• About: I am a 61 year old mother of four grown boys who lives in the mountains on a small farm (not functioning, as I am fully occupied with the task of raising my beautiful granddaughter) I live in a paradisal mountain valley but am not able to get out and enjoy it much due to health problems. I am also an unpublished writer, trying to make time to create the great american novel. I have tried to CHANGE my eating habits and addictions for many years, to no avail. I need to do this once and for all so that I will be confident that I will be there for my granddaughter for the long haul.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I have struggled with bad food addictions my whole life. I have lost hundreds of pounds (usually about thirty at a time) then yo yo'd back up. Over the ten years since the loss of my oldest son, divorce after thirty odd years of marriage and acquisition of a beautiful little girl to raise by myself, I have developed fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglicerides, non-serum rheumatoid arthritis(symptoms without blood markers), osteoarthritis. I also have dermatitis which has plagued me for years. Recently, my #2 son moved home for a year and he turned me on to Joes documentary. We are doing the Master Cleanse (not part of this program, but a very effective detox) together right now. I am on day 7 and plan to continue through day 14 and then ease onto juicing to continue my own "reboot" for and extended period. My goal, rather than weight loss is CHANGE. The kind of change I have never been able to achieve... to where I am able to crave the foods that will build my health and create meals that are not only high in nutrition but so delicious I would never want to turn back.
  • Favorite Juice? Mixed
  • Food temptation? Anything with butter, sugar, salt and flour!

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  • sci_girl

    5 years ago

    Hey there LeeAnn- just thought I'd check in to see how your doing. The cold weather can be harsh on us with arthritis. Are you still doing the master cleanse?? I'm still doing a modified plan here. Like you I am more concerned about doing this for my health...We have a lot in common!! Have a great day :)

  • Lee-Anne

    5 years ago

    well you are the 2nd "Leeanne" Ive seen on here other than me.... and in my 40 years have only known 4! It sounds like you're in an amazing place.... I wish you strength and courage! :)

  • katie

    5 years ago

    CHANGE. Well said, that is exactly what I am looking for too. Healthy change. Good luck with your journey LeeAnn…here we go! :)


  • 60 day reboot

    Started by LeeAnn, Last reply by LeeAnn on 2014-01-20 14:06:43

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    not sure where to begin


  • January is the month for change - 60 day juicers in need of support !

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    I'm one of those that needs support while juicing. This group is for likeminded people. People that don't view the reboot as a diet, but as a way to reset your system for a new and healthier lifestyle. People that plan on doing the 60 days and kick ass in 2014. People that are determined to LOVE themselves and BE THE BEST VERSION THAT THEY CAN BE !

  • Juicing On A Budget

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    A group for everyone that is trying to juice with no car and a tight budget! Join me and share tips on how you make it work. Newbies are welcome!!!

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