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  • Joining a CSA

    Started by Missjulesdid, Last reply by SweatyGirl27 on 2012-07-31 17:32:00

    Number of Replies: 9

    Is anyone here a member of a CSA? I'm looking to join one that will give me prorated membership from now until the end of the season. If you are a member of one, what is your cost and what do you get? Do you find that it's less expensive or more expensive than just getting things from the farmer's market?

    The one I'm thinking of joining works out to 23.00 a week with the promise of 8-11 items including common and uncommon produce and many of the items will have multiples (for example 5 beets = 1 item but one cantaloupe = 1 item) Does this sound about average?

    Also for any juicers who are CSA members have you found that most of the items juice well?

  • Four year old nephew just drank "Spiderman Juice"

    Started by Missjulesdid, Last reply by margaret.olah.9 on 2012-07-16 21:57:10

    Number of Replies: 3

    one large apple, one carrot, 2 kale leaves.... Juice it all up. Strain well. put 2/3 cup of fresh juice and add 1/3 cup of commercial fruit juice.. I used juicy juice brand fruit punch. Pour over ice. He drank the whole thing right up and asked for more. My sister plans to slowly decrease the amount of the commercial fruit juice as he gets used to it... but I'd say for the first time out, getting a four year old to drink a juice with two whole kale leaves is pretty good!

  • Raw ingredients ounces VS yield

    Started by Missjulesdid, Last reply by crayphish on 2012-07-22 18:36:24

    Number of Replies: 3

    One thing I struggled with when starting juicing was amounts. If a recipe says 6 leafs well that can be a huge difference based on the size and weight of the leaf. So I'm now just keeping track of the weight of my ingredients and using weight when I make a new recipe.
    I just wanted to report my yield this morning. Here's the mean green recipe I used (note that for me it was 16 leaves of kale.. that's because the leaves were small):
    8 ounces kale (16 leaves or a little over 3 cups of well chopped kale)
    8 ounces celery (4 ribs)
    6 ounce cucumber (1/2 cucumber)
    12 ounces apple (2 medium)
    2 ounces lemon (1/2 lemon)
    1/2 ounce ginger

    My yield was 22 delicious fluid ounces. (when measuring the yield you don't count the foam.. so if you get foam on your juice you just measure your ounce yield to the top of the actual juice, not to the top of the foam).

    The calorie load for the Whole vegetables before juicing was: 375 of course this also includes all the fiber and also whatever juice was left over in the fiber that my juicer couldn't get.

    I'd love to see what other folks are juicing broken down by ounces and including yield. Anyone care to report?

  • Motivation from a five year old.

    Started by Missjulesdid, Last reply by quepc on 2012-08-05 18:13:14

    Number of Replies: 4

    So I was talking on the phone with my sister about my fast and she was saying that since I managed to do it for five days, then she thinks I'll make it all the way. My nephew who just turned five then chimed in.."Well Auntie, if you can do something for five days then you can do it for six. And if you can do it for six days then you can do it for seven" How right he is. I'm going to remind myself of that down the road if I feel like quitting!

    Also he was thrilled to report that he made his juice today all by himself including slicing the cucumbers and apples and feeding the apples cucumbers, carrots and greens into their juicer. I love how excited he was to do this. I'm so proud of my sister for involving him in the process even though it takes A LOT longer for a five year old to make juice!

  • OMG, So THAT'S what a sweet fruit juice tastes like!

    Started by Missjulesdid, Last reply by bosali on 2012-10-28 11:06:39

    Number of Replies: 2

    So I'm a big fan of the green juice and even drink in the AM but I thought I'd make a treat WOW it was AMAZING!

    1 large granny smith apple
    1/2 peeled cucumber
    1 orange
    10 red grapes
    5 large ripe strawberries
    1/2 pound carrots PEELED

    Makes 20(ish) scrumdiddilicious ounces which I split with my BF so as not to overindulge... Tastes REALLY strong of strawberries and is a beautiful burnt orange color. I'm definitely going to have to remember this as a treat for my next juice fast.


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