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  • cuker

    4 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for the add :)

  • Liquidmemory

    4 years ago

    No worries how's your juicing going ?

  • TC

    4 years ago

    GDay mate

    Sorry I missed you when I was in Melb.... Hopefully we can chat up soon :) - TC

  • Liquidmemory

    4 years ago

    Day 26/117 I haven't been juicing as much as I should've been but planning on going hard on the juice from now till the end of 117 !

    I will weigh in on day 30 & post my results

  • Liquidmemory

    4 years ago

    My goal is to juice as much as I can for 117 days.

    I have a couple of weddings ect that I will have one meal at for those days.

    I must juice only 100 out of the 117 days to satisfy myself in my mind.

    I'm part of a men's health program through one of the afl football clubs which ends June 25th (117 day)

    I want to be a leading example of juicing & vegan eating so a lot of people mite follow so here we go.

    My current weight is 130 kg or 286 pounds.

    I'm following Chris's lead & will weigh in every ten days.

    Good luck everyone & I am making a promise to everyone here to be 100% honest & determined to win this war & be a different man by June 25.

    Some little Motos that friends of this group & jo have said to me which I repeat daily.

    Juice on.

    Drink to shrink.

    You got this.

    & my own is your strong your wise your pure you can see through this you can break through this.

  • Liquidmemory

    4 years ago

    Day 1-10/117 = 2kg or 4.4 pound loss

  • Tony_E

    4 years ago

    Liquid - how is day 3 coming along? I'm going to go for 30 days starting Monday - but I hope to extend beyond that until I get to my goal weight. I'm easing in now - Monday was my last processed food day - and now it's Tony Vs QuikTrip I actually was craving the juice as I made it last night.

    Also, when did you meet Joe? He is coming to Dallas on Sunday and I hope to go see his book signing.

  • Liquidmemory

    4 years ago

    Hey mate I'm on day 13/117 going well but I have had a wedding & got a couple more things where I am eating at then I will attack 60-90 days of my 117 as juice only.

    I don't eat every day just at these functions.

    I met JOE last year at a juice seminar in Australia he's a top bloke I hope you get to meet him

    Good luck on your 30 day juice mate you can do it.

    Days 1-4 are hard but then it gets easier & they say once your past ten it's a breeze.

    Come over to the melting in March & beyond or reboot video group for support

    Stick to it & you won't know yoursel


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    Juicing with purple sweet potato

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    Opinions on alkaline juices

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    Why isn't it more popular

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    Juice only the best diet I've ever tried.

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    Video rebooters in the forums

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    Head trouble

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    Recipe for joes lunch juice.

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    Juices that mite help


  • Let's Go Vegan!

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    This group is for anyone who is striving to eat and drink only plants. We all know that a plant-based whole-foods diet is the healthiest way to eat, a la Drs. Ornish, McDougall, Esselstyn, Furhman, Caldwell, Campbell, etc. It can prevent and even cure many diseases. I have tried a couple times to fully transition to a plant-based whole-foods diet and have not yet succeeded. I am giving it another go and would love to give and receive support from like-minded people. I have watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," "Forks Over Knives," and other documentaries, and I'm really inspired! Will you join me?

  • february fast

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    support for anyone fasting in feb. i have had a change of plan, but good luck y'all

  • Got a smartphone or tablet? Join Video Rebooters [NOW ARCHIVED]

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    ***NEW MEMBERS WELCOME *** Sharing stories is great... However WATCHING daily or weekly VIDEO diaries and or messages to and for fellow rebooters is even better... JOIN the Silent Majority... Make YOUR voice heard... INSPIRE fellow members... Be PROUD... Be LOUD... Be HEARD... UPLOAD your VIDEO or just watch those that have!

  • Melting in March and Beyond

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    This group is a continuation of Joe's February Reboot Group although anyone is welcome. We are committed to changing our lives and chat with each other for support and inspiration. Some of us are winding down a reboot, others are in the middle or just beginning their journey. Wherever you are on your path, we're here.

  • Australia Juicers Please Stand Up

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    START Juice Fast start : July 31 ( or Aug 1st for some) I' m hoping many Aussie members will join me, a newbie for a 7 incremental steps to my Ultimate 60 day Juice Fast Goal Challenge . I would love support and for us to hold each other up for support juice fast. 5 day juice fast, then 10, 15 , 30 40, 45, 60 day juice fast. Mandatory checking in at least once daily and reply to each others questions and give support when needed

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