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  • About: Hello everyone! I'm a mom of 4 (8, 7, 4, and 8 months) trying to live longer for my family. I love tattoos and am a free spirit. Starting weight 135. 35inch waist. 19 inch each leg. I believe in measurements and before pictures rather than weight.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I joined reboot because I have no one to support my healthy lifestyle change. I have tried a hundred times to quit junk food and drink less alcohol but I always fail since none of my friends are on the health train. Now that I've had a serious health scare at age 30 I need to make sure I'm alive to see my children grow up. It's time to get serious.
  • Favorite Juice? anything with pineapple mixed in.
  • Food temptation? pizza and alcohol
  • Birthday: Mar 27

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  • mandiward

    4 years ago

    I fell of the juice train..... so I started over. Day 1 here we go.

  • mandiward

    4 years ago

    well I did good until now. Caved for peanut butter on a rice cake. Still healthy but, I'm really trying to flex my will power muscle and do just juice.

    I did manage to not eat the family dinner. I'm gonna just try again tomorrow to juice 100%. Does anyone count calories while juicing?

  • mandiward

    4 years ago

    Day 4 went well even with a snow day and all the kids home. I had a small salad for dinner because I was starving. But, I was 100% vegan yesterday.

    Today is day 5 and I'm almost at to my first goal of losing 10lbs of my last bit of baby weight. Woooohooo!!! I bought myself a little present to reward myself. It should arrive after 10lbs is gone.

    I'm planning on rewarding myself with non food items each 10lbs I lose. I the past I'd say well I lost x amount I can have a pizza. Which would set me off on a downward spiral.

    I've even planned meals for my family that I don't really like so I can keep juicing in secret and not be tempted.

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    Love it! I was the same but i rewarded myself with shrimp tempura sushi. Love love love the every ten pounds idea with a non-food reward!

  • mandiward

    4 years ago

    Day 3 almost over.

    I went grocery shopping today. Man I wanted all the fatty fat food I saw! Since I'm doing the reboot in secret (big argument point with my husband) I found organic juice with no sugar added and bought enough to have 6 juices everyday for 7 days. It came out to $72. I thought that was GREAT because I'm not buying a ton of produce that would indicate I'm juicing. And I'm not paying those private juice chefs to deliver my juice (250+ a week). I thought it was a total win!!!

    So what did I hear when I get home? "Oh yea, you'll buy all these juices and tell me I shouldn't pay so much for red bull and soda!" Um, yea because I'm trying to live longer not kill myself with caffeine. At least that's what I was thinking. I simply said "they were on sale" and put them in the very back of the fridge behind a bunch of stuff so he wouldn't see it.

    I truly hope one day he will see how great I feel and look then say "I'll try it now."

    On a side note - Dinner tonight is going to be great! Baked spaghetti squash with roasted garlic and herb and a red sauce. The family will have noodles and meat sauce.

  • mandiward

    4 years ago

    day 2..... feeling like I'm doing well. I have eaten on point today which makes me feel stronger. I just had surgery so no exercising for 2 weeks. That will be my true test. I always tell myself I can just exercise it off if I eat something I'm trying to avoid.aka kid snacks.


  • Day 2

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    i want all the bad things!

  • day 3 weigh in

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  • help

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  • Juice your way to a new life in 2015!!!! (support for all lengths of reboot)

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    A group for those interested in not only doing a reboot but using it as a tool to effect serious change in your life. Use this opportunity to kick cravings out, face mental demons, load up on tons of fruits and vegetables and start living the life you always knew you could! I just completed my first 60 day juice only reboot on Thanksgiving (11-28-14) and lost 40lbs!!!! I felt great and still do but am not mentally where I want to be with food yet and physically still need to lose about 40lbs. So, I enjoyed my month after Thanksgiving to Christmas eating a mostly vegan diet and am ready to kick off another 60 day juice reboot. All are welcome, newbies and veterans alike, and although I am doing juice only and hope others will join me, all rebooters are welcome whether you juice only or don't or if it is for 60 days or 3. Let's join together and encourage one another to freedom!!!!

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    ***NEW MEMBERS WELCOME *** Sharing stories is great... However WATCHING daily or weekly VIDEO diaries and or messages to and for fellow rebooters is even better... JOIN the Silent Majority... Make YOUR voice heard... INSPIRE fellow members... Be PROUD... Be LOUD... Be HEARD... UPLOAD your VIDEO or just watch those that have!

  • March 2015 30 Day Juice Fast

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    For all those interested in starting a 30 day juice fast Saturday Feb 28th and continue through the month of March. I will be starting the 5 days or preparation Monday Feb 23rd and be ready to start juicing full-time Saturday Feb 28th. My plan is to then juice for 30 days and possibly more. This group will be a place to trouble shoot, provide support, check-in, vent/emote/cry/wail/bang our heads/etc., and help each other out! I'm personally a juicing newbie and have never juiced before- so I'd like this place to be for newbies and veterans alike!

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