• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Sick of being fat, sick, and nearly dead.
  • Favorite Juice? Morning sunshine, delicious!
  • Food temptation? Bread and cheese!

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  • Reynolds

    5 years ago

    Hey Jana: I sent Kate a message last night and proposed this. She was in agreement.

    We are not getting new members into the Reboot Club. The last week it seems to be just you, me, Kate and Natalie and GMA on occasion. Newbies pass through but don't stay because there is not enough action for their thinking. My thought was to migrate to another group that is going already, where we can both assist newbies and get support when we are rebooting ourselves. Natalie has a strong group going and it is loaded with both newbies and vets. Kate also has a group going. This morning I jumped into a group that started 4/14 for a 60 day.

    I think that we should keep the Reboot Club up, just let it be idle. There are lots and lots of great posts archived and I for one would like to mine them for some writing I want to do about juice fasting and fatties.

    So whattaya think? Tell me your thoughts!

    You know Jana, you are like an old, old friend to me. I've seen you go through both highs and lows over the last 8 months and I so want you to get to where you want to be with that height/weight thing in proper proportion. We both want to get there. But it is up to us. Proud of you for doing a modified and losing 5 pounds!!!! It all counts!

    I'm in day 2 and all is well right now, no symptoms this time, kind of amazing.



  • Jana

    5 years ago

    Reynolds, honestly I was thinking the same thing. Feels like dragging a dead horse sometimes. I can delete the thread but I like the idea of just leaving it and moving on. Natalie's group seems pretty good, I did not know Kate started a group I will have to check it out and see what there is out there. I also consider you like an old friend and appreciate the sentiment. Seeing all of us reach our goals, whatever they are, would mean a lot. So glad to hear you did not experience any blinding headaches this time, one way or the other we will all make it. Well I guess I will have to look around and see what wagon I'll hitch a ride on. Hopefully we cross paths alone the way! Take care ~ Jana

  • jolanta

    5 years ago

    I just started my juicing one week ago as Joes movie really motivated me to do something.

    I did fall off already twice as i do cook for my son and sometimes i am really wanting a bite or two of what im making for him, even if its a salad, as I love to cook and prepare meals in general.

    I cannot afford to do this, although it is testing my willpower. I need to stay on track.

    I am short 5 foot and weight 260 lbs I cannot afford to stay this way as its affecting my whole life in ever which way. I want my body back and willing to do what it takes.

    What do i do if Im hungry?

    Help, anyone. :))

  • JuicedUpJake

    5 years ago

    That depends, are you doing a juice fast or just adding juicing to your diet? It sounds like you're fasting, if you're fasting and are having hunger pains I would suggest making another juice. If your body is telling you that you're hungry it means your body needs nutrients, not that you necessarily need to "eat". It's important while fasting to maintain no whole foods in your system. One of the benefits to a fast is to turn off your digestive system. Your body uses a lot of its energy towards digesting food. When your digestive system is not being used, your body has much more energy to use towards healing other parts of your body that may need attention. So, if you're doing a cleanse, PLEASE DONT EAT for your own sake. January few tips, juice a lot of greens as they are the most powerful. Drink many drinks such as hot herbal teas (stay away from anything with caffeine), Kombucha, water, hemp oil (for healthy fats) etc. Again, if you find yourself hungry make another juice! Good luck!

  • JuicedUpJake

    5 years ago

    Just a few tips*... Sorry, damn autocorrect!

  • Natshell62

    5 years ago

    Hey girl. I know you are having a stressful time these days so I just dropped by to send a smile your way. You deserve all the happiness in the world and whatever they throw at you at work just remember, "This too shall pass."

  • Brian

    5 years ago

    Hi Jana, Thank you for reading my post and understanding just how open and personally motivating it was meant to be. I had to honest, open, caring and loving when I wrote it. What I didn't post was the Feedback from my adult children, relatives , friends and co-workers that kept me going...they too would make you tear up. Its all about doing and finally caring for ourselves and overcoming this Hell we call obesity. I think you have down awesome so far and you need to be more "Pow, Wham" in your face about your success too. You are beautiful, caring and compassionate to others. I can tell that from your photo section with all those words and thoughts to encourage and inspire. But I would like to see more about your personal success..pumped up and motivated ... look at me..yeah I am kickin its A$$ motivation. Its so cleansing for the soul..and you deserve that. I know it took a while before I could share my before photos as I had destroyed most of them. But with ownership of my past I confronted myself, accepted and forgave. I want to help anyone that wants it. I have had several friends that tried and quit. I can only keep offering them encouragement and tell them, when you are ready, really ready to commit you will know. So keep up your great adventure, you are someone special, you matter to you and I believe in you...because you are you. Keep on juicing..git fired up ya'll and gitter done !

    luv ya

    Brian, The thinner Bear

  • Jana

    5 years ago

    Thanks Brian. Your encouragement and kind words mean a lot. I have been flailing the past week over work/stress issues. Went back to old bad habits but woke up and am back juicing. I will work on my Pow Wam! lol Now THAT is goinig to be harder to do but I will work on it. Honestly I do not have a picture of me at my heaviest although I am sure someone in my family does. I might have some from work...I will find out.

