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  • About: I am so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet - Vancouver Island. I own a float house which I rent seasonally right now but still manage to live in a sweet place overlooking the ocean. I have a great job, working at a non profit that focuses on guess what ... food! My kids are all grown up and doing great. So now .. it's my time! :-)
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I'm a fairly typical yo-yoer on those nasty scales. It's nothing to go down then up again 30 pounds in a year. After dealing with some illnesses, nothing major thank god, and a serious insomnia problem, and after seeing both movies and getting the book - I'm in for the long haul!
  • Favorite Juice? anything fruitie
  • Food temptation? anything salty

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  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Drat ... seems like my last 2 posts have disappeared .. grr ... well today's weighin 185.7 so down 7.5 on day 15 and since Jan 1 down 12.5... now that's motivating!

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Starting day 11 .. 187.7. Not able to kick the 'dont weigh yourself everyday' thing and need to track somewhere - so that brings the total to 5.5 pounds. Super short update- still not liking the taste of many of the juices so am going to add some other things and/or try other recipes than the book. I added pineapple to todays and they are better. And added some avocado and blended my juice with that last night and it made it alot better - creamier and tasted way better too. Still sticking with it even though I went grocery shopping for a friend who is stuck at home and bought so much amazingly delicious smelling and looking food - but wasn't tempted to eat it at all. I am still hungrier than I would prefer - this afternoon I will definitely try the cocounut water with some store juice I bought. Sigh .. just wish i was having more success. :-(

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Starting day 10 - weight loss 5.1 pounds. Not thrilled that's for sure. I've haven't posted the last few days - mostly because I am not inspired by my weight loss. I have not cheated even once, not even when going to movies, no popcorn, not even when offered pizza, not even when not planning on staying somewhere as long as I did and not having enough juice with me. I think although I have not deviated from the 'juicing plan' at all, I have not been having the coconut water and maybe not enough water. So will try to boost that up in the next few days - I definitely don't want to quit but seriously would like to see the results like other people are seeing :-(

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    End of day 6 - I cheated this morning ... not with food but with my scale. My intention to only weigh myself once a week on Wednesday didn't stick because when I weighed myself yesterday I had gained a pound to 191.7 so needless to say I wasn't going to go a whole week without ensuring that weight gain didn't stick. So I weighed myself today and was down to 189.8! So I am glad I did cheat - so there! :-P

    I am not up for writing much - the last two days have been 12 hour days at work so I am pretty worn out. Happy that even though I worked so late, I still managed to stick to the plan. I was way too tired last night so made my juice this morning - but I am not going to do that again. It just takes too long and I don't want to have to get up earlier to do that. So tonight even though it was late, I made my juices for tomorrow and am happy I did that.

    Today I was really hungry and at one point this afternoon for awhile my tummy really hurt - like an acidic feeling and right now my mouth feels like after I have eatten way too much pineapple. I was really surprised that all my juices today used a total of 10 apples - that seems like so much to me and it really feels like there is more fruit than veggies - but I am totally sticking to the plan as outlined so will see. But I am super hungry right now and I also think even though I followed the recipes the juices were not as big as usual. I even added more veggies into the juicer but i should have added even more, so that is also why i am hungry today.

    I did feel like maybe I was going to get a headache but that didn't transpire into anything so that's great - still feeling pretty good, no side effects and still motivated to keep going.

    Yay for Friday - although tomorrow's staff breakfast is going to be tough - people always make fabulous food and there I will be with my juice ...akkk. But I am not cheating - no way. Once I make up my mind I am pretty set - so here goes! My first friday breakfast temptation - I am sure I can do it! Fingers crossed anyway!

