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  • Jon

    5 years ago

    i've been lusting after the norwalk juice press for a while now. making enough juice for 2 for a day in advance is kind of inconvenient with my Omega VRT.

    I have a vitamix that i rarely use for smoothies. I think it's because i don't add enough liquid for smoothies and end up with a cup of fiber smoothie that is hard to get down. do-able but unenjoyable. i treat the vitamix the same way as the Omega VRT and i probably shouldn't. this brings me to fiber.

    i don't exactly understand why everyone is so crazy about the insoluble fiber... it's not like it's nutrients that your body can absorb... your VRT juice has plenty of insoluble fiber and too much fiber isn't always a positive to health.

    if you really feel like you want the most out of the VRT and vitamix, try adding your whole produce with .5 cup water (or coconut water or previously made juice), and blend that produce qickly into sludge, if all the produce is cold then it won't heat up to any importance (add ice if want). then pour the sludge down the VRT . excellent juice (barely separates, the pulp is uber dry and you don't have to worry about fibrous produce clogs or difficult cleanup.

    i made 90 oz of juice in a 1/4 of the time it takes me with the VRT alone, since prep is minimal, the sludge moves quickly through the auger area, and cleanup is a breeze.

  • Jon

    5 years ago

    i absolutely chewed/chew sugar free gum while juicing. it didn't affect me as far as i can tell. i needed the chewing action, really i did. I really needed when i went on long fast walks to get some cardio.

    I've read some controversy over whether or not chewing activates some other processes down the line and therefore is negative, but i am gonna go with gum the least damaging of all the issues in my life right now

    here are some of the thoughts i found while researching this

    from this site FAQs: Q: Can I chew gum while juicing?A: Yes, absolutely but look for a gum without any artificial sweeteners and one that is natural.

    Do not chew gum during the juice fast. Avoid mints and hard candies. They promote the release of digestive enzymes and makes you really hungry. Following the juice fast, there is a loss of appetite for caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and junk foods.

    Chewing gum contributes to gas in your system, as well as, “confusing” the digestive process. What does this mean? Your stomach is getting ready for food that isn’t coming. That being said, try to avoid it, but if you’re tempted to chew off your colleague’s arm please chew the gum, and make it sugarless.

    if you find it makes you hungry, i'd stop... i found it made rebooting easier...

  • Jon

    5 years ago

    So what's the best juicer? How long will juice last?

    well, what's your main concern? price? nutrient density? speed? ease of use?

    here is the super quick rundown

    Price juicers range from free (gifted) to $2,500.00 (Norwalk)


    1) Centrifugal (braun, breville, champion, etc) - typically least expensive, least nutrient dense results, quick to juice, easy

    2) single auger masticating (hurom/omega VRT, omega 8006)- mid range $200-350, good nutrient density, slow to juice, average to clean

    3) twin gear masticating (green power, super angel)- higher priced $750-1500, great nutrient density, slow to juice, harder to clean

    4) triturating/press (Norwalk)-highest priced $1000(used)-$2500(new), most nutrient dense, quick to juice (2 step process though), average to clean

    5) masticating juicer with blank to press - champion or omega with a juicing buddy, K&K, or welles press. the presses cost between ~$200 and 500 and require a press bag for ~5-10 (usually comes with the press though)

    ***Caveat, i don't think anything is really that hard to clean once you get used to it.

    Nutrient Density & Storage Capacity

    The most nutrient dense as well as storage length appear correlated in this fashion

    pressed > twin gear > single auger > centrifugal

    Degradation of Nutrients

    exposure to air will degrade juice.. however exposure to air comes in many forms

    1) the centrifugal juicing process

    2) pulp presence

    3) storage

    per processing, cold pressing is the least affective (but costly), centrifugal the most

    per pulp presence, pressing and straining work well. centrifugal processing has minimal pulp as does cold pressed, (jelly or nut milk bags help to strain out pulp)

    per storage, just add enough liquid to minimize air in the storage container.

    Ease of use

    For the regular user of a product, i think ease of use is relative. i don't mind prepping produce, but if you have little time, i think the 2 types that do better here are the centrifugal and triturating/press. they can either get through the job quickly (centrifugal) or let your juice last much longer longer press)

    There is, of course, quite a bit more to discuss, but this to me is the main discussion. There are always tips/tricks for work around issues.

