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  • Ivan (Belgium)

    3 years ago

    Day 7 of Juicing: emergy appendectomy...!

    I was doing great and looking forward to celebrating my first full week of Juicing. My bloodpressure had become normal, and I had lost 5kg already. But then disaster struck.

    On the morning of day 7, I was feeling unconfortable in the gut, with a nagging pain in the right side. I drank my juice and went to work. I'm a secondary school teacher and that morning I had oral examinations planned. You know, the big ones students feel really nervous about. I started up the procedure and the first students came in. As they were preparing the exam, I felt more and more miserable. In the end, I felt so terrible and had to ask my students to get help. The exam was annulled, and somehow I got home on my e-bike. I was home alone. The pain aggravated and I became nauseous. I had called for the doctor, but before he arrived I started heavily hyperventilating because of the pain in my belly. I was barely conscious and called 911. Luckily, the person on the phone was able to calm me down and sent an ambulance and medical emergency unit. They took me to the hospital.

    In ER, an echo was done, and X-rays, and bloodworks. But there was nothing abnormal, so... they sent me back home... with a painkiller. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was still in terrible pains.

    At home, my wife put me to bed. I was still in terrible pains, comparable to kidney stones pain. Around 7pm, I told my wife this was unbearable and we needed to do something. At this point, I had an extremely sensitive area on the right hand side of my belly. I was sure it was my appendix. So my wife drove me back to the ER, while neighbours were looking after our three young children. In the ER, they re-evaluated my file and decided to do a CT-scan. Soon after, I was diagnosed with appendicitis. At 9.30 pm, I underwent emergency surgery and my appendix was removed.

    I am now slowly recovering from this ordeal at home. If I had continued juicing, as I'm writing this, I would be on day 11.

    Though I still strongly believe in Joe's Juicing programme, I decided to share my experience here. I don't know if the juicing triggered all this. I think my appendix was already in bad shape for a very long time...

    For the moment, I have decided to put the juicing on hold until I have fully recovered, which normally takes 6 weeks. What happened to me was quite traumatising, and any advice or moral support from this community is welcome.

  • Ivan (Belgium)

    3 years ago

    Day 5 of Juicing

    I'm working full time and take care of my family, so I allow myself a luxury at noon: yesterday I ate a handful of nuts and today I ate two avocados.

    Good news for my bloodpressure on day 5 of juicing: 128 over 89 (with meds). For me, that is perfect. It hasn't been this low in three months. It was 170 over 11 (with meds) when I started the Reboot. The effort is really paying off, even only after 5 days, I have reached one of my goals! I have decided not to go on the scales until day 14, but I'm sure I have already shedded some weight too because I can put on or off my wedding ring without a problem.

  • Ivan (Belgium)

    3 years ago

    Day 3 of Reboot

    Today, Sunday, was a challenge. We were invited to a friends' birthday party. Luckily, we had explained beforehand that I'm on a juice diet. So they bought lots of fruit and we took the Powerjuicer with us. When we got there, I was so hungry I soon disappeared into their kitchen and made a very tasty fruit juice.

    Although sympathetic towards me, they argued that Joe's juice fast is a 'stupid' thing to do, unhealthy, and even dangerous, because I miss out on essential stuff such as fat, protein and carbs, and I'll be losing not just body fat, but also muscle. Yup, that makes sense. I tried to explain that what I'm doing is not really a diet, but a fast.

    All that gave me quite a hard time. Add to that the teasing presence of pancakes etc.

    So, I listened to them kindly, ignored the food, and stubornly stuck to the fast.

    I definitely prefer fruitjuice. I have a really hard time with vegs juice...

    On our way back, while driving on the highway, I couldn't help noticing my eyesight seems to have improved. I see things much sharper now. Also, my skin, though dry, looks better.

    Tomorrow, it's Monday and the working week starts. Yet another challenge, I think...

  • Ivan (Belgium)

    3 years ago

    Day 2 of Reboot

    As posted earlier, my wife, Ann, and I started the reboot program together. My wife planned a 10 day programme, while my goal is 30 days. So we dusted off our old Jack Lallane powerjuicer (unused for several years), and it proves to be a very capable juicer.

    This evening, however, my wife decided to quit the juice-only program and to move to a mixed diet of healthy (chewable) food and fruit juices. Also, she has a real problem with Joe's 'Green Mean Juice' taste. For her, the stressful job, the busy household (3 children) and the daily chores is more than enough. When hungry, she quickly gets irritated and annoyed, and there is simply no time to 'chill out'.

    It is remarkable what different effect the juicing has on me. Only day 2, and already I'm in a hard to describe, meditative, zen-like mental state. I don't feel craving, but rather a healthy hunger, which the juices (barely) take away. That is weird, because, before, when I'm hungry, I guickly get irritated. Perhaps I'm fooling myself...

    Likely, me going strong has to do with my motivation: I need to lose a lot of weight, get rid of the snoring, and I want my bloodpressure back to normal. For Ann, the motivation was (only) easthetic (losing some weight around the hips).

    One weird side note. I have suffered since birth from anosmia, which simply means I don't have the sense of smell. I can't smell anything, nothing, nada, nought. And I never did. I do have taste. In fact, I think my brain kind of compensates in taste for my lack of smell: my taste is pretty well developed, though I think I taste things differently compared to 'normal' people. Anyhow, when I drink Joe's Green Mean Juice, I have a weird sensation in my nose I can only identify as a 'smell', which - for me - is a new sensation.

    Picture: fruit and vegetables for 3 days (two persons).



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