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  • About: Mid-thirties, Kiwi chick battling the bulge & bilateral, Avascular Necrosis of the femoral heads. Making healthy changes while on the path to becoming a strong, partially bionic woman! "We can make her better than she was before: better, stronger, faster!"
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My current health situation is pretty darn serious and as a result, I have an urgent need to release some of my extra padding! Yesterday I watched 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' for the first time. I wish I'd seen it years ago! I think Joe is a potent source of inspiration. I also think I may be in love *blushes* Someone tell me he's single!?!?!!! *looks around hopefully* Phil's story and glorious battle gave me a reason to hope that I could have similar results with a juice reboot! So today, in my current hope filled and inspired state, I traveled 2 hours out of town to buy a new juicer. Shortly after setting up my new appliance this afternoon, I 're-homed' the contents of my pantry and freezer and... ... ready or not, let's reboot baby!
  • Favorite Juice? Carrot/apple/lemon/ginger/cucumber
  • Food temptation? What, just one? O.O
  • Birthday: Dec 12

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    A group for those juicing until they hit their goal weight, regardless of how far that is.

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