• About: Wow! Never know what to say on these things. Ok, I'll go with the truth. I'm a 33 year old wife and mother of 2 amazing children! My kids are my world, my pride and joy. What about me? What do i enjoy? Who knows! I'm usually too tired or don't feel good to do anything! I've been struggling with my weight for a long time, but it wasn't always like that. Graduated high scholl and got married and was 115. A year later is when the weight started packing on. Found myself at my biggest ever. So i went on a diet, la weight loss which was just a healthy lifestyle, and exercised and lost 40 lbs. That's when i found out i was pregnant! Long story short, almost 2 years later I'm at my new heaviest! Went on another diet and got down 30 lbs, and surprise..pregnancy number 2! So here i am, 5 years later and I'm at the heaviest I've ever been! I'm not happy with myself and the way i look and feel and it affects so much of my life! I just want to be happy and healthy and energetic...it's time to take care of myself!
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I'm tired of dealing with fatigue, depression, mental and emotional problems, feelings of disgust, distrust, and anger....all because of being overweight!
  • Favorite Juice? mean green
  • Food temptation? mexican
  • Birthday: Jan 01

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  • jjbusey

    4 years ago

    I am new to sharing and forums, hope i can figure it all out. Looking forward to meeting new people that know what this is like and can offer support and encouagment! On end of day 9, and after a rough few days, ready to do this juice only fast and get


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  • Juice your way to a new life in 2015!!!! (support for all lengths of reboot)

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    A group for those interested in not only doing a reboot but using it as a tool to effect serious change in your life. Use this opportunity to kick cravings out, face mental demons, load up on tons of fruits and vegetables and start living the life you always knew you could! I just completed my first 60 day juice only reboot on Thanksgiving (11-28-14) and lost 40lbs!!!! I felt great and still do but am not mentally where I want to be with food yet and physically still need to lose about 40lbs. So, I enjoyed my month after Thanksgiving to Christmas eating a mostly vegan diet and am ready to kick off another 60 day juice reboot. All are welcome, newbies and veterans alike, and although I am doing juice only and hope others will join me, all rebooters are welcome whether you juice only or don't or if it is for 60 days or 3. Let's join together and encourage one another to freedom!!!!

  • Reboot Accountability

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    A group to help us be accountable to each other to not fall of the juicing wagon... and to offer each other support if we do. We all need a little encouragement from time to time :)

  • Reboot Sisterhood

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    Alright my Sisters, If you are anything like me, you have been on a roller coaster ride that has lasted a life time! 2015 is our year and I would love to have us girls walk into victory, TOGETHER! Let's hold each other accountable, encourage, support and motivate each others journey to greatness! Post your successes, on and off scale as well as struggles. Lets go hand in hand! Iron sharpens iron!

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