• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: To lose weight, reset my lifestyle, feel more confident,
  • Favorite Juice? Mean green
  • Food temptation? alcohol, especially wine

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  • lightningskyes

    2 years ago

    Hello Kim, I have been away quite a bit this last month (I cater for private retreats so travel about a bit) so I have only now seen your friend request from earlier this month.

    How are you doing on your fast thus far? I am reconnecting with juicing more as I completed a 60day fast at the end of may...and finding it an interesting journey as to what foods work for my body now. I have been doing pretty good at staying away from the foods that weighed my body down before fasting. I am becoming even more aware of certain foods that even though they are healthy, my body does not respond positively to I am increasing my juices each day to allow my body to get even more nutrients whilst I continue to transition.

    I am happy to be a part of your support network...and for yout o be a part of mine...



  • Looking for Support

    Started by KeeperKimi, Last reply by Saiph on 2016-07-01 19:43:00

    Number of Replies: 2

    hoping to find some folks out there who can support me in my third attempt to reboot

  • Looking for Support!

    Started by KeeperKimi, Last reply by KeeperKimi on 2016-07-06 10:50:27

    Number of Replies: 19

    need help to follow through with my reboot and trim off 35 pounds

  • Looking for Support!

    Started by KeeperKimi, Last reply by KeeperKimi on 2016-06-29 20:03:28

    Number of Replies: 0

    need helpful people to keep me accountable

  • On Day 5, question about symptoms experiencing - puffiness

    Started by KeeperKimi, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2016-07-10 08:57:06

    Number of Replies: 1

    experiencing fatigue, puffiness, cracking joints


  • Please help

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    I am in need of an accountability partner. I've reached out twice on this site and I've not heard anything back. Will someone please be my accountability partner? You can email me at Thank you ??

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