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Yikes day 4 almost over!! I think the staff at the office are starting to get annoyed with me already since all I talk about is juice, juice, juice. I know I am going to slide into getting preachy soon haha. My co-worker didn't want to juice with me this afternoon but I was ok with it as I had a late meeting so was late drinking my lunch etc but she is suffering so much with a sore neck and bad back I want her to juice so much!! Her doctor told her to lose 40 pounds - yah thanks Doc .. but did he tell her to juice! No .. when I went to my doctor because I was really struggling to lose weight, do you want to know what her solution was?? Smaller portions!! Seriously ... I had to really hold myself back from reaching over and smacking that 98 pound little .... grrr.

    I think I might be getting just a little obsessive but better to be obsessive about watching juicing videos than obsessing over my usual ... potato chips! I actually have no cravings really - which is seriously suprising, but I am glad. Not sure I could deal with that.

    I really am not loving the green juices yet - so I will continue on with the recipes exactly in the book for the next few weeks but then I might experiment a bit and add a few different things like fennel or something to add some different flavours.

    Ohh and how could I forget ... I weighed myself this morning and I was 190.7!! Yay!! That totally made my day and I was so happy to just get into my day feeling great.

    Then damn facebook, I read an entry from Joe and his tips for success (or something like that) said NOT to weigh yourself every day - just on Wednesdays!!! WTH .. I really don't think I can do that but since tomorrow is Wednesday, I will weigh myself and then I 'MIGHT' and only 'MIGHT' take my scales to my daughter - she lives next door - and tell her not to let me come over unless it's a Wednesday haha.

    Will see if I can do that - no promises.

    Anyway .. super long day tomorrow with meetings from 9am right through til 9pm so I have all my juices ready including my 'dessert' juice from tonight that I didn't have because ... I was too fulll .. WTH haha. So it is going to be a real test as for my last meeting people usually bring food - so willpower be mine!!

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    End of day three

    I was excited to get up and weight myself and face the day but can't say I wasn't dissappointed when the scale said 192.1. From what I have been reading on here, people were losing a lot more in the begining at least, so I was expected at least a pound drop. So that made my day start of a little on the discouraging side. But I had my juices all ready from the night before, so it didn't take me long to get ready for work - and off I went.

    I took my breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner to work because I am never sure how late I might stay. My juices didn't work out to 500ml each so I knew I was going to be short a bit. So when my co-worker wanted to make juice in the afternoon, I said sure and just had another glass in the afternoon.

    I have to say, I was hungrier than the last few days and my stomach actually hurt a bit - like it was too acidic. So I was not too happy about that but did go for a walk in the afternoon, so that was good.

    I didn't stay late, so came home and brought my dinner juice back.

    I got all set up in the kitchen and made tomorrow's juices and tonight's snack juice which I forgot to make last night. I tried the juices for tomorrow and they taste ok. I am going to write beside each juice in the book which ones I like, which ones were nasty and which ones were ok. And if I amended the juice at all, I also made notes. Tonight's juice made WAY too much even after I cut out one cucumber - not sure why.

    I watched a bunch of juicing videos while prepping the veggies etc and learned a few new tips - like to alternate the stuff you put in the juicer so it doesn't get too clogged up with one kind of produce and just listened to other people's success stories to stay motivated.

    I did watch another video of a gal who lost 45 pounds on a juice fast of 28 days and since then has gained it back and some. I just don't want that to be me .... I have yo-yoed my whole life and I am so worried that I might do that again. Some how I have to find out a way to do this differently - and to stick with it.

    Time will tell .. off to watch another juicing documentary and try not to dream of the avocados in my fridge (which are going to work tomorrow to give away!)

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Ending day two ... way easier today because I actually liked the juices I made, so that was great. I got into the kitchen a little earlier so that helped my day as well. It still took me over an hour and half to make the day's juices, so I thought there is no way I am going to be able to do that before work. I am NOT a morning person (but hey, that might change, who knows) so thought while I have all the juice stuff out I would jump ahead and make Monday's juices as well.

