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  • About: I am a Work In Progress! I am a two plus two time cancer survivor, with multiple short and long term side effects from the chemotherapy. My guess is that I have a lot of drug treatment residue left over in my body's liver and cells. I have struggled with fatty liver and weight loss. I have done cleanses before, but want to go deeper this time and do my best to detox my liver. I have read a lot of books and theories about weight loss, and keep coming back to the importance of a healthy liver to have a healthy life and healthy (natural) weight loss. My goal is to drink 80-90 ounces of juice each day, do 10 minutes on a rebounder trampoline daily increasing to 30 minutes a day. I will adhere to a plant based diet, and may add an avocado & tomato salad as needed. I am also doing at least one coffee enema each day, to help open up and purge my bile and liver ducts. Coffee enema's were introduced by Max Gerson, M.D. (The Gerson Therapy, The Gerson Institute). They are instrumental for his Cancer Treatment programs. They are not easy, but are worth it.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I saw both "Sick, Tired, and Nearly Dead 1 and 2", and knew that a plant based food was right for me. I have a strong faith in God, and thought it very interesting that the night I wanted to see a movie at the neighborhood theatre, was the night that STND 2 premiered. The movie I wanted to see was replaced with STND 2. There are no mistakes in life, so followed the guidance and watched this great movie. Started preparing for the Reboot the next day, and my journey has begun.
  • Favorite Juice? Anything with Parsley
  • Food temptation? Peanuts, Salt

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  • Russell

    4 years ago

    Hi Marie!..

    Hope this finds you doing Well!!

    We haven't heard from you all Year!!


  • Blessed Angela

    4 years ago

    Hello Marie, I've started the 60 day Reboot today. This time I added a Person to help me.

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Hello Blessed Angela! Merry Christmas to you, and a Blessed New Year. What do you mean you added a person to help you? Did you sign up for a Guided Reboot? Marie

  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    don't mention it Marie..

    I had (retired) a holistic dentist.. removed amalgams and more.. he would talk to each of my teeth he worked on like they were all children.. and he'd sing the old standards while he worked.. spent a LOT of money there...

    I watched a movie from the 30s in which an old man kept saying "all illnesses start in the teeth!" then the other characters would roll their eyes at him.. but he is right. it's not a new idea whatsoever..

    ohhhh boy, sorry ... I'm blabbing again..



  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    RE: teeth

    here's a better one... includes emotions:

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Sueblues, thank you, thank you, thank you. Amazing information on both of those websites you gave me. Makes so much sense, with what is going on with me right now. I had a bridge put in back in May/June 2014, and it did not go well. Tooth # 20 was traumatized by it all, and has erupted with an abscess three times in 6 months. What is interesting, is that tooth #20 is on the stomach meridian and I have been so nauseous over the last few days. I can't even smell food without gagging. I have had to reduce my juices from 5 to 4 a day, and my two green juices I had to dilute 50% with water. The only juice that doesn't make me gag right now is grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, etc. So, I have had 3 juices with those and taking it easy until it passes. I have no appetite whatsoever.

    You are a huge help to me, thanks. Marie

  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    Marie, here's one link that came up... it also has other links to follow on its page:

    I'd say it's (#18) the large intestine

  • georgev

    4 years ago

    how is this reboot moving along for you Marie?....pretty well on my end

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Hey George, doing well. I had a dental abscess erupt last week, and almost put me in the hospital. I had to go on antibiotics again, for the third time in 6 months. I see the oral surgeon tomorrow, and hopefully he will have a safe treatment plan for me. I am in the process of moving from one state to another, and starting a new job in January 2015, so I have alot going on.

    Doing well with the juicing, and I am committed to this reboot life for a year or two actually. I am doing juice only now, and it gets easier every day. I don't have time to exercise, because the buying, cleaning, juicing, cleaning, is taking so long. Hopefully, I will have more time for exercise soon.

    Were you on the call last night? How are you doing?


  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the request Ms Marie.. perhaps you will be a good influence on me..

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Sueblues, you are an inspiration for me. Juice on girl! Marie

  • Russell

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Marie. I find any acknowledgment to be supporting. I brought my idea of juicing to my Family physician and he quickly shot the idea down saying it was a $$ scam, which tells me that he is closed minded to alternative (natural) remedies for treating my liver and likely a pill pusher. Time for a new family Doc.

    Stay Strong & Stay Juicy!!


  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Hey Russell: Definitely find another doctor. I told my traditional medical doctor, and she was very supportive. All she required is that I see her every 30 days if I am juicing only. She took blood work on my liver, and will monitor. I will tell you, and it is probably in my group diary posting here, that I did incorporate some water only colonics and some coffee only colonics when detox symptoms got bad. I think I would have quit, without this simple procedure. I bought my coffee enema supplies from the Gerson Institute in San Diego (Max Gerson, M.D.) who is credited with designing the protocol for the coffee enema. The process is not for the weak of heart, as when the toxins spill out from the liver & bile there are spasms (which can hurt). It only takes 15 minutes, and I always feel so much better afterwards. I have noticed a huge improvement in my health, so continue with them.

