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  • FunnLuvnLina

    5 years ago

    hey lady

    I liked your comment and concern you recently put on the group wall. That's exactly how I fell. Up until I got sick. But I had been thinking about the transition out and how exactly I'd handle myself being "free" to eat whatever I want again. Soo many temptations and delicious memories, it's hard to grasp the concept of eating healthier after years of doing whatever you want. I believe I had the same cautions and concerns when I first thought up juicing. Now I can't really remember.

    please let me know what u r up to after the reboot and how the Trans

  • Lowey1963

    5 years ago

    Absolutely will let you know! Really great to hear that there is someone else who has the concerns as me. THANK YOU fir responding :)


  • Princesa

    5 years ago

    Hi Lo,

    I had a really good day today - starting from when I stepped on the scales and discovered I have lost 10 pounds!! I'm so excited. I'm on Day 4 of Reboot 15,and am wondering how I'm going to survive Day 6 which is my first day of all juicing. Can't imagine NOT eating.

    Imagine having friends and relatives so close to me! I grew up in Northwestern Ontario, but have lived most of my life on the West Coast. I absolutely love it here - wouldn't move back for anything.

    I'm still enjoying the juices I've had so far except for the green lemonade - don't think I'll try that again - too tart for me. I have such a sweet tooth!

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing how things are going.


  • Lowey1963

    5 years ago

    Hi Lynn,

    WOW 10 lbs..doesn't it feel great?! Congrats girl!!!

    FYI....I haven't " just juiced" always since the beginning Nor did I transition in I just jumped into full juicing. What I mean by that is that I snack on Shanghai Bok Choi raw...love it and it curbs my appetite. :) I started adding Vegan protein after 10 days or thereabouts to my lunch juice and boy that made a HUGE difference. Remember that u r not cheating when you snack on a raw veggy or the occasional fruit....sometimes it really helps psychologically.

    Hang in there u r doing great!


  • yotamar

    5 years ago

    Hi there! I just realized I never got back to you regarding a little about me. Ummmmm...lets see. I'm married. I have a 23 year old son in college still living at home and he is a pilot. I love horses and have 3 of them. They are the Morgan breed. We have 3 cats. I live in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Western Jupiter in an equestrian/rural community. We have a 40 acre piece of property in North Florida which is flanked by our friend's land and woods as well for a total of about 5,000 acres of horseback riding country! I have a small barn there and we have an RV there for camping out. (I'm done with tents...lol. I'm 52 and my bones hurt!) Plus we have panthers, wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, raccoons and other critters there. I like my solid walls!

    I love to travel, but don't get to much lately. I've been studying nutrition since about 1992 and have learned soooooo much. I've done Joe's juice fasting before and loved it. I have to admit though, this time around I'm really struggling!!!! But I'm sticking with it. I know it works and heals so very many issues.

    I am in the midst of starting (or trying to start) an internet based business for physical, emotional and spiritual healing based on sound principals. I am a Christian, but I believe we are all God's children regardless of who believes what, I don't judge.

    I have started, owned and operated 3 successful companies. One is still going (which I started with my best friend), one my husband and I just sold in Dec 2012 (an Industrial Generator Service Company) and one I had to stop, to work for our generator company. I am a licensed insurance agent (for 27 years) and I operated an insurance agency temp service. My forte is business and finance. I never got to go to college.

    Now I want to focus on helping others achieve health and wellness. Inside and out.

    My favorite hobbies are riding my motorcycle, scuba diving (when I wasn't fat!), playing Native American Flute (still learning), horseback riding, traveling (when I can) and photography.

    Guess that's about it for now. :D

    Sorry I took so long!



  • Lowey1963

    5 years ago

    oh I LOVE Morgans, they are so majestic!!! We had a dairy dram when I was young and we too had horses...I loved to ride bare back...

    I lived in Florida for 6 months when I was 19 so many years ago!!! Lol

    We seem to have a lot in common other then the panthers and wolves lol

    I too prefer hard walls that separate me from such wildlife! I HATE snakes ...uuuuuuuaaahh

    I too consider myself Christian albeit I am constantly working on it :) I was raised Baptist.

    I am adopted and my birth mother lives in Florida, down around you, during our winter months. She belongs to pa spiritual church, can't think of the name at the moment, but she is ordained ( her and I no longer speak apparently I remind her of her x husband, my father, too much. she used to own a lingerie store in Tampa.

    I too gave been studying food and nutrition for about 5 years and I have learned a lot.

    I am very pleased that we are getting to know each other :)

    Gotta fly for now...speak to take later, gator lol



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