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  • Susan

    4 years ago

    There are temptations everywhere, but I tell myself, "I can have that later; right now this is more important." When I get tired of making juice I tell myself, "I can spend a couple of juicing now or a couple of hours in doctor's waiting rooms later." I'm really trying to reframe my thinking to make this change last.

    It is nice just grabbing a juice to go, isn't it?

  • Susan

    4 years ago

    Hi Karen,

    Did you see some 'positive benefit' this week with getting started in the program? I sure did and I'm excited to keep going. My big concern is finding the time to juice between working two jobs....so I right there with you on the 'very busy' side of things.

    Good Luck in the coming week!


  • Karen

    4 years ago

    Thanks Susan. I hope you are doing well this week also! It really helped me to juice 2 days worth of stuff one evening and have ready to go in the frig in the glass jars. Since we went to just juice, I am having a hard time not wanting to eat--especially at evening meal time.


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