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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I know a freight train of bad health is coming at me. I did the crime, now I need to do the time. I'm 40, no more messing around.
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  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    Day 15. Weight 205. I posted in the group that I made a huge mistake around Day 11. After eating my small salad and cup of brothy soup at a restaurant, I went on to eating off of other people's plates and that landed me in the bathroom the next day, seriously ill for 4-5 hours. For the next two days, I could neither eat or drink anything. A harsh reminder to stick to your re-feeding plan faithfully! Yesterday I had a handful of spinach and 1/2 avocado with no issues, so I'm back on track. Today starts my third and final week coming off the fast. Each day I will have a full bodied soup (not puree, soups with veggies and beans, etc.) and a salad, plus juice and smoothies. Next week I will be eating normally again, which for me will be a whole foods diet with minimal animal product (chicken, turkey, fish, goat cheese).

  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    Day 8 of breaking the 90 day fast. Weight 205. Still hammering a juice, watermelon, a green smoothie and 1 cup of puree'd tomato soup or miso soup every day. This weekend I graduated to adding a puree'd green soup (spinach/broccoli) and also added fresh salsa, guacamole and dehyrdated veggie "chips" to the daily rotation. The green soup did give me some minor stomach discomfort the first day, but not today. Tomorrow I will up the dosage of soup to 2 cups. Everything tastes so wonderful. :) The scale is still going down as I slowly ramp up calories. I am gradually adding in exercise like upper body weights, limited yoga, 20 min bike ride, walking, etc. Also have begun drinking ginger water (RM's suggestion to help metabolism). It was a good week.

  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    Day 5 & 6. Weight 207. Juices, watermelon, smoothies and puree'd soups like tomato soup. I have been adding pulp to my juices. I had a small amount of black bean soup today (1/4) cup with no bad effects. Hunger comes and goes, but manageable. Mainly, the challenge is mental - I just want to eat already! Especially SAVORY! I find myself nibbling tiny, tiny bits of pesto and jerky, a sliver of lettuce, a single almond. I'm still losing weight even though I'm breaking the fast because I'm not really eating enough, and I know the reason why - the rapid weight loss from the fast is just something I don't want to slow down. I hear myself negotiating- "I'll eat more when I get to 200." But of course, I won't want to gain anything once I get there so... FOOD ISSUES.

  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    I don't remember which day, but I threw in a handful of puree (smoothie'd) basil leaves into my juice, and had a stomach ache for half the day. DUH! Breaking a fast longer than 10 days with any kind of greens is a no-no! The "breaking" period should be at minimum a week.

  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    The first week coming off my fast, I'm focusing on increasing quantity of food slowly. The second week, I will focus on increasing variety.

    Day 4. Weight 207. Scale is really bouncing around now that salt is coming back into my diet. Yesterday hunger was like, HELLO -- my will power got hella exercise. I will stay strong to avoid over-stressing my digestive system and reversing some of that health I gained on my fast! Today I will have 2 juices, watermelon, some broth and an apple - all sprinkled throughout the day in small quantities, but being sure to eat more than I ate the day before all this week.

  • Maddogcupcake

    2 years ago

    Here is my day by day progress coming off of a 90 Day juice only fast. What I ate, how I felt, and weight monitoring.

    Day 1. Weight 210. Ate only watermelon today and a few tiny nibbles of veggies (plus my regular juices). I was careful to eat every hour. I had read the advice "feed yourself like a baby," so I had a 3-6 bites of watermelon at each eating session. And I CHEWED. Chewing sends signals to your nervous system to start waking up the digestion and revving up the metabolism. Hunger was prominent all day. I had some stomach discomfort but no cramping or aches.

    Day 2. Weight 209. Had 1 juice and watermelon in morning. Then had a lunch meeting, so I ordered veggie soup. Ate about a cup of it, mostly broth. VERY SALTY! Reminded me of the garbage most restaurants serve. It tastes totally different to me now, and I want to preserve that and not get used to eating poorly prepared food again. It sat pretty well, but I felt full and a little uneasy. I did not have anything the rest of the day because of it. Hunger did not make an appearance today.

    Day 3. Weight 209.5. Salt from the soup yesterday got me on the scale. Today just sticking to watermelon, my regular juices and (1) apple sprinkled throughout the day that I will chew the hell out of. Also today I will do a yoga session and some light upper body weights.


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