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  • Sam E

    4 years ago


  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Well, I've been gone from this website for 2 weeks, and you know what that usually means - not eating healthfully, not following a plan, etc. The good news is that in the two weeks I only gained 1.6 lbs. I am back and determined to find my way. Not being a juicer, and not following a specific plan like Eat for Life makes it hard sometimes to fit in, but I really like this site due to the nice people who are all motivated to get healthy.

  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    the "goodbye" feast kicky (don't want to post it on Chris's group..) was lebanese / greek .. my favorite.. it was a plate of meatless.. cabbage salad, falafel, dolmas, tahini, garlic dip, hummus, pickled veggies, tabouleh and fattoush... and champagne.. I doggie bagged the spanokapita and carrot cake for Sunday breakfast.. it all was heavenly..

    if I don't get it out of my system then I don't start off on the right foot... a lot of us here are "all or nothing" types..

    hope I haven't tempted you !!!

    did you get my email? just wondering because it could be the system. I emailed (messaged) one woman a couple of months ago and she never replied.. I think she's mad at me..

    anyhow, I'm in a positive mood today.. I know it can get real hairy, but definitely off on the right foot.


  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    9/28/14 Ok, here is my plan for my 60 day reboot which starts tomorrow. I am outlining it in detail as a guide for myself and in case anyone else is interested in ideas for how one might do an "eating" reboot. I think the key is to totally customize it to work with one's unique situation.

    Wakeup: When I first get up I have a relaxing hour or so with one cup of coffee (down from several) with a little unsweetened almond milk. I really love coffee and have never been happy going totally without it in the past, so I am leaving it in my life. I know a lot of people treat coffee like it is evil, but I don't think so. The caffeine in one cup does not bother me and coffee is a plant that contains many nutrients, just like any other plant.

    Breakfast: The only meal my husband cooks is breakfast every morning and it is oatmeal, so I am sticking with that. It will be hard enough for me to cook different foods for the two of us the rest of the time. Here is what my portion of the oatmeal will contain: 1/2 C old fashioned rolled oats, 1 Tb ground flax seeds, 2 Tb chopped nuts, 1/2 diced fresh or frozen fruit, 1/4 C unsweetened almond milk.

    Lunch: During my reboot I will have a green smoothie every day for lunch, and will strive to make it 80/20 veggies/fruit. I admit I like 'em sweet & mild, so my old standby has been cucumber, carrot, kale, and a piece of fruit - all from my garden. As I go into the next 60 days I will be looking at the juice recipes and trying some of them as smoothies. As I run out of fresh produce, I will use frozen, which actually work quite well in smoothies. A big part of succeeding in my reboot will be preparing ahead of time. I know from experience that if I am working hard all morning, it is a huge chore to prep produce to make a smoothie for lunch, and I often end up grabbing something else that is quicker. I will need to smoothie-prep the night before or first thing in the morning. It works well to have everything washed, cut & already in the vitamix in the fridge, so all I have to do is add ice and flip the switch.

    Dinner: During my reboot, my dinner every night will be either a big green salad, or a large serving of homemade veggie soup. There will be no added sugar, salt, or oil. That will be hard because I will be giving up my favorite salad dressing which contains all three, lol. My dressing during the reboot will be a sprinkle of vinegar or lemon juice. The soups will taste quite bland I'm sure until my taste buds adjust. I can use all the other seasonings I want, so time to get creative. It will be helpful to make big pots of soup and always have some on hand, kind of like my own healthy convenience food. I can have that on busy days and salads when I have more time. If desired I will allow myself to add 1/2 C of protein/starch in the form of beans, whole grains, tofu, or diced sweet potato. These will be on hand to be added afterwards for portion control and to give me the choice.

    Evening Snacks: One of my biggest problems is evening snacking, so I will be using this reboot to totally rid myself of that habit. This will be the hardest thing of all for me. There will be future posts about this, but for now I will just say, "No eating after dinner, period!" The only thing I can consume is water or herbal tea. I can put a bit of lemon or cucumber in the water and drink it hot or cold, but that's it.

