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  • About: Disabled Retired Military/Government
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: To get back the me I use to be, and judging from what I've read heard and seen, As for Joe Cross I feel him to be a great mentor and an example as to why rebooting will be a way of life for a healthier me. I joined the Army in 1981 and retired medically a few years ago. I completed 26 years 14 active and the rest reserve and Dual Status working for the Government as a Mil Tech. I had a 8 year break in service after the Gulf war,Joined the Management Team of UPS, and then Ryder Transportation, then decided civilian life was not for me an jump back into my military uniform. During all that time I was always in shape, and have run in 3 marathons, and through the break I still kept running. Well with all send and done then I retired 4 years ago, with bad knees, back and arthritis, and to mention other medical conditions. I tried to keep busy with the house, join American Legion Riders, and exercise as much as I could. Now I weigh 290 pounds, my average weight was about 240-250, before it got to late getting more aliments and heavier we decided to do the reboot with great support from my wife. we both are on the road to success on a journey to a healthier way of life. Jose Cross and Jason, are a great inspiration, and any support and advice from the community would be greatly appreciated and accepted as an encouragement to stay on track. We're also here to assist in any form, way or fashion in getting you were you want to be, nothing but positive here no negative excepted in our lives.
  • Favorite Juice? A Divine Dreamsicle Juice
  • Food temptation? Charlie's Steak House
  • Birthday: Sep 02

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    Anyone that has the desire and motivation to lead themselves to a leaner and healthier life, and stay that way.

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