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  • Day 1 so far

    Started by Insaneclaw, Last reply by Insaneclaw on 2013-04-17 19:49:19

    Number of Replies: 1

    So today was my first day ever juicing. My first juice came out pretty good it was the Carrot Apple Lemon, and it was pretty good. I then drank some coconut water, and sweet jesus was that bad, I felt nauseous afterwards. Then my second juice was the Green Lemonade, and also something else I had to force down. Do you get use to it? Also I seem to be getting headaches, did anyone else experience that? The next drink I'm going to try is the mean green any advice on it.

  • I'm ready to bash my face in with my phone

    Started by Insaneclaw, Last reply by Leadbellie on 2013-04-19 09:36:35

    Number of Replies: 7

    So I'm on day 2 of my reboot, and I have this god awful headache, I can't stop thinking about potato chips, and I can't stop staring at my phone without thinking about ramming it into my face to knock me out. So many times today temptation has been there and every time I stop myself my head hurts even more. The juices aren't making it any better because I don't like any of the green ones, they are just awful. I just feel like I'm in a tantrum, but does anyone have any encouraging words cause I could use some.

  • Day 4- Looking Good

    Started by Insaneclaw, Last reply by EthanHunt on 2018-11-22 23:58:23

    Number of Replies: 10

    So I've been noticing my self getting a bit slimmer in the face, and I didn't want to say anything cause I didn't want to bum myself out if it was all in my head. Its been three days (starting day 4 this morning) and I decided to weigh myself and I've lost 5 pounds. My scale is acting funny shifting and telling my either I've lost 4.5 or 5, but either way its pretty awesome. The past three days have been utter mayhem with me going crazy from the cravings i was having. Day 1 all I could think about was cheeseburgers, day 2 it was all about potato chips, and day 3 the craving started to lighten up. Luckily last night I didn't get a headache cause usually I'd get headaches each night, so I'm hoping day 4 is the day things pick up for me. I'm going to continue to post my journey here, I'd had been meaning to do keep post in my day 1 post, but due to me going crazy it got away from me. I hope everyone else is doing well on their juice journey.


  • I may have semi cheated (I don't know)

    Started by Insaneclaw, Last reply by Vision on 2013-04-24 07:44:28

    Number of Replies: 5

    So in a bit of an act of desperation cus I had this serious craving for something salty, I found some cashews and I grabbed a very little amount put it in my mouth chewed then spit it out. It got rid of my craving instantly and I don't have it anymore at all. However I heard that this juicing also helps get rid of the cravings for salt, did I mess up the process by feeding the crave? It was a bit of an act of desperation which I am kinda regretting right now. I just want to know if this was bad.


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