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  • Cold All The Time?

    Started by lovinthegreen, Last reply by threecats on 2012-07-09 18:27:17

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    anyone finding themselves cold all the time? i started modified juicing, and am now doing a 5-7 day juice cleansing. i am so cold!!! it's been in the 100's here the last few days, and i'm sitting outside just to warm up...lol...the ac inside our house is set at 79* and everyone is comfy. i'm wrapped up in a big blankie...lol. does this go away?

  • Modified Rebooting...Love It!

    Started by lovinthegreen, Last reply by lovinthegreen on 2012-06-29 09:51:54

    Number of Replies: 13

    Hi, rebooters! I'm 49, a wife and mom and grandma, aiming to see the other side of 200 lbs eventually. That's my goal, seeing 199 on the scale!

    I studied all of the plans, and chose to not do the full reboot (all juice), primarily because we can't afford for me to eat that large amount of fruit and veg every week unless my husband stops eating. I've watched the FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD documentary 4 times. The first time back in February. Love it. Finally had the money to buy a juicer about 2 weeks ago, and today is day 7 of my modified plan. So far I love the plan, the plan works for me, and we're not breaking the bank to buy fruit and veg every week. I seem to be one of the oddballs in that I actually like the taste of the juice, I don't have to make myself drink them. (My husband tried a wee sip of the Morning Juice and Mean Green, hated them both...lol...he told me that I need to be out with cows if I can drink that stuff!)

    I start my day with a cup of hot water with lemon, then more water. Then Morning Juice, and more water. Then the rest of the day is Mean Green, or other combos that I try, sticking with the 80% - 20% balance, followed by more water. I toss in herbal tea when I feel like it, hot and iced. Around 3pm I switch to solid food, I have a snack...something light, simple, not a meal. Then at 6pm I have supper with my husband, whatever he eats I eat, just in moderation, followed by more water, and/or herbal tea, and a cup of herbal tea before bed.

    I exercise moderately, mostly walking and basic moving/stretching at this point. Truly I'm not killing myself at all, and I feel great. No cravings. No hunger. I'm in awe that I'm not going nuts without coffee, love coffee, but so far I haven't had the urge for it...lol.

    As of today, I've lost 8 lbs, and I feel fantastic. By day 3 I noticed that my skin was softer and not dry. And I felt the energy of consuming so much fruit and veg immediately, the first day even. Love it! Planning to keep on this path as a new lifestyle I think. Roll on 199...woot woot! :)


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