    I hope you are doing well as you are also someone special Mr. Thinner Bear!

  • Jana

    5 years ago

  • Jana

    5 years ago

  • Jana

    5 years ago

    The Pleasure Trap - this explains a lot!


  • Karenmarie42165

    5 years ago

    Wow, that was really help full, plus there where a lot of speakers there to help you stay moti

  • Taffy the Great!

    5 years ago

    Thank you for the friend request, I really love your profile pic and you're the first friend request I've received, so I'm honored! Your bio brought me to tears... people have suggested I have a medical procedure too, but I beleive in natural healing and have been endeavoring to achieve optimal health and weight loss for years now; it really touches me to read that you walked away from the lapband... hurray for you!!!

  • Jana

    5 years ago

    Thanks Taffy, I did not realize we could post to each other's walls! I am still learning all the perks to the updated website.

    I had been sticking to my great juicing buddies in "The Reboot Club" discussion. Having that support has been critical to my success. I was so glad when Natalie started the "Saying Goodbye..." group - the more support the better! And it's my honor to have you as my friend!

  • Jana

    5 years ago

    Need to remember this:

    There are two indicators that could predict if a person would be successful in maintaining their weight loss long term.

    1) They did not stop until they met their weight loss goal and

    2) They maintained that new weight for a full year after reaching goal

  • Jana

    5 years ago

    Excited to start another 30-day Juice fast this Saturday!


  • Started Today...

    Started by Jana, Last reply by Jana on 2013-07-27 17:20:29

    Number of Replies: 3

    Made green juice and another recipe from Joe's book. Taste is Ok, and I feel full so that is good. Does anyone know what the colored drps stand for in the Reboot With Joe recipe book? I cannot find the explanation for it anywhere.


    Started by Jana, Last reply by Jana on 2014-04-15 15:21:46

    Number of Replies: 2861

    Rotating on & off off juicers here!

  • October 1, 2014 Starting a 1 month Juice Fast

    Started by Jana, Last reply by ecollin479 on 2014-09-30 14:02:34

    Number of Replies: 5

    Juicing in preparation of upcoming holidays and food feasts! Lol


  • Saying GOODBYE to 100lbs or more!!!

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    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

  • Alive and Healthy. Nutrition and Maintaining the new you!

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    Is your reboot over or just starting? Do you feel you failed or that you were successful? When it comes down to it, even a single juice is better than never juicing at all. We all have some form of victory under our belts! Even if this is day 1 for you. You are here. Celebrate! Typically the first 3 to 5 days are the worst. Generally the 8 to 10 day window is glorious as that is when the surge of energy hits. After day 10, the real battle begins. - The mental battle: How long can I really go without chewing? How long can I really do this for? The questions, the doubting (from yourself and others), the curiosity all starts to set in. - This is normal. Totally normal. And you are here. Here with me and everyone else. I did my juice nearly alone. You don't need to be alone. Gain support, motivation, encouragement and inspiration from this group! This group is focused on what happens afterwards or what happens if you just can't stomach a juice but still want nutrition and to be healthy? I look at things a bit differently than most. Juicing has given me my life back. My number one focus is getting in nutrition and improving overall health. Calories are important to fuel our bodies, yes. However, empty calories provide no nutrition. I want to fuel my body with highly nutritious calories. This is not a trend or a diet for me, this is my new lifestyle. Without it, I'd still be way fat. Who am I? I am Johnathan and rebootwithjoe featured the pounds I eliminated in one of their success stories. http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/johnathan-success-story/ Use the links on the group wall below to connect!

  • 40 day reboot - No more excuses

    Members: 53

    Latest activity: 03/15/2016 02:14 PM

    You've heard it all before. Chris is going to do the reboot, yadda yaddah yaddah then after 3 days gives up and starts eating shit. Well I 've had a wake up call this week and definitely need to do this. I know Eric is having a another go, well so am I. If I fail this time, please will you all shout at me on here and tell me what a loser and quitter I am. If you are in the mood to start this again, please join me, need all the help I can get.

  • The November 30-Day Challenge!

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    Latest activity: 07/07/2019 12:06 PM


  • Happy juicing 2019 :)

    Members: 255

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    Lovely, supportive and encouraging group for everyone who is starting with reboot and needs a place to get motivation, advice and juicing company.:) Feel free to join! Lots of friendly chat and support only. I would appreciate no food talk. :) Happy juicing! Trust the journey!

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