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  • About: Had stent put in a 45. Can't take cholesterol meds. Blood pressure pills knock me out. I gotta get off these meds...
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Joined to stay motivated with a like minded group.
  • Favorite Juice? Apple
  • Food temptation? Carbs, rice, potatos.
  • Birthday: Oct 18

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  • Jonathan Fairfield

    4 years ago

    Well yesterday was interesting. I decided to check my blood pressure more out of curiosity than anything else. I take 2 different BP medications. Even treated, my BP is still considered high but controlled. It's usually around 139-149 over 82-85 or around there...

    Well yesterday was a freakin' miracle!

    It came out 114/79 and a pulse rate of 69 ! It hasn't been that low since i was a teenager...

    Went to the gym today and walked (treadmill) for an hour and went a little over 2 miles. Also did 1/2 an hour on a stationary bike. I'm usually good for about 15 minutes so for me that's a heck of a change!

    I'm eating a bit, and juicing. After the 4th of July weekend, the plan is to start a 60 day juice only (and a bit of vegan protein powder) diet that my wife is going to try to participate in. After that 60 days is my normal 90 day Dr. checkup. I expect to be taken off whatever drugs he's got me on...

    I'm sure going to miss him LMAO!

  • Jonathan Fairfield

    4 years ago

    Day 3. Skipped day 2...Still sick. Didn't eat a thing yesterday (just lots of lemon and ginger water) but at least I prepped my coconut :) I actually tried to eat the leftover "bake and fries".. They were so disgusting I videoed them flopping around :)

    I can understand they are trying to make the menu easier on folks but really...just make a smaller portion twice. There's no point in saving inedible food.

    Anyway..Day 3 will be day 2 or a mix of 2 and 3 I guess.

    I probably should have done the Reboot on the 21st instead of this one on short notice. If I knew that we were supposed to prep the week prior as stated in the "How to Prepare for your Reboot" document I definitely would have. They REALLY need to cut off sign ups at least a week prior...

    Well no headaches, but I have spent the last couple days in a very foul mood, as is probably apparent...

  • Jonathan Fairfield

    4 years ago

    Starting a Guided 15 day Reboot on 6-10-15


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