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  • About: Hello!!!! I am currently a student at GSU, and long time worker in the service industry. Originally from the Biloxi, MS area, moved to Atlanta about two and a half years ago. I love everything about Atlanta, and have managed to add to my wonderful friend group. I love the whole idea of healthy living and have been health conscious for the majority of my quarter of a century life.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: In the past I have always been a very active person. I have competed in five triathlon races in the Atlanta area, and at one point had goals of making the podium. In 2013 I was in the best shape ever...I was juicing 75% of my days, started back in school, and went from only being able to jog for 5-10 minutes at a time to full blown 6-7 miles in under 50 minutes within a year. My skin and face was just luminous. Looking back at the pictures even my eyes were glowing, you would have thought I was just the happiest girl in the world, and I felt completely unstoppable. At the start of 2014 I got into a destructive relationship and it did not end well. I began binge drinking and chasing it with comfort food. Those 6-7 miles dwindled with the increasing number of hangovers, and I fell into a dark depression. Then I started to lift my spirits by starting Crossfit and LOVED the support system, but money became an issue and I had to give it up. Tried Paleo, only gorged myself in copious amounts of nuts, and gained about ten pounds in the first month. I started to feel like a failure. That lead to a awful frozen dessert obsession, I would go out of my way looking for froyo or icecream shop, and sometimes would stop three times a day. Just running a mile became treacherous towards the end of October. To top it all off I sprained my ankle having a little too much fun New Years Eve. I am now 20-30 lbs heavier since Christmas 2013, couch ridden due to the ankle, and have developed a horrible sugar tooth. I feel bloated all the time and my face in the mirror looks weathered and defeated. My profile pic is from 2013 because I am too embarrassed of how I look now. I have got to take control of not only my physical health, but my mental health too. Juicing did wonderful things for me in the past, and I believe it's time to give it another go.
  • Favorite Juice? Salad in a glass by Arden's Garden (ATL)
  • Food temptation? Icecream & Beer
  • Birthday: Jul 16

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  • Karebear25

    4 years ago

    You sound so awesome! So proud of you that you got out of a toxic relationship. I have been there. I know how it feels, i have gained at least 30 lbs because of the stress from 2014. I was stressed and overwhelmed. i turned to beer and ice cream and eating out all the time. this picture of me and my dog Lady was taken in 2013. I felt good here. Lady has since passed away from cancer. I work as a Veterinary Tech in Pittsburgh, pa. I am 25 and feel like crap. So my game plan is starting my second reboot on Feb 1st. I am excited! Hope everything goes well for you!!! juice on!


  • Laryn (Lary)

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Kara! I just got back from a weekend vacation were unfortunately there were NO juice options in the area. I did ok easting mostly veggie salads, but on the last night the only food options that day were mexican style finger foods - all with meat and cheese...I didn't go crazy, but I was pretty bummed. I'm home now and jumping back on the juice train! Reading all these comments and stories puts my mind back on track. I wont give this up!

  • Laryn (Lary)

    4 years ago

    Day one of my Ardens Garden 2-Day Detox. Feeling a little uncomfortable because it is so cold outside and the juice makes my body temp go down too. :( Drinking hot water and lemon to warm up a bit.

  • Laryn (Lary)

    4 years ago

    Juice for breakfast, gave into the coffee though-straight black though. I have a salad prepared for lunch and juices up until dinner. I cooked some cauliflower into a mashed potato texture and I also have some frozen veggies ready to be heated. Strict juice detox starts tomorrow!

  • Laryn (Lary)

    4 years ago

    All prepared to start my juicing adventure tomorrow!

    1st guy is my special "Pear Pie" recipe.

    2nd is a citrus and cranberry breakfast mix.

    3rd is my "Green Energy Machine".

  • Laryn (Lary)

    4 years ago

    Tomorrow will be a whole new day for me. First thing tomorrow I am going to my local juice bar and starting raw veggie and fruit diet before starting Arden's Garden two day detox followed by their 21 day "Turn Around" cleanse.... I CAN DO THIS!


  • I'll be Up Up and Away

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    Successful Juice Veteran

  • How to start a new detox cleanse?

    Started by Laryn (Lary), Last reply by Laryn (Lary) on 2015-01-22 21:54:06

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    What should I do to avoid system shock before a new cleanse?


  • Juice your way to a new life in 2015!!!! (support for all lengths of reboot)

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    A group for those interested in not only doing a reboot but using it as a tool to effect serious change in your life. Use this opportunity to kick cravings out, face mental demons, load up on tons of fruits and vegetables and start living the life you always knew you could! I just completed my first 60 day juice only reboot on Thanksgiving (11-28-14) and lost 40lbs!!!! I felt great and still do but am not mentally where I want to be with food yet and physically still need to lose about 40lbs. So, I enjoyed my month after Thanksgiving to Christmas eating a mostly vegan diet and am ready to kick off another 60 day juice reboot. All are welcome, newbies and veterans alike, and although I am doing juice only and hope others will join me, all rebooters are welcome whether you juice only or don't or if it is for 60 days or 3. Let's join together and encourage one another to freedom!!!!

  • Reboot Sisterhood

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    Alright my Sisters, If you are anything like me, you have been on a roller coaster ride that has lasted a life time! 2015 is our year and I would love to have us girls walk into victory, TOGETHER! Let's hold each other accountable, encourage, support and motivate each others journey to greatness! Post your successes, on and off scale as well as struggles. Lets go hand in hand! Iron sharpens iron!

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