    That was tricky as I really didn't have enough containers to put everything in but I improvised and got it all done. Not without it's mishaps that's for sure - I have NO idea how those berries jumped out and splattered all over my nice white cupboards again! I thought I was being super careful, but obviously not. And obviously still not paying attention to the jumping juicer as I lost at least a few handfuls of spinach onto the counter - and there was no way I was going to slurp that up!

    I did run out of apples so used a pear and am obsessing about having the right ingredients as I don't want a repeat of day one's narly juices. So I ensured I had enough produce to juice Monday night for Tuesday ... (had to go buy more apples) and not only do I feel really good and I actually looking forward to these next few weeks.

    Part of my weight problem boils down to not being organized, I know that. I work a lot and often go all day without eating properly, driving home after a 10-12 hour day, knowing there is nothing to eat at home and stopping and picking up a fast food dinner. I don't even like deciding what to cook, make, or buy so this way if I have all my 'meals' already planned out and I don't have to decide anything, it's going to be way easier I know it!

    When I was buying apples, I also bought 4 different containers (which I just now found out are 25ml too small per meal ... but will use them anyway) and have labeled them breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. They all fit into my lunch bag and already for Monday my whole day is set and I am prepare if I end up staying late for a meeting or whatever. My dessert juices for the next two days are in the fridge and they are delicious!!

    I have only lost 6 pounds since Christmas but someone today said I looked great. I do feel good and am so looking forward to watching the scales go down for a change as I have had an extremely hard time losing weight the last 6 months or so.

    This morning I was 192.3 so down almost a pound since yesterday! That's the kind of inspiration I need to keep on going.

    Looking forward to 'dessert' later and can't wait until tomorrow!

    Happy juicing!

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Day one … woke up excited to get started but probably laid in bed with Joe (his book not the real one .. although :-) ) way too long as it was pretty late before I got started and I was pretty hungry - tip #1 - don’t do that.

    I thought I was pretty astute in the kitchen, one of my stepmoms was a Cordon Bleu chef and by 10 years old I could make a full course roast beef dinner for 6 including the ‘best’ yorkshire pudding in the family, my dad had a restaurant for a few years and I found myself in the basement, wrapping potatoes and making ‘thousand island’ dressing - was there even foodsafe back then??, and I have considered myself a fairly adventurous cook when inspired .. but this morning was a bit of a trick to say the least.

    First of all I am writing this as a way to capture some of my ‘mistakes’ or better yet provide ‘tips’ above and beyond what lovely Joe and his team have written - which are great btw - but this morning in my kitchen, they were sorely lacking.

    First of all, do NOT start this kind of thing on a Monday. Thank god I had some fortitude to get all my stuff together over the last few weeks, but even still I am going to have to figure out a better system. One and half hours later, I had prepared my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so to speak, but my kitchen looked like someone had thrown a ‘rainbow’, as Joe likes to call all these delicious looking veggies and fruits, into a blender without a lid.

    Which is pretty much kind of what happened which brings me to my first real ‘tip’ …watch out for the completely psychotic antics of your juicer when you first turn it on! Mine seemed to launch across the counter barely missing falling into the kitchen sink but for my stealth reflexes.

    And it doesn’t stop there .. ‘tip 2’ would be to ensure you watch that little sneaky bugger because it likes to keep wiggling around nudging the little container that ‘catches’ the juice until it’s not pressed right up against the monster juicing part leaving the spout .. well .. exposed as it were.

    Tip #3 …do not under any circumstances put anything ‘into’ the juicer without the little round pressy lid part. I found myself completely following instructions - take the leftover pulp and put it back into the juicer. BUT it doesn’t say that action actually requires 3 hands - one to hold up the part of the juicer full of pulp (which btw make sure you have something else now to catch the new pulp … yup), one to scoop the pulp back into the juicer (use a spoon unless you want red hands …. yup) and one to put the round pressy lid part back on.

    Who knew that already mashed up pulpy bits could jump out so high and decorate lovely clean, white cupboards like that.