    Good luck, Marie

  • LR Dawn

    4 years ago

    Awesome- I too am trying to cleanse chemo out of my system and jumpstart my body's own natural healing. Good for you! Keep the fight for quality of life!

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Thank you LR Dawn. I saw my doctor today, and had her do a liver enzyme test so I could track the improvement since the Spring. She is very supportive of juicing, and encouragement me to check in once a month for blood tests.

    Juice on,


  • georgev

    4 years ago

    Awesome Marie..congratulations on your continued success



  • Juicing & Plant-Based Whole Food Society - Eat & Drink Plants!

    Members: 176

    Latest activity: 01/26/2018 08:08 AM

    Thanks for your interest and support. My intention is to create a group that goes beyond a classic 3/10/15/30/60 day reboot regimen into a reboot juicing/eating lifestyle shift. No need to re-gain pounds and re-do hard-earned rebooting efforts. I have reversed all disease, diabetes, chronic ailments, and have maintained and sustained a 150 pound weight loss with Daily Reboot Green & Rainbow Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFood eating lifestyle. (WFPB - means whole food plant-based ingredients, plant-based foods as close to their natural state as possible). . Please see the original feature at Reboot with Joe success profile at: .

    And the Two Year Anniversary Success Profile at:

    There is also some behind the scenes footage, a video testimonial and a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead commercial spot to view at --->

    I completely understand and empathize where you all might be coming from - I have so been there and done that. The hardest part is just making the decision to commit to your self. It seems that once you make the decision to overcome confusing eating habits and make a change....the quick results and new found energy pumps you up to follow through, prevail and find success.

    After watching my beloved Joe Cross & personal saviour Phil Staples in and with further reading of Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live", "The China Study and WHOLE" by T. Colin Campbell and, watching the recommended "Forks Over Knives' documentary, I discovered that eating plant-based wholefoods and drinking green vegetable juices will in fact aid you to overcome highly addictive hyper-palatable foods like animal-derived products, dairy, fats & sugar and to overcome poor eating habits like; the excessive consumption of animal protein products, oil & cholesterol, refined sugar, high sodium and other nutrient deficient junk food, all which led to my obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and my wife's battle with osteo-arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

    Be sure to review all the posts below starting on page one through to the present... there are videos, viewpoints, comments, pictures and links to aid you in your personal journey to lose weight and gain optimum health with Reboot Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFoodist attitude. I could make a number of suggestions while undertaking a reboot juice feast regimen or simply incorporating more fruits & veggies (whether juiced, blended or eaten whole) into your daily meal planning. First of all – Be Kind to Your Self! It took many years and lots of poor food choices to become overweight – It will take some time to lose it. Your body must be allowed to come into balance with phytonutrient dense plant-based foods. There will be plateaus during your weight loss journey – you’ll think nothing is happening, but it is. ************Avoid the scale to avoid disillusionment.......... Clean out your pantry to avoid temptation.****************

    The weight will come off with reboot vegetable juicing and a plant-based food choice – but must be allowed to integrate and work with your level of conscious nutrition.

    Free yourself from added eating stress and change the way you approach it. Forget dieting and just start a process of "Incorporating ~ Eliminating". Start incorporating a larger quantity of (cooked or raw, juiced or blended) plant-based whole foods like: green and rainbow color fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans-peas-legumes, nuts & seeds . Start eliminating and weeding out the SAD diet foods like: drive-through junk & hyperpalatable fast food, animal products (meats, seafood, shellfish, eggs), animal-derived products (dairy, butter, cheese, ice cream, whey, casein, lard), oil fat/sugar/sodium-laden processed, refined and packaged foods. .........>There is over 40 years of research supporting that a WholeFood–PlantBased (WFPB) eating lifestyle will rejuvenate & regenerate your whole body, will alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverses degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Reboot Juicing is a tool to discover and compliments a shift to including more plants into your daily eating habit.

    ------> Not only is plant-based whole foods the healthiest way of eating that has ever been studied, but it’s far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation. A PlantBased Reboot Juicing lifestyle entails; No counting calories, No drowning in minutiae about what to eat or what not to eat --- just simplify and make wise health-promoting choices........ DRINK Vegetable Juices & EAT Plants!

    This group is open to all exploring extreme weight loss with reboot vegetable juices and incorporating more plant-based nutrition. I have found that combining Reboot Juicing with a Plant-based whole food eating lifestyle has worked for extreme sustained weight loss and achieving optimum health - the results have been phenomenal.

    Follow my posts or chat your questions or comments here on this Reboot with Joe community "Juicing & Plant-based Society" group or, join the FaceBook discussion at:


    I'd be more than happy to share more tips and techniques and address any specific concerns. For a more personal story-line, please see my website/blog on my complete reboot journey attaining extreme weight loss and optimum health:

    .....> I love talking Juice and health-promoting plant-based eating. Relax & Enjoy - Eat & Drink Plants!

