• Location: 33308
  • About: ~ Fort Lauderdale, Florida ~ 30 Day Guided Reboot 2/26-3/26 ~ Love Sun, Sand & Surf ~ Learning Italian ~ Love to travel ~ Play Violin & Viola ~ Country, farm girl at heart from Pennsylvania ~ Our only child is our English Mastiff named Mak
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My mother used to juice every morning while I was in school. Whenever she (or one of us) wasn't feeling good that was her "go-to" fix. (I HATED IT BACK THEN) Grew to love it when I married my health smart, nutrition conscious husband. We watched the 1st FSND and did a 12 day feast. At that point we discovered my husbands severe gluten allergy (while adding in English Muffins back to his diet). We watched the 2nd FSND just two months ago and we knew a juice feast was a fantastic step in the right direction to get our health back on track.
  • Favorite Juice? Pineapple, Kale, Cilantro, Ginger & Cucumber
  • Food temptation? Pizza & Pasta - Pretty much anything Italian!

Wall Posts

  • BOO 2014

    2 years ago

    How r u?, this Boo from Rosarito. Well I'm back. Last year was the worst year of my life. SO I'm rebooting again to get my life back. So how are u doing?

  • anewlife4me

    4 years ago

    Just read your profile... I'm a violinist too!

  • YpsCologne

    4 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the request! I'm on day6 now and feeling fine. As for your husband I have lots of yummy glutenfree recipes for bread/cake/muffins if you're in need. Did the juice fasting change anything with the gluten situation? Greetings from Cologne! Yvonne

  • bethanyfaye

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the Request jjsedmak! I'm on day 10 of my Reeboot! How is your Reboot going? Im so glad I've joined this site, because boy do I need support! Were all in this together! Happy Juicing! :)

  • Frigorifero

    4 years ago

    Ciao and thanks for the friendship. I've been in Miami and Fort Lauderdale last year. Beatiful places

  • inforthelonghaul

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the add hope all is well with you

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    Ciao inforthelonghaul! Things are great on this front! Day 12 of a guided reboot, feel fantastic and very refreshed! Are you doing a reboot currently or planning for one?

  • kevinhagerman

    4 years ago

    thanks for the request. Just got the book and am starting to read it. I am looking forward to my reboot.

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    Hey there kevinhagerman! Glad you are headed down the juicing path! When do you begin your reboot or have you already?

  • FlowerLady

    4 years ago

    Hi!!!! Thank You for the request! Very Grateful... I start my reboot Sunday 3/8/2015...( I would have started already but My hubs is in the hospital) I have never done anything like before (Just Juice) but I'm ready! I just need support because it's hard when you don't have it( well my husband) he's supportive but more on the journey like me makes it easier ...

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    FlowerLady!!! I am so sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital!!! Is he doing better? So you are on day 2 today right? How are you doing? These are the hardest, the first few days but I know you got this!!!! Please please please do not hesitate to post on the various group pages when you are having a good day or even a bad day!!! It helps ALL of us!! Keep up the good work! I can say that day 12 feels pretty stinking amazing!!! You will love it!!

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    So today I was rather melancholy and missing my family and the cravings were off the chart - Not actually hunger cravings but truly emotional cravings. I got on the site and tried to encourage other people as that is what typically what works to get my mind off me. Then this evening I decided to go outside, wander around the backyard a bit then sat in the sun for awhile. Definitely helped. Need to start exercising soon - I think getting moving will help the most! Here ends day 9! Onto day 10!

  • FlowerLady

    4 years ago

    Congratulations!!!! Keep it up! I start on Sunday and very excited and nervous at the same time... But I have... I know I'm not doing this alone!

  • spdpd

    4 years ago

    Howdy! Thanks for the friend request! I am greatful


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  • The Florida Reboot Connection

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    Latest activity: 06/04/2018 11:33 PM

    Anyone that has the desire and motivation to lead themselves to a leaner and healthier life, and stay that way.

  • February 26th Guided Reboot (30 day)

    Latest activity: 04/12/2015 06:27 PM

    February 26 - March 27, 2015

  • March 2015 30 Day Juice Fast

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    Latest activity: 03/14/2015 05:00 PM

    For all those interested in starting a 30 day juice fast Saturday Feb 28th and continue through the month of March. I will be starting the 5 days or preparation Monday Feb 23rd and be ready to start juicing full-time Saturday Feb 28th. My plan is to then juice for 30 days and possibly more. This group will be a place to trouble shoot, provide support, check-in, vent/emote/cry/wail/bang our heads/etc., and help each other out! I'm personally a juicing newbie and have never juiced before- so I'd like this place to be for newbies and veterans alike!

  • JuicingForJehovah

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    Juicing to show appreciation for the gift of life we receive from Jehovah.

  • March Madness Reboot

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    Latest activity: 10/30/2015 07:25 AM

    Starting juicing reboot this Sunday March 1st..... My motivations: have a trip away in April, also want to get rid of my food addictions, get a reboot so that when I go back to eating, I will focus on healthy food, and continue. This time I'm going to stick with it, and wanting more people to join in for support. Lets get to it , the pre-spring march madness reboot!! Lets motivate each other, and make healthier changes!!!


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    Last night it occurred to me that juicing could do wonders for mental health. This morning i start to use juicing to combat my depression. I do not intend to fast. I intend to add juices each day and to see/record what happens. Due to life-long depression i am isolated & unconfident. I do not cope well with life or socializing. I have a small part-time job on a minimum wage. The rest of the time i spend alone in my flat. I would like to be less afraid & to have the courage to change. I would like to know how it feels to have purpose & want to do more than be at home watching dvds. Historically, my eating habits have been chaotic & disordered - a reflection of my self-worth. I think i can juice my way to mental health. Lets see shall we? Sharing defeats isolation, so it would be lovely to have company for the journey.

  • Starting a reboot

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    I am about to start a reboot, I dont want to put a number on it because I am fearful it will intimidate me.. However, my goal is 30 days.. Please join if you would like to help and receive support!

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