• Location: 66223
  • About: I just began my first reboot today. I'm looking for more of a support network since I don't really know what I'm doing or what to expect! My daughter is vegan and has introduced me to vegan foods but this will be the first extended period of time I won't be eating meat and/or dairy. I enjoy Mahjong, NCIS, and my favorite hobby is photography!
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I've joined to get healthy and just see what happens. Losing weight would be great, as would going off my blood thinners! :D
  • Favorite Juice? Pineapple green drink
  • Food temptation? Cheese bread, chips
  • Birthday: Aug 26

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  • 30 Day JUICERS - Start Anytime

    Members: 55

    Latest activity: 07/11/2017 01:50 PM

    This group is for anyone currently involved, or thinking about starting a 30 Day Juice Fast. Join anytime. Be sure to tell us in your comments what Day you're on and how you're doing.

  • 60 Day Juice Fast - Summer Countdown.

    Members: 35

    Latest activity: 07/21/2018 07:35 AM

    A few of us started our 60 juice journey, come join us. Lets share strategies and get to day 60.

  • Anyone who did bariatric surgery?????

    Members: 2

    Latest activity: 05/18/2016 08:16 PM

    Hi my name is Thais and I live in Texas Us I was wondering if anyone in here who did bariatric surgery and gain weight back and now is doing the reboot and are having good results? I'm asking cause 5 years ago I did the bariatric surgery and gained weight back and now I'm starting to do the reboot.

  • Starting on or around May 1, 2016

    Members: 33

    Latest activity: 09/30/2016 11:21 AM

    For people anywhere in the world starting a juice fast on or around May 1, 2016. Please come join and let's support each other!

  • 60's Plus and Rebooting!

    Members: 10

    Latest activity: 08/05/2018 04:01 PM

    For all those in their 60's plus that are rebooting their bodies. "Reboot with Joe" is not just for the younger generations!

  • Please help

    Members: 27

    Latest activity: 12/20/2016 12:37 PM

    I am in need of an accountability partner. I've reached out twice on this site and I've not heard anything back. Will someone please be my accountability partner? You can email me at angel55butterfly@yahoo.com Thank you ??

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