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  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    1/30 days.... So far so good just a little headache

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    day 6- first day of all juice! Good luck everyone!

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    Blue skies & sunshine here in Oxford- lovely Indian Summer

    Day 3 & feelin chipper - good luck today my friends!

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    day 2: all ok ;)

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    here we go!

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    this tracker things....hrumph...it's making me a tad grumpy. it's been "spinning" for a good long time .....et rien

  • Jackie1alex

    4 years ago

    Hello Juli,

    Are you starting your reboot tomorrow? Tuesday seems an odd day to start rebooting so I started today.

    I agreed, webinar at 2am ridiculous apparently we can download it after it's been screened but can't see how/where.

    Just tried the Apple, carrot and ginger...mmmm although not looking froward to caffeine withdrawal..I know its coming :(


  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    Hiya, Yes, I'm starting officially tomorrow- didn't have time over the weekend to get everything, so figured I'll just go with the schedule (even though I agree my OCD kicked in & I was thinking: Tuesday? why tuesday?! Monday monday monday is the start of the week!...lol)...

    I looked also for the webinar link and sent an email-- haven't seen a link/ reply yet but hopefully they're working on it! It would be a pity to miss out on these things, but I am hopeful they will sort things out for us here in Blighty!

    I think I've got my caffeine under control-- my downfall is stress. the minute i get stressed, i go straight to chocolate/ cheese/ carbs... I must get this under serious control asap! Hopefully this reboot will do just that!

    Well, it's already a lovely start to things-- here we are chatting already, and won't it be nice to help each other along & celebrate at the end!

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    Final prep for reboot- tesco coming at 5, hope they have everything

    Will print & review recipes today and prep ingredients as much as possible (busy week)

    Missed webinar (2 am monday??????????????????), so missed that but hope theres a transcript or sthg

    Still SO excited:) happy vibes!

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago


    -my grocery order in

    -family meals sorted /planned

    Need to:

    - print stuff

    - remember to drink water

    Today was good day:

    - new fave green juice for morn & am break

    - second batch also for pm

    - went to Kew garden- lovely & didnt succumb to cake!

    - also kept busy as family devoured pizza for dinner

  • Jackie1alex

    4 years ago

    I live close by Kew gardens, let me know next time you're day this way and I'll take you to my local juice bar :)

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    Oooh! Sounds like a plan- we love kew (we always end up locked in & have to ring the guards to let us out lol)

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    prepping for a big 30 day reboot starting 8th Sept! So excited!


  • 30-day reboot: start Sunday 11th/ May /2014

    Started by Juli.Tulip, Last reply by Juli.Tulip on 2014-05-11 04:58:06

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    11th May to 10th June (30-day reboot)!

  • tracker?

    Started by Juli.Tulip, Last reply by Juli.Tulip on 2014-05-11 08:53:09

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    tracker start date


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