• About: I learned about juices when I worked in a Cafe and they had a huge juicer. I would sneak in a juice every now and then. This was back in 2007. Now I am 30, married, with a 2 year old, and fatigue is overtaking my life and I hate it. Due to this fatigue I have given up on cooking, taking care of myself, and giving my daughter whatever satisfies her (rice, bread, and fries). =( I went to the doctor because the fatigue was driving me nuts, turns out my liver enzymes are high. Doctor checked that I didn't have Hepatitis and I am not a drinker. Ruling those 2 out, he said I should be fine staying away from greasy, fried foods. But I want to do more than that.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Learning that my liver is inflamed, and I'm only 30 and not a drinker, I want to help my body, help my organs, and help myself get rid of this fatigue. It is not fair to myself, my family, or my body that I have not taken myself better.
  • Favorite Juice? apple, carrot, beets, spinach, ginger
  • Food temptation? greasy fast foods (Chinese and pizza)
  • Birthday: Feb 04

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  • Mari

    3 years ago

    ok so I finally got over my plateau of being stuck at a 10lbs loss. Today at 19days of juicing i hit my 15lbs mark. Easy and steady the numbers are coming down.

    It has been a tough week since I am back to work full time and i started to graduate classes this week. Last semester i used to bltake chips, pretzels, popcorn chicken, muffins, anything to keep me "full" during class, but now since I go straight to class from work i make sure i have a bottle of water and a juice. I've been having a lot of anxiety about work, school, and at home, and on top of that i have my husband and daughter. So yes food was extremely tempting this week, but i survived and hoping to keep more water and juice at my side. last lent i did 47 days of full juucing but i think i will now modify it to 1 meal a week with family in order not to deprive me so still getting plenty of juice but i do want to sit down with family as well.

    wishing everyone the best! ????

  • Mari

    3 years ago

    Hi everyone!

    So today was day #11 and me oh my the agony of being with family! My sister came over from delaware and it has been hard these last 24hrs. sodas, chips, cookies, and tons of food. I wanted to get away from the food and munching at home so we went to the mall (this one doesnt have an actual food court just a pretzel place and a red mango).so i wanted to just walk and walk getting some activity in. But eventually my little one got hungry and so did my mom so i got them pretzels and i got a nondairy green smoothie from red mango. If you go out unprepared look out for places that make fresh juices. Red mango was the closest thing. i've also been a little stressed because i happily shed 10lbs, but havent made any progress at all since then. i don't know what it could be but i really hope to lose some more weight.

    Stay strong everyone and keep juicing.

    this was my week off from work but it was spent in just cleaning the house. in back at work on Monday and i hope fetring back to work keeps me in a better schedule.

  • Mari

    3 years ago

    Ok so it's been less than 1 week and i hit the scale today and i am at 159.8lbs!!!!!!

    I am terribly excited and am glad of this progress. I know the weight loss might slow down later, but it has been a great jump start.

    I have asked for my husband's constant support and telling him how much it means to me.

    We were at my goddaughter's birthday yesterday and she had candies, cupcakes, cake, jellos, juices, soda, chips, pizza, wine, and catered food galore!!!!

    I had to decline and just had a few bottled waters along with a green Naked bottled juice I had brought along. It was hard because the hosts always expect you to enjoy everything they provide and they are close friends and didnt have a chance to explain to them beforehand. I felt bad not having explained to them prior. But i was glad i was able to resist.

    Last year i liked putting myself in situations of food because i had to force myself to resist. Where I would usually serve myself plates of food, i now have to stick to juice and water.

    Have a good week everyone!

    Juice on!!!

  • JeanBean

    3 years ago

    You have lost over 10 lbs?!!? You go girl.

  • Mari

    3 years ago

    Good morning everyone i am so excited to report that luckily i did not get any withdrawal symptoms. No painful migraines, which i was most afraid of.

    I am also excited to report that as of Wednesday I was at 170.2lbs. And yes thats huge for someone 5'2". and today i am at 162.2lbs...

    So just a 8lbs loss in less than a week!!! (And yes i checked several times because i didnt trust the scale) LoL

    I must also share, yesterday evening my 3yr old daughter asked me to hold the refrigerator door open for her while she grabbed carrots and beets out to make her a juice LoL she is not a veggie eater so im so thrilled i have her support too LoL

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

    Juice on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • JeanBean

    3 years ago

    Way to go Mari. I am down 6 and I am feeling really good about myself also. We can do this!

