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  • Ken 4 Juice

    3 years ago

    Hi Karis,

    I have the L'Equip Pulp Ejection Juicer XL, and I love it. In the past I've owned the Breville, and a $45 Hamilton Beach Juicer. All these juicer off course being centrifugal ejection juicers.

    The Breville was good, but I found more cons, than pros. $149

    -very loud

    -big footprint on counter top

    -very foamy juice

    -hard to clean

    -plastic parts got tarnished over time with fruits and vege stains.

    - 1 year warranty

    I've since given that one away.

    The Hamilton Beach - I just got it because it was cheap $45

    - poor performance


    -horrible juice yield

    -horrible juice taste

    Donated it to the local thrift shop

    The L'Equip $99

    For and entry level under $100 centrifugal juicer this thing is amazing. I got the recommendation from John Kohler from Discountjuicers.com on Youtube. This guy is the king of reviewing juicers.


    - alot more quiet

    -smaller footprint on counter top

    -stainless steel main juicing bowl, much easier clean up, no parts tarnishing

    -drier pulp and better juice yield

    -way less foam

    -much better tasting juice

    -10 year warranty

    I didn't want to believe it, but you can taste the difference with the more high end juicers, it's amazing.

    Ok here are some helpful links, and even one of me doing my own review on youtube! he he! :]

    L'Equip vs. Breville

    My Review

    Amazon link


    Ok Good Luck Karis,

    Keep on Juicing!

    Ken :)

  • Karis

    3 years ago

    thanks Ken!!

    Ugh it took me so long to reply because I have totally sucked at this reboot the last few days and haven't been connected (probably feeling guilty haha). Yah I have the Breville but cleaning it totally sucks and does not yield much when it comes to the good green veg. I totally wished I did my hw before buying it but Its still under warranty so I'll check out the YouTube reviews and maybe make a change.

    How goes your reboot?


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