    ---------> Healthy Regards to all, Dan Miller & Elisabeth Rae ---> Proud & Honored Reboot Ambassadors


    Just click on my name to check out my profile wall for more postings, videos, and viewpoints.... or follow this link with a copy/paste ------> . .

  • Inactive group...

    Members: 46

    Latest activity: 01/01/2019 12:31 AM

    Maybe you have been searching for healthier vegetable and fruit-based alternatives to feed your family during your own juice feast. If so, good for you!! With obesity rates SOARING around the world (children included), there is no better time to make health a priority for every single body in your home (including your pet!!). And for those who are letting food serve as a source of "medicine" for the ills that plague the body, here's to living a STRONG life! Welcome aboard!! There are no "wagons" from which to fall off in here...just an open roundtable for exchanging nutritious plant-based food and drink ideas. So feel free to post your thoughts, recipes and pictures. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to the "clean" eating that I hope we can accomplish and share. Each one, reach out and teach one!! Vegetables (both land and sea) are the focus, but ideas and recipes for fruit-based dishes are also welcome. So...grab your aprons and let the banging of pots and pans begin!! Cheers to a wealth of good health!! (As this is a site for encouraging maximum health and healing, please try to share ideas for dishes that DO NOT contain large amounts of the following ingredients: animal products, seafood, milk/dairy, cheese, eggs, processed food, creams, butter, excess table salt or sugar, white flour, white rice or cooking oil. Thank you so very much for your understanding and kind cooperation!!).

  • Thank you, JOE!

    Members: 174

    Latest activity: 01/06/2019 01:35 PM

    CELEBRATING HEALTHY CHOICES: Welcome to ALL rebooters (new; and those who have been with us for a longer time. Also those who are maintaining or transitioning as well as total juicers and modified rebooters). This is a wall on behalf of Joe (and his staff) who have helped thousands gain back their health and happiness by showing us that plant based food matters. Success stories and thank you/s galore. ... I will be the first to write on this wall.

  • Juicing with an eating disorder

    Members: 21

    Latest activity: 12/07/2015 04:12 AM

    This group is for those of us with an eating disorder that want to juice, have juiced, or are juicing. Eating disorders come in may types. Some eating disorders are overeating, anorexia , bulimia, binge-eating, purging, night eating. This group is for all of those eating disorders and more if juicing is involved. It is also for those in relationships with people that have eating disorders and are juicing. Come join us and share your story, your struggles, and yes, even your successes.

  • Reboot until Thanksgiving

    Members: 7

    Latest activity: 11/14/2014 07:56 AM

    Starting October 1, I am planning to go on a juicer only reboot until Thanksgiving. Feel free to join me or jump in anytime. I'm focusing more on my mood, energy level, and any cravings and how I deal with them. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

  • October-30 Day Juice Plan!!! :)

    Members: 17

    Latest activity: 02/05/2016 09:06 AM

    Starting the 30 Day Reboot from the book! First 5 days-juice and food, followed by 25 days of pure delicious juice! Come join with me! :)

  • Modified Juicing

    Members: 21

    Latest activity: 05/23/2016 01:27 AM

    I'm going to be doing juice, smoothies, soups and salad on an ongoing basis if you'd like to join me. My only request is that there be no discussion about food that is NOT plant-based.

  • Juicing Newbs 10/13

    Members: 56

    Latest activity: 09/23/2015 10:50 PM

    Start Date: 10/13/14: Open to anyone needing support through their juicing journey. Open to newbie juicers and juicers coming back for a second or third round. Open to all who need friends who are willing to share their ups and their downs.

  • REBOOT starting 11/1

    Members: 36

    Latest activity: 12/31/2015 03:58 PM

    This is for those of us looking to shed some pounds and get healthy before the feasts that are coming during the holidays. We will all be on the journey together. It is a safe place to share your successes and struggles.

  • December 9th, Guided Reboot (15 Day)

    Latest activity: 12/24/2014 10:16 AM

    December 9 - December 23, 2014

  • May Day May Day...Need to Start a 15 Day Reboot!!!!

    Members: 24

    Latest activity: 05/07/2016 06:11 PM

    Okay, I started this group a couple years ago, and I don't even know if anyone still checks it. I'm toxic and feeling really bad about where I am. I did a 21 days reboot in 2011, and I've never been able to get back to that place. During that time, I've never felt better in my whole life. I kept the weight off for a year, but life got in the way and I went back to ALL my bad habits. I need support, so here I am, starting all over again. I plan to start tomorrow, May 8, and go for 15 days. Who is with me?????

  • 28-Day Juice Detox beginning January 5, 2015

    Members: 28

    Latest activity: 03/02/2016 04:47 PM

    Let's get the year started right... NO FOOD TALK, PLEASE!!!

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.