• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Need to lose 25 kg ......regain my health......and live to the full the days that have been ordained for me !!
  • Favorite Juice? Carrot, apple and ginger
  • Food temptation? Roast meat

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    5 years ago

    Hiya Jeannie,

    Just checking in after being MIA for near a week (back at school). Is all good? I see from your past comments you were heading back to work too. How did that go for you especially storing the juice and keeping to your routine?

    And, just as important, did anyone notice the ''new you''? Lol, my colleagues couldn't put their finger on it and just thought I had a new hair cut and colour! Mind you it's pretty cold here so was all rugged up in the winter layers.

    Happy thoughts and happy juicing.

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  • Jeannie

    5 years ago

    Yay feel so motivated today !! Day 8 dawns and I have lost 8 whole pounds can't believe it ....hubby has lost 15.5 pounds .....head is clear and even though we are having such a hot, humid summer I feel so energetic ....can only be the juicing !! Start work in 3 days so hope I can get myself organized for that well as for all the naysayers ....had my first yesterday who said I must be very careful, no protein, danger etc etc. didn't even get into the discussion ....just smiled :)

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    5 years ago


    Good answer to the naysayers... My similar motto: "Just smile it confuses people" lol. And 8lbs down... Fantastic! Its all coming together. Congratulations.

    Happy thoughts and happy juicing


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  • Luana Krause

    5 years ago

    hi Jeannie. This is my first day. Hubby is juicing too. He's done it before and dud pretty well.

  • Jeannie

    5 years ago

    Hi Luana how did day one go ? So much easier when hubby is with you and you don't have to cook ! !! I am starting day 8. And am down 8 pounds yay head is clear and have more energy :)

  • Jeannie

    5 years ago

    Day 3 and still going strong. ..down .8 today so 2.8 kg so far !!! Hubby down 4kg and doing well .....still have nagging headache .....guess we should have weaned off the coffee before we started .....:)

  • Jeannie

    5 years ago

    Day 2 and I have a headache now :) Hubby still has the tail end of his ....why no pineapples included in the juice recipes ?? can anyone suggest an alternative to coconut water - not available here

  • david.carrithers

    5 years ago

    Drink as much Coconut water you can - it helped me with my caffeine headache. Keep going! Day four is when it all starts to become much easier.


  • Coffee detox ....not pleasant

    Started by Jeannie, Last reply by Scott on 2014-06-13 17:56:01

    Number of Replies: 9

    Hi all you potential juicers :) if you are a coffee fan aka addict like me ......take the time to wean off before you start hindsight wish I had as hubby and I are dealing with the consequences :)


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    Maybe you have been searching for healthier vegetable and fruit-based alternatives to feed your family during your own juice feast. If so, good for you!! With obesity rates SOARING around the world (children included), there is no better time to make health a priority for every single body in your home (including your pet!!). And for those who are letting food serve as a source of "medicine" for the ills that plague the body, here's to living a STRONG life! Welcome aboard!! There are no "wagons" from which to fall off in here...just an open roundtable for exchanging nutritious plant-based food and drink ideas. So feel free to post your thoughts, recipes and pictures. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to the "clean" eating that I hope we can accomplish and share. Each one, reach out and teach one!! Vegetables (both land and sea) are the focus, but ideas and recipes for fruit-based dishes are also welcome. So...grab your aprons and let the banging of pots and pans begin!! Cheers to a wealth of good health!! (As this is a site for encouraging maximum health and healing, please try to share ideas for dishes that DO NOT contain large amounts of the following ingredients: animal products, seafood, milk/dairy, cheese, eggs, processed food, creams, butter, excess table salt or sugar, white flour, white rice or cooking oil. Thank you so very much for your understanding and kind cooperation!!).

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