  • Jon

    5 years ago

    I read lots of posts where people have concern over getting their juices to work or keeping them cool throughout the day. here is my solution to get me from 6am to ~4pm

    "*artic cooler bento lunch box (from costco/amazon) expands to hold 5-6 bottles

    16oz nalgene food storage containers (same as nalgene bottles only clear and no lid loop) i got these from wegmans, but availabe on amazon and ebay

    keeps juices cold from 6am to 6pm (at least)"


  • DIY Calorie Count Mean Green

    Started by Jon, Last reply by Jon on 2013-10-19 14:13:53

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    I answered a post here a couple weeks ago with these simple instructions on how to calculate the nutritional value of a DIY juice. the best most reasonable answer i could come up with was this

    I used this site to calculate all the caloric, protein, fat, etc values


    all measures are reasonable, not scientific, meaning i weighed everything on a kitchen scale, and then applied the appropriate coefficient to the site above.


    ingredients size weight (grams) cups calories
    kale curly 3 leaves 160 4 78
    cucumber 1 445 3 53
    celery 3 stalks 92 1 15
    green apple 1 182 1.5 87
    lemon 0.5 65 0.5 14
    ginger 1? 20 2.5 Tbsp 80

    total weight in grams 964 total calories 327

    i juiced my produce through an Omega VRT once (22.5oz yield), and then juiced the pulp only through again ( 4.5oz yield). I strained all the juice through a nut milk bag to reduce the volume associated to pulp and added that pulp back to the master pulp pile)

    i got a total of 27 ounces of juice at 795 grams. the total pulp was 162 grams for a total weight of 957 grams. (964 non-juiced weight)

    due to my inefficient process of messiness and not being able to get 100% of the pulp and juice from the containers, i can easily chalk up the 7 gram difference to being on the floor, on my clothes, on the countertop, and down the drain... i have evidence ;)

    each 16oz of my Mean Green from the picture above is about 194 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, and 7.2 grams protein.

    hope this helps people who wanted at least a better estimation and how i derived it.

  • starting week of 8/5 reboot - Days 20 to 30 phase

    Started by Jon, Last reply by Jon on 2013-08-16 09:26:50

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    Hi, everyone! I'm Jon. Male, late 30s, started reboot at ~243lbs+, ~6' located just outside DC

    It appears that the group i was following/participating kind of died off. on a 5 or 10 or 15 day reboot, but it appears stalled and i decided to create my own thread for this phase for those without a "home" in the 20-30 day phase.

    I joined on a random day mid-week (jul 18, 2013). I didn't need to psych myself up, i was already there and started on the 5 day plan. I didn't realize that the 15 day was food+juice, and I didn't know if i would get past 1 or 2 days. I had 0 issues with headaches, and GI issues. [/crosses fingers].

    well here i am 21 days later and 24lbs lighter and doing fine. During days 10-20 i "cheated" with a light dinner for 6 of the 10 days, but i've kept it healthy and light, which is exactly what the reboot was supposed to do.

    I am working out moderately. about 2-7 miles of walking a day, some light weights, and some cool down laps in the pool.

    I don't mind any of the drinks on the 5 day plan, but i've experimented when i haven't had certain ingredients available, like yesterday i subbed spinach and beet leaves for kale in a mean green/green lemonade mashup. we'll see how that drink is in a couple hours, i subbed grapefruit for orange once and that was a zinger of a juice.As much as i like grilled fennel, i didn't love the juice i made with it, it was drinkable, but i definitely used too much.

    I am especially looking for new recipes (i can find plenty, by searching the web), but i thought it would be a good resource to collect the links to them as I plan to somehow incorporate juicing into my life post reboot.

    I've also been looking at interesting food items, post reboot.

    I plan on making (or buying) a juice press, as it doesn't appear to difficult, but we'll see how that goes.

    Totally juicing to my health! -Jon

  • Beet Leaf jucing problematic for men?

    Started by Jon, Last reply by Danmcn61 on 2013-10-22 09:14:50

    Number of Replies: 2

    Beet leaf and phyto-estrogens


  • The Reboot Juice Lounge

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    This is a group where all positive people are welcome to come to give and receive support on our juicing journeys. Would like to be able to share your daily triumphs as well as struggles. Would also love to swap juicing recipes!

  • After the Reboot - health focused discussion

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    discussion on post-reboot health lifestyle... recipes, thoughts, questions... raw, vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, etc. interesting blogs, websites, etc.

  • Juicing & Plant-Based Whole Food Society - Eat & Drink Plants!

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    Thanks for your interest and support. My intention is to create a group that goes beyond a classic 3/10/15/30/60 day reboot regimen into a reboot juicing/eating lifestyle shift. No need to re-gain pounds and re-do hard-earned rebooting efforts. I have reversed all disease, diabetes, chronic ailments, and have maintained and sustained a 150 pound weight loss with Daily Reboot Green & Rainbow Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFood eating lifestyle. (WFPB - means whole food plant-based ingredients, plant-based foods as close to their natural state as possible). . Please see the original feature at Reboot with Joe success profile at: http://bit.ly/1czS3JJ .

