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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Female, 49. Battling weight my entire life. Have weighed 265 got down to 190 in my high school/college years. Shot back up to 292, got down to 190 in my mid to late 20s. April 2015 I did my first guided reboot with Abby of Joe's team. I went from 263 in my prep week and my reboot kick started me to get down to 238 as I continued on with a mostly vegetable and fruit based diet. Nov 4, 2015, It is my 2nd Guided Reboot with Stacy Kennedy. My start weight was 242.8. Excited to see where I go from here. July 27th, 2016, I will start my 3rd Guided Reboot with Abigail (Abby Zabby)... Because, it's just time to Reboot again. My start weight 244.5 (amazed that I'm keeping it off and not regaining all of it back. Kick starting again... and that's okay. I'm still going down and getting healthy. Gain... Maintain... or Lose. The power of choice is yours! - Janet S.
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  • Janet S.

    4 years ago

    Juiced yesterday for breakfast and lunch.... was too busy for "snack" drinks. Went to In n Out burger and ordered a meatless breadless tomato/onion/pickle lettuce wrapped sandwich. It was off the hook! I felt like a "dirty girl" ha!!! A long way from the way I've cheated in the past. I thank God for Joe Cross!!! And, Aba Zaba! (Abby)

  • Janet S.

    4 years ago

    Super tired today. :(

  • Janet S.

    4 years ago

    But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.

    “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.” So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days. At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food. So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead. (?Daniel? ?1?:?8, 12-16? NIV)

  • Diane

    4 years ago

    I did a bible study on Daniel and knew this verse but never really connected with it until now. Yes, that's what we're doing - trading our 'royal food' and being tested. This is very encouraging - you should share it on the group wall.

  • Janet S.

    4 years ago

    First day..... battling headache even though I eased myself off of caffeine. :o(

    The sweet potatoes and carrots rocked. Didn't have time to make the apple this morning as I had to be out of the house by 7:15am. SUPER bummed I missed the intro seminar yesterday (had notifications turned off.) Looking forward to feeling the good days kick in. Woot!!!

  • Janet S.

    4 years ago

    Nervous..... It's April 20th.... we start in 6 days.


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