  • Mari

    3 years ago

    I cannot believe how well my 1st day went!

    I had my morning plain tea and I had my first juice past noon due to afternoon mass. It held me up pretty well until the evening, but I must say I was very lethargic. I was so tired and sleepy I was in bed by 9 and because of my 3year old, I didn't sleep until 11:00pm. However, this morning I woke up refreshed and energized and ready to conquer the world LOL.

    I am prone to migraines and am afraid I will get them sooner or later. Migraines usually make me horrible. luckily tomorrow is my last day of work and I have a whole week off to fully embark on this.

    Wishing everyone out there the best on their reboots.


  • Mari

    3 years ago

    Ok so it's past midnight here in NYC and I am very excited to start my Lent Reboot! :-) i just dusted off the old Breville and did a little powerwash with baking soda and vinegar and it looks better than ever! A few scratches to showthe old wear, but the blades are a shiny silver! due to Lent I will have a morning tea tomorrow morning and fight off a until midday to enjoy my mean green juice.i actually prepared a batch this evening and my mouth was salivating as I was preparing it. I'm very excited to embark on this journey ahead and I thank God for all my triumphs and losses because they have made me stronger than ever. Have a good night!

  • Mari

    4 years ago

    Last night's dinner: Parsnip & Potato soup! (from the reboot recipes)

    Well Girls night out went well.

    We have a friend who is getting married so they were all watching what they ate so we ordered several salads a seafood platter and meats platter, i just had the salads with some seafood.

    Saturday night we had a birthday dinner, and she too is watching her weight so she made a beef stew with rice and sides, but also had ton of salad and steamed carrots and broccoli, so I just had salad and the veggies.

    Sunday I ended up having a soup and salad for brunch, and fish soup for dinner.

    So far I've been trying my best to continue having 1-2 juices a day and a have a soup or salad throughout the day.

    It has been hard now that my appetite has opened up a little more.

    I am so glad I am in the 130's which means a little more work and I will hopefully be in the 120's.

    Despite how tired I was last night I want to keep up with Focus T25.

    If you haven't hear of T25, it is a quick 25minute workout that really works your body. Since I haven't worked out in a long time, I started last Tuesday and did 4 sessions last week. I managed to squeeze in another session last night, went to bed late, but it was worth it.

    I currently have a pouch belly (i guess from my pregnancy), but am very glad to have gotten rid of a lot of my love handles.

    Wishing everyone out there all the best in their journeys to attaining their goals.

  • Mari

    4 years ago

    i finally got to make this soup i came across.

    And here is my result

    All i have to say WOW!

    Such a simple soup but soooooo delicious!!!!

    My only change was using dried basil instead of fresh.

    To liven up the basil i sprinkled a good amount over the tomatoes while they roasted in the oven.

    I used coconut oil and somehow, that slight sweetness from the coconut oil and roasted garlic made this soup so hearty and almost "cream" like consistency.

    I have had traditonal tomato basil parmesan soup made from scratch with butter and cream and loved it, but this one is far better and healthier too.

    I feel bad

  • Mari

    4 years ago

    My golden popcorn made using coconut oil with annatto!

    My green smoothie for post-workout. Coconut milk, peanut butter, banana, and baby spinach.

  • Mari

    4 years ago

    I'm uploading from my phone. I cannot get my pics to come up right side up LoL

    Anyways i found this wonderful quinoa dinner with veggies for last night's dinner and i tried my first ever chia pudding.

    Both were amazingly delicious, but although small portions i could hardly finish.

    I'm trying to get rid of all unhealthy food in my house. It'll be good for me and my daughter.

    My dad bought her a big bag of cheetohs the other day and i felt bad but since she had some with him on Sunday i threw out the rest yesterday. When leaving the supermarket yesterday she saw i was buying bananas and right away asked for one. I'm very happy although she is only 2, she made that decision herself. She is a little kid still and goes for snacks and junk food, but lately i've seen her go to fruits too.

    The more fruits i have around the more she likes to have.

    Apples, berries, and watermelon are her favorite.


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