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  • How do you clean your juicer??

    Started by LantanaLouisecom, Last reply by Gas Pressure Washer on 2017-10-13 05:18:41

    Number of Replies: 17

    Hi everyone. Each time I use my juicer I clean it in hot soapy water, but recently it has started to smell really bad. No matter how much I clean it the smell won't go away, it's even attracting fruit flies. Does anyone have any cleaning tips or know if I could soak the juicer in anything to get rid of the smell?

  • Help needed for a beginner :)

    Started by LantanaLouisecom, Last reply by LantanaLouisecom on 2012-07-28 12:11:49

    Number of Replies: 3

    Hi there! My name is Angel, I'm a 25 year old female from New Zealand and I've just started the 15 day 'Classic Reboot' cleanse. I would have liked to do a 60 day cleanse but I couldn't find a plan, although I might just continue for 60 days by being creative.

    Anyway, I was hoping that I could get a little help a long the way with my detox. I currently have 2 questions.

    Am I allowed to eat nuts on the cleanse?

    Do I have to eat all of the food listed on the daily planner (sometimes the food qauntity is too much and I feel like I'm stuffing myself!).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Can I drink Stinging Nettle juice while fasting?

    Started by LantanaLouisecom, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2012-08-07 01:38:30

    Number of Replies: 5

    I was wondering if Stinging Nettle juice is ok to add to my juice fast?

    I recently discovered (by accident) while on a bushwalk in Germany, the forests here are abundant in stinging nettle (ouch!). So I was wondering if I could use it to my advantage and put it in my juicer. I've read various research websites listing the medicinal qualities of Stinging Nettle, and it looks like a great way to boost my detox

  • Bowel and liver cancer.

    Started by LantanaLouisecom, Last reply by Stacy Kennedy on 2012-08-14 08:42:10

    Number of Replies: 6

    My uncle has recently been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer. He has started radiation treatment, although I think there are better options. If anyone has any links or information about what kind of juices or certain cleanses I can recommend to him to help cure his cancer that would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately my family are quite dubious in regards to alternative therapys so I really need to get some solid evidence and research together.


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