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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: To form better eating habits, with the bonus of losing weight:) I need to lose at least 100lbs, but my goal at the moment is to loose 56lbs..that will bring me just under 200lbs. I think for me personally small goals will work better than looking at the whole number...If I fail I know that tomorrow is a whole new day. And I can conquer this:)) I will dust off my knees and continue my journey to a new and healthier me! ~ See y'all in the boards!~
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  • Food temptation? Breads & pizzas
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  • LNR

    4 years ago

    Would love to say it's going great..I'm pretty much at a stand still. But I'm not giving up! Hope all is good on your end, and things are still going strong for you:)

  • LNR

    4 years ago


    Really trying hard to stay on track, but I find myself slipping once in awhile. In a month n' half I have only lost 16lbs(1 stone and a couple of pebbles) :) I know I need to do this to better myself in the end. On the bright side I only have 49lbs left to get to my first goal!! So until next time...

  • DaveyC

    4 years ago

    How is it going, LNR?


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  • Saying GOODBYE to 100lbs or more!!!

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    Latest activity: 06/14/2019 04:10 PM

    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

  • 40 day reboot - No more excuses

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    Latest activity: 03/15/2016 02:14 PM

    You've heard it all before. Chris is going to do the reboot, yadda yaddah yaddah then after 3 days gives up and starts eating shit. Well I 've had a wake up call this week and definitely need to do this. I know Eric is having a another go, well so am I. If I fail this time, please will you all shout at me on here and tell me what a loser and quitter I am. If you are in the mood to start this again, please join me, need all the help I can get.

  • 60day reboot challenge

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    Hi Every one!! I am planning to start juice diet for 60 day from now 9/14/2014. I am looking for some serious people, who can update every day about their juicing experience, weight and in touch with messages. So that we can inspire each other and finish 60 day juicing successfully.... Anyone who wants to start a day later also can join in this group. I am trying to do juice diet since 10days. I am drinking daily 3 juices and 3 liters of water. But my problem is while feeding food to my kids, I am getting tempt and I am also eating with them. My kids are too picky to eat and they are very lean. so I only feed them( thought they won't eat well by them selves)... so guys please join in this group and encourage to finish 60 day challenge. My Personal Info: Female, 5'5" height 181 lbs weight 30 year old

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