    And the Two Year Anniversary Success Profile at: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/reboot-success-story-dan-miller/

    There is also some behind the scenes footage, a video testimonial and a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead commercial spot to view at ---> http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/rebooting/dan-miller/

    I completely understand and empathize where you all might be coming from - I have so been there and done that. The hardest part is just making the decision to commit to your self. It seems that once you make the decision to overcome confusing eating habits and make a change....the quick results and new found energy pumps you up to follow through, prevail and find success.

    After watching my beloved Joe Cross & personal saviour Phil Staples in www.fatsickandnearlydead.com and with further reading of Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live", "The China Study and WHOLE" by T. Colin Campbell and, watching the recommended "Forks Over Knives' documentary, I discovered that eating plant-based wholefoods and drinking green vegetable juices will in fact aid you to overcome highly addictive hyper-palatable foods like animal-derived products, dairy, fats & sugar and to overcome poor eating habits like; the excessive consumption of animal protein products, oil & cholesterol, refined sugar, high sodium and other nutrient deficient junk food, all which led to my obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and my wife's battle with osteo-arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

    Be sure to review all the posts below starting on page one through to the present... there are videos, viewpoints, comments, pictures and links to aid you in your personal journey to lose weight and gain optimum health with Reboot Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFoodist attitude. I could make a number of suggestions while undertaking a reboot juice feast regimen or simply incorporating more fruits & veggies (whether juiced, blended or eaten whole) into your daily meal planning. First of all – Be Kind to Your Self! It took many years and lots of poor food choices to become overweight – It will take some time to lose it. Your body must be allowed to come into balance with phytonutrient dense plant-based foods. There will be plateaus during your weight loss journey – you’ll think nothing is happening, but it is. ************Avoid the scale to avoid disillusionment.......... Clean out your pantry to avoid temptation.****************

    The weight will come off with reboot vegetable juicing and a plant-based food choice – but must be allowed to integrate and work with your level of conscious nutrition.

    Free yourself from added eating stress and change the way you approach it. Forget dieting and just start a process of "Incorporating ~ Eliminating". Start incorporating a larger quantity of (cooked or raw, juiced or blended) plant-based whole foods like: green and rainbow color fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans-peas-legumes, nuts & seeds . Start eliminating and weeding out the SAD diet foods like: drive-through junk & hyperpalatable fast food, animal products (meats, seafood, shellfish, eggs), animal-derived products (dairy, butter, cheese, ice cream, whey, casein, lard), oil fat/sugar/sodium-laden processed, refined and packaged foods. .........>There is over 40 years of research supporting that a WholeFood–PlantBased (WFPB) eating lifestyle will rejuvenate & regenerate your whole body, will alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverses degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Reboot Juicing is a tool to discover and compliments a shift to including more plants into your daily eating habit.

    ------> Not only is plant-based whole foods the healthiest way of eating that has ever been studied, but it’s far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation. A PlantBased Reboot Juicing lifestyle entails; No counting calories, No drowning in minutiae about what to eat or what not to eat --- just simplify and make wise health-promoting choices........ DRINK Vegetable Juices & EAT Plants!

    This group is open to all exploring extreme weight loss with reboot vegetable juices and incorporating more plant-based nutrition. I have found that combining Reboot Juicing with a Plant-based whole food eating lifestyle has worked for extreme sustained weight loss and achieving optimum health - the results have been phenomenal.

    Follow my posts or chat your questions or comments here on this Reboot with Joe community "Juicing & Plant-based Society" group or, join the FaceBook discussion at: https://www.facebook.com/WholisticWeightLoss https://m.facebook.com/groups/473614985990920


    I'd be more than happy to share more tips and techniques and address any specific concerns. For a more personal story-line, please see my website/blog on my complete reboot journey attaining extreme weight loss and optimum health: http://www.envirohealthtech.com/weight_loss.htm

    .....> I love talking Juice and health-promoting plant-based eating. Relax & Enjoy - Eat & Drink Plants!

    ---------> Healthy Regards to all, Dan Miller & Elisabeth Rae ---> Proud & Honored Reboot Ambassadors


    Just click on my name to check out my profile wall for more postings, videos, and viewpoints.... or follow this link with a copy/paste ------>

    http://community.rebootwithjoe.com/profile/danmiller-erae . .

  • The Big New Year’s Reboot

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    Jumpstart your January by joining me and my Reboot Team for a free 3-Day Guided Reboot beginning January 6th. I can’t wait to kick off 2014 with you and make it the year of the healthiest, happiest you! You can find all of the Big New Year Reboot information through my posts and updates on the comment wall below or at RebootwithJoe.com here: (http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/category/big-new-years-reboot/)

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.