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  • About: I am a 43-year-old dedicated professional that has had a wonderful life of work and fun. Unfortunately with so much work and fun I did not care about my body or health that much. That do not care concept got me to this point in my life, but moving forward is not looking so fun. I have gained enough weight that I cannot do things I want to do. My health is at a point where just walking around the office can cause me to get a little winded. Going up a flight of stairs takes me a few minutes to recover. I am sure this is a similar story to many people around the world. I would love to say that something or someone is making me look at what I have become but to be honest the same selfish minded concepts that got me to this unpleasant situation is the same one that is going to get me out of it. It is very simple to me I love my wife, I love my kids, I love my family and it would be easy to say I am going to change my situation for them. Although some truth can be found in that statement the real truth is I Love my Life and I want to enjoy it, the things in it more and for much longer time than is currently on the agenda.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: The answer to this question is easy for me to pen point. After years of dealing with Physician’s that just talked at us, We finally meet a Physician (Dr. Cheng) that actually took the time, and cared enough to listen to what was going on in our lives and figured out we wanted to do something, we just needed help in finding the right motivation. What he said only took a few words, “if you don’t mind spending an hour or two watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and come back and tell me what you think”. He did not even suggest we should or should not juice just asked us to watch it and tell him what we thought. We started juicing that weekend. It is a little silly to say you love your Dr. but we do love Dr. Cheng. You can watch this video if you would like to meet him. https://youtu.be/E-stUQcwOq0 Of course there is a second part to the story. If anyone tells you that life cannot get in the way of juicing I would tell him or her to go jump in a lake. Our first run at juicing had a level of success. Both my wife and I lost weight and we were able to stay on for about 2 ½ weeks. That of course is when life set in. at the time we traveled between Las Vegas and Southern California every two weeks. Two weeks in one spot then two weeks in the other. My job was also very unpredictable. I could go into the office thinking I was going to be there all day and then have to jump in the car and go see two or three clients. It is now about 1 year later and a few things have changed. We have moved to Irvine California. I have left my old job and started a new one. The wife is now working from home on a new web community. Ohh yea the juicing has now re-started. It was great to find that the Joe Cross movement as I call it has developed into the Reboot With Joe community and program. It will not make this journey easy, but it might make it just a little bit easier. To be honest we want this to be hard, that way we have much more respect for it once we achieve it. We are going to need that reminder of just how hard it is to keep us motivated when we are trying to maintain the long term healthy lifestyle.
  • Favorite Juice? Strawberry Lemonade
  • Food temptation? Pasta
  • Birthday: Aug 12

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