Kristen DeAngelis

  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I love helping people get healthy and learn about fruits and vegetables and clean eating. Eating healthy can be super fun and I want to promote how eating a plant based diet can not only make you feel good, look good, and promote overall good health, but you start to see so many more parts of your life change when you start taking care of your body. I love Joe's message and the Reboot teams mission to help out people in any way possible change their life in a positive way!!
  • Favorite Juice? Morning Tang
  • Food temptation? A chocolate treat after dinner - nothing new there =)

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  • Vickilynn

    1 year ago


    I am looking for another 15 day reboot. I love it so much! I want to keep going but don't think I can go off on my own yet. Tell me more!

  • Kristen DeAngelis

    1 year ago

    Vicki, AWESOME!! After our 15 days together you can totally continue "just juicing" (and plan out the date you would like to transition to juicing and eating fruits/veggies). After you transition into juicing + blending/eating fruits/veggies (still "REBOOTING"), then we start the introduction phase of introducing slowly beans/nuts/seeds and other plant based foods in a specific fashion (which I will review on our next call). I find it extremely helpful to really plan out that strategy so it's great to hear you are already putting that in place!

    There is another 15 Day Reboot starting on August 30th with Stacy Kennedy, Reboot Dietitian Nutritionist. I will be on our group August 9th 15 Day Group wall continuing to post/answer questions etc. until August 30th (we always stay on for an extra 7 days after the 15 days to help with people who are transitioning or continuing just juicing as yourself! SO I would suggest that might be a great option for you to continue just juicing and roll that into the next 15 Day Program with Stacy on the 30th.

    Another option, is to work one on one as well! We have private nutrition so we could work together one on one to help you continue your juicing and plant based journey and also make it a bit more personalized too! If you are interested, we can hop on a phone call to share a bit more about what that looks like! Let me know, my email is =)

    Thanks Vicki - keep up the amazing work and let me know what you decide!!! - Kristen

  • GregG

    1 year ago

    I just got an email stating I'm on the 30 day reboot. I think someone got mixed up when I asked for help to get my profile fixed.

  • Kristen DeAngelis

    1 year ago

    Thanks Greg! I will contact the team and see where the mix up may have been. Do you have access to our group page for our 15 Day Group? Thank you so much and I apologize for this confusion!



    1 year ago

    hi, my name is called. does the 30 day reboot start today? if so what time any how do I access? I am signed up. thanks !

  • Kristen DeAngelis

    1 year ago

    Hi Colleen, Yes our 30 Day Guided Reboot starts today! =) Please always refer to our group wall for all of our daily check-ins and posts from both me and other Rebooters. This is the HEART of our community. This is also where all of our dates for webinars, webinar replays, meal plans, and resources/links are as well. Have been on our group wall yet? \

    First click "Groups" on your community home:

    Once you click "Groups" you will find the following tab for your Guided Reboot:

    Let me know if this is not clear/you need further help! Looking forward to seeing you on tonights webinar at 7pmEST. The link to signup is here:

    Thanks Colleen - excited to have you join our 30 Day Group!!! - Kristen

  • Sheilah

    1 year ago

    Can someone in this group please tell me if they know how to postpone a reboot? I came down with the flu and under my doctor's recommendation have to postpone starting my reboot. I have sent three email messages requesting to postpone with NO response. Sent an email to my coach, also with no response. I'm getting very disappointed. Thanks!

  • Kristen DeAngelis

    1 year ago

    Hi Sheila, I am so sorry that you have not received our messaged replies - I am not sure if you read, I replied to your message yesterday immediately once reading about your needing to postpone. I am sorry if you are not receiving the replies on our end? I have contacted our Reboot Team and shared with them your username and that you would like to post pone. They will reach out to you to confirm and find the date you would like to move to... however, what is your best email to make sure everything runs through correctly? All I have is your username "Sheilah". Thanks so much!!! And again, we are so sorry that our messages for some reason maybe have not been going through? Thanks, Kristen


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