    Other Snacks: I will tweak this as I go and be flexible because I'm not sure how many calories my meals will contain from day to day, and snacks might be needed. Veggies will be enjoyed any time I want them, and maybe one piece of fruit a day. If I really feel legitimately hungry, my strategy will be to have 1 Tb of raw sunflower seeds, drink water, and wait for the next meal.

    Water: Minimum of 64 oz per day. I have a favorite water jug that holds 32 oz, so I will try to drink one of those before lunch and another before dinner. More if possible.

    Exercise: I must do something every day. I will give this some thought and develop a plan to incorporate exercise into my life. Meanwhile I will start on Day 1 with 5 mins of stretching. Baby steps.

    Today will be dedicated to prepping and making sure I do not do something stupid like pig out in anticipation of the reboot starting tomorrow, lol!

    That's it! Tomorrow is the big day! Wish me luck!

  • Suesblues

    4 years ago

    I do believe you've got this covered Kicky ;)

    as for evening snacking.. you could start another craft project and work on it every night.. well, that works for me anyway

    as for exercise.. I would think there are a lot of hilly streets to climb in your area... those really are huffers and puffers.. or you and hubby can sign up with arthur murray ?! :)


    I've been meaning to make a powerpoint craft project that shows objects in pounds (a 'la Phil's bowling balls in FSND) .. but I have to think about it..


    anyhoo, when I was plateauing, my deduction was simple.. that I was not drinking enough water and or juice and not sweating enough.. so there you go!

  • Chris B

    4 years ago

    Kicky, you are extremely organised for tomorrow, amazing amount of detail you have gone into. I am on the same day as you, in England, posted my weigh in earlier as I was travelling all day, so only opportunity I had. Just preparing my juices for tomorrow, gonna start with mean green, still haven't tried anything yet, still taking juicer out of the box, ! Ha

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    9/27/14 I'm all well now. Whew! Nothing like being sick to make you appreciate not being sick! I've joined the "Look Good by Christmas" group and plan to do a 60 day stricter version of my eating plan for my "reboot." It starts in two days. Everyone is doing their own thing so there is a lot of variety in people's plans. Should be fun. I will post the details of my plan tomorrow and a starting weight the next day.

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    I got the stomach flu and was sick the last couple days. Feeling better now. I did lose a few more lbs, but I think that is just from getting cleaned out and a bit dehydrated so I will wait a couple days to report my weight. When I was sick everyone was pushing their favorite medicines on me but instead I just let my body heal itself. I drank sips of warm lemon water and clear veggie broth, slept a lot, and waited for the illness to pass.

    I've decided to eliminate all dairy, even fat-free, so now I guess I am officially a vegan!? It kind of amazes me because I used to think vegans were "way out there" extremists, and now it seems very normal and natural to eat this way. It is a matter of education, I believe.

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Whoo-hoo! One week down and I lost 4 lbs! I feel better all around, and I am changing my relationship with food. I am learning to tell the difference between hunger and cravings, and how to eat food I like without the unhealthy stuff. So far I have eliminated meat & cheese, and greatly reduced sugar, salt and fat. Coffee is down to 1 cup a day.

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Six days down. I messed up and had ice cream, but I felt physically horrible afterwards, so I learned a lesson. Otherwise I am still doing well. Other than the ice cream, my diet has been totally plant-based.

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Five days down, yay! Yesterday I made a pasta salad that had a little bit of whole wheat spaghetti (chopped up), and a LOT of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. Instead of dressing, I sprinkled Italian seasoning on it, generous lemon juice, and a few green olive slices for bite. It tasted so fresh and delicious I did not even miss the cheese and oil I usually put in pasta salads!

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Four days down, and feeling good. Yesterday was more lenient than usual. Hubby and I had been out running around for hours and were starving, so we treated ourselves to a little sushi. Yes, the rice was white, and yes I even had a couple bites of hubby's orange chicken, so you could say I failed the reboot, but I'm not looking at it that way. Overall I was quite good. I managed my portions, skipped dessert, and drank only water and green tea. In the past I would have had 3x as much sushi, dessert, and soda. Today I'm being super good because tomorrow I'm having a little healthy vegan pizza during the football game. I'm slowly losing weight so it is working. I'll report weight loss after one week. I would be thrilled if I consistently lose 1-2 lbs per week and end up with a healthy way of eating that is sustainable for life.


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