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  • About: Originally from upstate NY, now in MI. I am 42 and sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired. Up until I was in my 30s, I never had weight or health issues but, between a less active lifestyle and bad food choices, I have gained weight and the health issues that go with it. I started juicing back in the 90s but I didn't have all the cool recipes available now. I did a 60 day fast about 2 years ago but, didn't make the permanent changes to make the changes permanent.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I realize to keep motivated I need a support system. It is great to have so many stories to keep me motivated. It is also great to be there when someone else needs a little help. I am much stronger when I am helping others.
  • Favorite Juice? Sporty Spice
  • Food temptation? Bread, Pasta
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  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    I finally have my anti-yeast plan mapped out. I did end up making the sweet potato lasagna over the weekend and it was delicious! However, I woke up to regret it this morning. I will be freezing the rest of it and sending it home with my daughter. Can't let such delicious, healthy food go to waste.

    I will be drinking primarily mean green juices for the next few weeks, minus the apple. I am so glad I like kale. I will also be eating a modified veggie soup (no starchy veggies allowed).

    I will continue with the garlic suppositories and topical coconut oil for local relief of symptoms as I work on establishing myself on the anti-yeast diet.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I can beat this thing once and for all.

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Juicing and eating went well today. Inflammation and pain down dramatically. I am reading "The Yeast Syndrome". So far, I am learning that all of my ailments can be attributed to a yeast imbalance. I am looking into starting a chlorophyll supplement and possibly talking to my doctor about a prescription of Nystatin. I am not a fan of using medication, but this may be the best way to get a handle on things once and for all. Then keeping my diet clean from now on will keep things in check.

    I made a masterpiece of chicken noodle soup for my step-son today. I say masterpiece because I am quite inexperienced as a cook and this time I got the spices right for him.

    This weekend I will learn a new dish. The E2 Sweet Potato Lasagna sounds like a winner.

    Weight: 166.4

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day...Who knows. All I know is that I am living plant-based and juicing at least twice a day. The scale didn't move today, but I am feeling a lot better. I had some sleep trouble last night again. Today I am cooking soups and juicing. I hope to get some energy back soon. It's like I feel it inside me, but with all the pain and healing, I can't get it out to use it. I am behind on housework and it's driving me crazy. I have to make feeding myself a priority. Making sure I have healthy options will keep me on track to get through this. So, that's where I am spending my energy right now. The vacuuming will have to wait.

    Weight: 166.4

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day 2: Or should I say Day 26. Either way I finally got the results I needed. Who knew a home remedy like garlic or vinegar would be, not only helpful, but so immediate. After just one night, the pain and inflammation are virtually gone. I realize now, that it was never about my diet. At least not fully. Sure my old diet set the cycle in motion but, no matter how much better it was, it wasn't going to cure the problem alone. I have learned a lot now, about how maintaining a healthy Ph in the body is so important and a plant-based diet will do that once it is established.

    I plan to continue with my journey towards better health. Continue juicing but also keep learning how to cook vegan. Now, I can focus on my weight-loss. Also, within a day or two, I should be able to move well enough to start exercising.

    So, off to the grocery store for more yummy food to juice/cook.

    Weight: 166.4

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day 1: Back to the drawing board. Started the full reboot today. Wasn't too bad. I made a Sunrise Citrus juice first thing then was out the door. Heading off to church this morning made things unusual for me. I am not a church goer, but my daughter is converting to Catholicism and today was her Affirmation. We rushed out of there after mass and managed to avoid the coffee and doughnuts downstairs. I was a bit hungry when we got home and made a mean green juice that wasn't really green. It was closer to brownish green. I used a bit more kale than usual, but also, I am using red kale. Still it was very tasty. The only time I have a hard time with mean green is if I add too much ginger. For me it's a delicate balance. Too little and the lemon overpowers. Too much and it's too bitey.

    I did have some solid food today but everything was plant-based. A handful of raw almonds, some seedless grapes, and a banana. Evenings are definitely the most difficult for me.

    I still have a lot of inflammation and pain today. It seems like everything I try for relief only makes things worse. I will see how it goes with no more creams or ointments, just let my body do it's thing with the healthy juices. I am drinking an anti-inflammatory/immune-boost juice this week so, fingers crossed, things will get better soon.

    Weight: 167.8 lbs.

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    What a difference two days makes. I am having more trouble with my skin than I have in a while. I am going to blame the drink I had since, it's the only real cheat in weeks. I am starting a full reboot tomorrow and I hope things will start to improve. It really sucks when I am in so much pain that even grocery shopping is avoided.

    Well, can't avoid it today. I am out of everything. Off to gather my produce for the next few days. Cheers!

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Been busy for a few days. Now that I am all plant-based, I figured it was time to take care of my pets nutrition too. My two obligate carnivores (cats) are so happy to be eating real meat. My dog is eating about 50-50 veggies and raw meat. My cats are young and I want to keep them as healthy as possible. My dog is over 10 years old (Siberian Husky) and I want as many healthy years for her as possible.

    My skin condition has been improving and I have stopped the steroid-based ointment. Now, I just make sure I use a Eurcerin-type cream and I stay comfortable all day. Getting this under control has made my sleeping much better. I hope to get back to a decent sleep schedule so I can get some energy to exercise.

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day 14: Weigh-in 168.0 That's down 10 lbs. in 14 days even with my set backs. Time to get serious. I just made a batch of soup yesterday. I wonder if it will keep in the freezer while I try a 14 day total juice fast.

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day 9: I should do this more regularly. Keeping in tune with myself is going to keep me better in tune. I had a couple days of serious badness. Alone with bad things in the fridge and pantry. I am back down to 171.8 after my evil relapse. So good to be on track again.

    I am cooking now and actually enjoying it. I like that I can have one day of cooking and have meals for the whole week. Once I am doing both my food and the pets food, it will make it easy to only have 1-2 kitchen-heavy days a week.

    I wish the weather weren't so bad right now. Yes, I wanted some snow but, negative windchill just isn't funny. I don't even want to go shopping it's so cold.

    I love, love, love my new cookbook (Thug Kitchen: eat like you give a f*ck) and can't wait to try something from it. My veggie soup is all put up for the next 5 days and I am so excited that I did that myself!

    I am starting an indoor exercise program so I don't use the weather as an excuse. I figure to exercise 4 days a week since when the husband is home, all routine flies out the window. Once spring comes, I can do more outside too.

  • Kellie

    4 years ago

    Day 2: Day 1 was not fun. Headache and slight body aches. Juiced twice but, found myself fighting the evil bread craving so I Goggled it and had some black beans (from a can - must remember to get some cooked for heading the craving off). Also, remembered that evenings are most difficult for me. Yesterday I snacked on raw almonds, and sliced tomatoes sprinkled with basil.

    Today has been better. I don't miss coffee quite so much. Did my shopping today and the lady behind me in line commented that I am a very healthy eater. I made sure to have things so that even if I am snacking, I have healthy choices (blueberries, almonds, bananas, grapes).

    I spent my Christmas gift cards on three "Joe" books and two other plant-based cookbooks (Forks Over Knives & Engine2) and they arrived today. I am a kitchen noob and if it weren't for my juicer I would never go in there. I hope to learn some simple, healthy recipes so my one meal a day isn't boring or nutritionally inadequate.

    I am using the MyFitnessPal to help keep track of my intake and exercise.I had three juices and my meal was steamed veggies and rice.

    Getting ready for bed as I drink an herbal tea. Must make one more trip to empty my bladder. =)


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