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  • About: I am a mother of a beautiful 2 year old and I am a career mom. I work in property management and love what I do. My husband is a stay at home dad and does what a stay at home dad does! We moved to Charlotte, NC from Albuquerque, NM exactly a year ago. Within that year brought a lot of stress, which brought lots of trips to fast food restaurants and not eating at home on a normal basis. I was already unhappy with my weight at 200 then it exploded to 250. Now it was time to get back to being healthy again. To teach my daughter great food choices vs. poor.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I am 25 I shouldn't feel any older than that. I hurt due to being overweight. I sit at my desk everyday and feel terrible for being too tired to play with my little girl when I get home. Relationships make you gain happy weight. A baby makes you gain weight. Stress makes you gain weight. No support makes you keep the wight on and build more on. From all of the above I needed a change. Other programs were just setting me up for failure. So my husband and I watched both Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movies in one afternoon, by chance. By the end of the second movie my husband was looking up juicers on Amazon. Day 1 I was 250* heaviest I have ever been, and unhealthiest I have ever felt. So I am day 9 in and feel amazing, 11 pounds down more energy, no cravings and just gave away a dozen doughnuts and didn't even think twice about it. .On day 7 I ate nachos for a game day, I felt horrible (not even emotionally), then I drank some water made a juice and continued. I bought a book of Joe's and learned you only fail if you do not continue. Well I continued and still am.
  • Favorite Juice? Carrot cake: Sweet potatoes, pear, and carrots
  • Food temptation? CAKE
  • Birthday: Mar 30

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    Thank you for excepting my friend request. We have an exciting and encouraging supportive group that we would love to have you join and share your journey with us. Please click on the link below to check us out! Group Hugs! -Lindy

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