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  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    I've not been on here for a while, but I'm still juicing and also eating. I started juicing last September and lost 2 stone in weigh, i have managed to maintain that weight and not put any on which is a miracle. My biggest problem isn't juicing it's "normal" eating. I think I might need to go and take a course or something because I am still eating the same snacks (chocolate and cake ) but just not gorging myself with them.

    I'm considering doing the 28 day super juice me plan, does anyone have any ideas if this one is any good?

    anyway my fibromyalgia isn't completely gone but i did a 5 1/2 mile walk last week and I do at 2 miles almost every day, considering this time last year I couldn't walk 100 yards without being in pain I think this is awesome, i just feel now is the time to start doing this healthy lifestyle thing for real and not just dipping my toe in.

    I love this forum it has helped me at times when i've really needed it.

    juice on xx

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    when I started this journey I was a size 24, yesterday I purchased a stunning size 16 coat, did a happy dance in the middle of tesco! Workshop

  • Eeyore

    4 years ago

    That's fantastic! Happy New Year! (Skye is a beautiful place!)

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    day 4 struggling with hunger and smelling all the foods everyone else is cooking/eating :(

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    day two of reboot (again) not as bad as last time (thank God) just a bit tired, lots to do I hope you all have a good day :D

  • Jackie1alex

    4 years ago

    Hey Lou

    Saw a message from you but I can't find it now!! I'm ok thanks, trying to do my best but I've gone back to coffee (just one in the morning) and really craving and sometimes giving toc carbs/bread :(

    Going to get back on the juice wagon Monday though..how are you doing? x

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    hi Jackie, I'm doing ok. I've not drank any caffeine. But I can identify with the carbs thing, I went out for food last night. I had pizza and a couple of shortbread biscuits, I woke up this morning pretty sore. It's a bugger, I love bready stuff, but I guess it doesn't love me. I'm feeling quite pouty today, but I've juiced today and I'm having a meal tonight cooked by me.

    It is difficult to keep on this, the world is not designed or caters for this kind of lifestyle choice, it takes a lot of effort.

    Wishing you well on your journey xxx

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    4 years ago

    went to aqua zumba today! Loved it! I'm amazed my body let me, viva la reboot!

  • Juli.Tulip

    5 years ago

    hi- good luck !

  • louwhite74@aol.com

    5 years ago

    I'm still on my prep for the reboot, im 12 days off caffiene, and ive been gradually coming off sugar, my juicer arrived on Tuesday and I did one juice then, and one juice yesterday, and I've done two today, with an evening meal, I have an important engagement tomorrow that i dont want to be ga ga at so Saturday Is my first full day. so i'm having tea tonight. so so grateful for this page and community xxx <3 <3

  • Juli.Tulip

    5 years ago

    so smart to ditch the caffeine AND sugar pre-reboot- good job!! I'm on day 3 of a modified reboot- i'm switching to all juice Sunday :) it will be great to have you as a buddy!


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    i live on a remote island on the west coast of Scotland

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    started my reboot yesterday and i feel alright, is this normal

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    quick question

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    caved on day 14

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    just watch fsnd2 and wanna start again


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