• About: Hello! I'm 37, *was* in excellent health, but it seems to have disappeared in the last few years. I'm out of energy and vitality and looking forward to fitting into my clothes again (I can't get the clothes in that photo on, let alone done up!), soon.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My partner has just been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer - two cancers actually - and I want the energy to be able to take care of us both while finishing my studies! It's also really hard to enjoy any aspect of life without energy.
  • Favorite Juice? Something with chili
  • Food temptation? Pasta with my favourite sauce

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  • Katly

    5 years ago

    Day 1

    Logging how I feel each day, see if I can track any changes.

    Feeling okay so far, still really tired. Reduced then stopped caffeine over the last week or so, so no problems there now. In the lead up I also started having a few more veggies and a bit less pasta and other dishes with refined, processed ingredients. I think I may have already lost a little weight.

    The carrot-apply-ginger juice was great, not so keen on the apple-berry breakfast - and there was so much of it! Loved the salad with endive, baby fennel, radishes, cucumber, coriander, cherry tomatoes with the balsamic olive oil dressing. Ate seconds! Found the roasted sweet potato and carrot chips nice but missed the heaping of fresh herbs I usually have.

    Went to the dr today re: my fatigue. She has put it down to the stress of a sick partner and other life hassles. I know those things are getting me down a bit - even a lot - but I still feel I have lost vitality and energy on top of that. Dr ordered some blood tests but I'm not sure if I should have them, perhaps I'll just wait until after the juice fast.

    Energy/Vitality: 3/10
    Discomfort: 4/10
    Pain: 4/10
    Stress: 5/10


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    Any Juicers from Australia to join the group so we can share our products support etc. My husband 68 is 118kgs and I am 66 74kgs and this is day 3. My husband has a few health issues and hoping this plan will help overcome however though he is not on blood pressure tablets, day 1 his blood pressure reading was very high, day 2 blood pressure has dropped a little. We are both very very tired. Green juice combination as per download is not very nice, trying to adapt thought it was too much kale so I guess it is trial and error until one finds the taste that suits you. Wished there was a clinic like on movie of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead where my husband could be monitored as I am concerned about sugar. He is not diabetic though he is close therefore with this juicing I hoe it does not raise his level. Any one have any advice? For me, my symptoms are dull head ache, light headed, no energy so hope day 3 our bodies change a little.

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