• Location: H1W 3J3
  • About: Being overweight most of my life (I was a chubby baby, but food became a source of comfort after being abused sexually in my childhood), my weight always varied from 30 to 50 extra pounds, Being tired of avoiding my own reflection in mirrors and using old picture of myself on my Facebook, on November 2013 I decided to eat more healthy and, in the process, I decided to take a look at a certain movie on Netflix called "Fat, Sick and Neraly Dead". Although I have never done a reboot (until very recently, a 5 days one), the day after having seen Joe's movie, I bought myself a juice extractor, and since I have been juicing every single day! Results: No more headaches, no more asthma and 60 pounds lighter.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Because Joe Cross changed my life forever, thanks to the knowledge I acquired from FS&ND, and for this I will be eternally grateful! I also love to read about other people who, like me, are now in a better shape than they were.
  • Favorite Juice? Any kind! Although I have a sweet spot for Joe's Mean Green Juice.
  • Food temptation? Chocolate... ;)
  • Birthday: Jan 17

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  • Insomnia

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    Problem sleeping since juicing

  • Au revoir poutines, and welcome kale!

    Started by lupinlevorace, Last reply by lupinlevorace on 2014-01-30 07:43:04

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    My life changed one month ago, thanks to Joe Cross and his film!

  • My very first reboot

    Started by lupinlevorace, Last reply by [...] on 2014-07-21 13:46:24

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    Six months after FS&ND, I am about to do my first reboot....


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