    And who knew that those same pulpy bits throughout this whole exercise don’t actually like to stay near the pulpy-catching container part but instead like to land on bare chests, floors, and counters.

    Tip #4 .. or perhaps just a question about the actual ingredients - best to figure out what exactly does one cucumber mean? One juice called for 2 cucumbers. I bought english longer cucumbers because I prefer them - but they are very long and so I made an executive decision and used one - maybe a mistake I don’t know. My first juice (and second) were pretty gnarly to be honest - but to be fair partly perhaps due to not turning the page of Joe’s shopping list when I was grocery shopping and missing a few key ingredieints - as I didn’t have basil and maybe I screwed up on the cucumber length thing.

    And perhaps the kale thing - 16 kale leaves was confusing - so again because I was using seemingly steroid-enhanced organic kale leaves that were HUGE, I cut it to 8, but maybe that was a mistake.

    Which leads into tip #5 or #4, I am confused ..even though you are following the recipe and making a hell of a lot of juice, your juicer may not be the same size as Joe’s in which case you might want to watch the juice receiver part - even though it might not look all the way full, there might just be a little indent part where the spout goes in that is lower than the edge of the container …. just sayin;.

    My next, what I thought was going to be a time saving tip, might have backfired slightly - I decided to save time but making my lunch juice right after my breakfast juice. That way I didn’t have to really wash anything between batches.

    Brilliant right?

    Well maybe not so much. My first juice involved a lot of beets - and you know what that looks like. And my next juice involved a lot of green - so who knew that there would be so much residual pulpy red bits that would then spew out when the cucumber and celery was added … resulting in a rather bizarre take on Joe’s Mean Green juice and turning into more of Joe’s Mean Brownish, Greyish Juice - not good looking or good tasting.

    Well skip ahead two hours - 2 jugs full of my meals for the day, the countertops, cupboards, floor, dishes (from before juice day), chest, and juicer all cleaned up and done. And .. I’m starving, grumpy, and don’t like the taste of either juice - so there.

    BUT … I will persevere. I have my kitchen all sorted out now. I had to move out the toaster oven to make space for all the juicer bits and bobs, and put away all the dishes and cutlery - won’t be needing anything but a knife, a spoon, and a glass. Just think of all the money I could have saved on dishes and stuff!!

    Tomorrow I will experiment a bit with flavours to see if I can make the juices more fun. I love vegetables so it’s not that flavour - the first morning juice was a little sour and the second one didn’t have enough ginger - so will play around until I get the flavours I like.

    So now I am going to take my little friend who I am babysitting to the pool .. I am going to make him a veggie burger and home made sweet potato fries for his dinner and I am going to ‘enjoy’ my earthly looking juice and try to not throw him to the ground to get a bite of his dinner.

    Wish me luck!

    ps .. later when I was almost gagging on my juice and telling my little friend he was lucky he didn’t have to drink it, he responded as only children do with, “well just don’t eat drink it then!”


    pss this morning's weigh 193.2

  • JudyS

    4 years ago

    Well with all great triumphs, there is always a ‘day one’. Today, Saturday January 17, 2015 is ‘my’ day one of what started with great enthusiasm but by 12:32 pm already trepidation started to set in. But let me back up.

    For over 25 years, I have been ‘food aware’ as I am going to call it. After reading, Diet for a New America (highly recommended if you haven’t had your life turned around yet by this book) I realized for a number of reasons I could no longer eat meat and participate in the animal ‘food industry’. I read furiously on the subject, tried macrobiotic, veganism, preaching to others, sending my son to school with veggie dogs on hot dog day to his utter dismay, brought my own margarine to thanksgiving dinner to make my own mashed potatoes - you get the picture, annoying to most around me and needless to say my social life suffered.

