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  • About: I am a wife of 28 years to my best friend, a mom of two wonderful children. I am full of life and have a permanent smile on my face. Which makes people wonder am I always happy or is she up to something? Mmmmmmmmm?
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I watched the video of Joe in Sick,Fat and Nearly Dead and knew immediately that my life was forever changed. I also know from my own personal history that I could not go this alone, and if I was going to be successful, I was going to need some guidance.
  • Favorite Juice? Not sure yet
  • Food temptation? Mexican or Italian

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  • Rhaya

    5 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    so excited to have you on board. I suggest that some of your foods might be a bit sweet, like our baked berry breakfast, and you might want to add a little protein to that, but let's talk on our group site as we go through. All of our Rebooters are different and some find that they can have the fruit fairly easily and others find it really hits their sugars hard.

    In short,

    We can always add a little oil (just a teaspoon of coconut oil perhaps) to your sweet juices, and increase the avocado in your smoothies. You can also have lots more of Joe's Mean Green or even Phil's (he like some zucchini in his Mean Green - it makes it creamier). Lots of our Rebooters with Diabetes drink more green juice than the others. In short, we have lots of tips and tricks, so don't worry, we will change things as we go! Keep in touch with me! After all, that is what I am here for!

    l love my proactive Rebooters that I get to talk to early!




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