And hoping..maybe with the magic of this juicing I will feel no pain one of this days.. So guys join me in my juicing..need your support.

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