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  • About: II used to exercise an hour a day, lift weights and ride my bike 25 miles on the weekend. I was very active. Then in 2005 I suffered a back injury while on duty, 5 surgeries and a fusion later, the only thing I can do for my health is to try to stay under 1200 calories, or I gain weight. I managed to lose 60 pounds in 2012, eating a smoothie with soy protein and fruit for breakfast and meticulously counting every calorie - and no carbs. I managed to get to 20 pounds from my goal. I began to eat what my family was eating - even in small portions, and it came back. I am now water walking (I cannot swim due to the morphine pump on my spine) 3 times a week. **Most of all, I am very concerned for my liver - all the toxins from the medicines I am on, and the morphine. If it helps the inflammation, nerve and bone pain-great. I saw the 2 videos and I thought I would try.I made it 42 days and 35 lbs before life got in the way again. Trying a reboot now in Oct, 2015
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: 2005 injury: 5 back surgeries.,spinal fusion at L5-S1 and internal morphine pump. In constant pain now for 10 years - concerned about my liver from all the meds. Reboot Oct 3, 2015...pain is so intense where bone graft was taken-like being stabbed with an ice pick - constantly. I hope the juicing helps.
  • Favorite Juice? pineapple, kale, beet(peeled) and carrot
  • Food temptation? Waffles, carbs/sugar
  • Birthday: Jan 01

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  • Allergic to Coconut-HELP!

    Started by Johanna, Last reply by Sakura on 2015-10-07 07:02:38

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    I need a substitute for coconut water for electrolytes


  • Road To 61 Day Juice Fast

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    I'm looking for group members that can support each other while trying to lose weight and get healthy! The juice fast will last 61 days.


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