    Fast forward 25 years, I wavered from being a vegan, but remained a pretty staunch vegetarian except for calamari for some reason, wasn’t quite so annoying, had more friends, became a yogi, moved to a farm, started to eat some farm eggs, and chicken and even emu (omg delicious!) that we raised, moved off the farm to the coast, gave up meat again, but ate seafood (how could I not when clams, mussels and fish could be caught right out my door) and even more recently ate some more chicken and even …. omg ….at a conference tried pulled pork (not a fan).

    My weight since I was 10 years old has been a struggle no matter what I ate. Even as a vegan I suppose I ate too many potatos (potato chips still counts as potatos right) and I have tried almost every single diet ever invented: Atkins (before I was a vegetarian and it made me so sick!!), South Beach, Weight Watchers (several times) Cabbage Soup, Master Cleanse (not a diet but definitely a way to shock your system and not in a good way), The only one I never tried was the Paleo because I thought - ok even this is getting ridiculous and it would mean eating meat which I was not going to do.

    So … as many of you out there know, there are many reasons to ‘start a diet’ usually on new years but also a few months before a wedding, a holiday, a special event etcetc. And many times I have been super successful and looking back at photos I have thought many times, “Wow I looked good - why was I still so unhappy about my weight!!”

    Last year I lost 30 pounds, (which I have since gained back) mostly by just keeping a food journal, going to the gym, and depriving myself endlessly and sneaking the odd potato chip when my boyfriend was in the shower. Faced with endless temptations - his house was like putting an alcoholic in a wine cellar and locking the door … chips, candy, peanuts, bread, were a mere cupboard handle away from heaven. (btw we’re no longer together not only for that reason) He would sit on the couch eating a bag of chips right in front of me .. the smell alone would almost make me want to gnaw his arm off. I would will him to sleep so I could sneak into the bag.

    Sigh … temptation thou name is potato chip.

    But .. more recently in December, at a board planning meeting at my work, someone said it would be 2020 when we next review our 5 year plan. My head shot up, from what I am sure was a few dazed moments as only strategic planning can do, and I realized that in 2020 I would be SIXTY YEARS OLD!!!

    That totally FREAKED me out! Not for the reasons that most people would think but because I thought, there is no GOD DAMN way when I am SIXTY YEARS OLD am I STILL going to be FAT and OBSESSING over my WEIGHT!!!.

    So some serious reflection and introspection has been happening in my little world since then. And as fortune would have it, I caught an unbelievably nasty flu over the holidays which made me cancel my plans to go to Mexico (and gain 10 pounds I’m sure which would mean tipping 200 which I had barely managed to escape ... currently 198) and instead of even gaining more holiday weight with temptations of turkey and corona, I laid in bed nestled with netflix.

    To some that would have been seen as a nightmare, and I did spend some time feeling sorry for myself, but what I did stumble across, after endless episodes of White Collar, Silk, Damages, and Westwood, was a documentary, Forks over Knives. That lead to Hungry for Change, Vegecated, Food Matters, (which I had seen) and then Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead … 1 then 2.

    During sometime over the holidays I decided to seek out some help in kickstarting my health and spent a few days in Sooke at some friends who are raw/vegans for the most part, have incredibly knowledge about nutrition, (he was in a wheelchair 8 years ago, now he literally runs around full of energy and vitality), and who gave me incredible TLC including a 3 hour massage and lots of love.

    Coupled with that nurturing, some overdosing of food documentaries, I started to really consider changing my life around .. again. Now usually I am a cold turkey, all or nothing, kind of person, but this time I thought maybe I wouldn’t do that. I started slowly - making smoothies in the morning and lunch, vegan meals, and that lead to a co-working bringing in a juicer, and we started juicing in the afternoon to curb that 3pm sugar low and temptation high.

    It’s definitely more fun juicing with a friend btw.

    So 17 days passed, no dairy, NO tea ( I had become an Earl Grey addict - 10/12 cups a day) and only just under 5 pounds dropped from the scale.

    BUT one of my other ailments seemed to have almost been cleared up. For the past 4 years I have not slept well. The last 2 not hardly at all … and I know what you’re thinking, well I don’t sleep much either .. but seriously I am talking almost NO sleep .. like maybe 2 hours, or 4 hours intermittently a night. I was a walking zombie - no matter I was grumpy, craving food all the time, anxious, tired, and sick.

    And I had tried everything, trust me … chiropractor, regular doctor (oh I can give you non addictive sleeping pills … did she know WHO she was talking to! I am an addict of all things … well except booze, cigarettes, drugs etc) but I am highly addictive (*note food and netflix behaviour above) … I tried setting routines, no screen time, chamomile tea, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, naturopath, heavier curtains, ear plugs, staying awake until 3 am to force myself to be so tired certainly I would pass out - nope. Nothing worked.

    And I know it was probably .. ok maybe obviously … but it was most likely the tea .. although I would go sometimes a few days without it, I think I probably had so much in my system that I never cleared it out. So time will tell if my sleep keeps getting better but so far, so good - I do seem to get longer stretches of 4/5 hours and don’t lay awake for hours when first to bed …. so we shall see.

    I also thought it could be the food .. but the tea makes sense,

    BUT with only 5 pounds dropped I have been feeling really unsatisfied and need to do more. So I went to the book store and bought not one but THREE books on juicing and raw food and of course one, that I only saw at the last second was “Reboot with Joe” . I almost didn’t buy it because I had been on his site and thought there was already a lot information on there, but decided to buy it anyway, just because I am ore tactical and love books anyway.

    A few days later, I was stick mucking around with the idea of doing a juice cleanse for longer ( I had done them before for a few days ) but I didn’t have a juicer, didn’t know which one to buy ( I had a crappy one before and too frustrating) I went looking for one, got too overwhelmed and didn’t want to make a bad choice, and ended up not buying any.

    Then I noticed we had 2 at work in the commercial kitchen we have, tried one of them out at work first - not super great but seems to work alright for now - so finally I boxed it up and decided to bring it home.

    I took Joe’s book to work, read over the list of veggies and fruit to buy, got a little overwhelmed, but did find a grocery list for the 30 day plan and decided to just start. I felt it was ok to go straight into day 6 of the 30 day plan and the only thing I needed was the right veggies and fruit.

    I drove to the grocery store where I knew they had the most organic veggies (more pricey but altogether in one section which makes it easier) and proceeded to made my first big mistake in this juice journey.

    I only ever take the smaller hand-held baskets for some strange reason - too disorganized to have a loonie to use the bigger cart, too lazy to want to replace the bigger cart to its home after, or always underestimating what I need to buy, but I only ever use the small baskets, so this time, I automatically grabbed one not thinking clearly obviously.

    I had Joe tucked under my arm, (sorry Joe, but I did shower earlier) and armed with his organizational genius I proceeded to load up my basket - do you have any idea how much 33 apples, 26 carrots, 10 oranges, 22 celery sticks, 6 pears, 9 …. yes 9 cucumbers, 5 bunches of kale, 10 lemons, 3 bunches of greens, 8 beets, and lettuce weigh??? Thank goodness I didn’t turn the page so I missed the 3 sweet potatoes, 3 celery roots (what is that) and 3 parsnips!!

    I had the basket breaking my arm, the 3 bags of apples and lemons ripping my fingers off and Joe threatening to jump out from under my arm (I was trying to keep him hidden .. for fear of … what? I am not sure!)

    So I half stumbled, half ran to the checkout and over $100!!!! later I had 5 bags of produce that would be the total summation of my food for the next 4 days.

    I soon realized, this wasn’t going to be cheap, it wasn’t going to be easy but I damn well was going to do it or … well I don’t what or .. but something was likely to happen that wouldn’t be fun in the long run.

    So my last night meant netflix and stove top, coconut oil, popcorn, ginger tea and anticipation of the next 30 days.


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