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  • About: I'm an oncology nurse from the greater Pittsburgh area. I have a wonderful husband, 5 beautiful black kitties, a job I truly love, and a great set of family and friends. I have everything a girl could ever want. Except for good health...
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: ...Which is why I'm here on Reboot with Joe. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) about 10 years ago, and after trying different hormones and steroids and using PCOS as an excuse to let the weight creep on, I gained about 20lbs, but still didn't look terribly overweight at this point. Then the hardest part of my life thus far happened: my mother passed on from Acute Myeloid Leukemia at age 46 in 2006. During her brief 6 month battle with the disease and the year after she died, I became less and less concerned with what I ate. I never ate out of depression, rather it got to the point where I just didn't care what went in my mouth as long as it was quick and on-the-go. I now had my little sister (then 10 years old) to take care of, senior year of college to contend with, and I just couldn't be bothered to think out meals that were healthy, because that just took too much time and effort. Throughout that extremely difficult year and a half, I gained about 35-40lbs. Now I'm looking pretty overweight at this point. In 2010, unsatisfied with where my English Masters degree had put me job-wise, I started nursing school, and I thought to myself "how am I supposed to take care of patients when I've hardly taken care of myself?" I began Atkins and lost about 20 lbs, I was exercising and feeling pretty good, all was right with the world, I was finally taking control back... ...Then 3 years ago, I woke up one morning with numbness and tingling in my feet. I had suffered from Raynauds phenomenon for years, so I figured it was just going to be a numb and cold day for my hands and feet. However, over the next 2 weeks, the numbness ascended up my legs eventually to my torso. I had leg spasms, walking was jerky, running impossible, and I was having (embarrassingly) bladder and sexual dysfunction issues and profound fatigue, as well as a banding pain in my ribs just under my bra-line that wrapped around my back. A trip to a Neurologist and over an hour of MRIs later, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder similar to MS called Transverse Myelitis. Wow, until this point I thought my dieting just caused a vitamin deficiency or something. I never would have guessed, even with my nursing school knowledge that I might be looking at a diagnosis like MS (TM can convert to MS in 15% of patients, so it's always in the back of my mind). The treatment, High-dose IV steroids one a month (1000mg Solu-Medrol), and I put on another 30-40 lbs throughout the 1 1/2 years I received the steroids. I'll spare you the rest of the deep medical details, but if you're interested, look it up sometime, I'm lucky that I never ended up in a wheelchair, even temporarily, but that doesn't mean that my symptoms are "mild" or "lesser" than others with TM or MS. I'm hoping that I can regain my health, and maybe lose 110lbs at the same time through juicing. I have 3 daily medications I hope to get off of, as well as 3 intermittent medications that I have to take when I have a flare-up, including that high dose IV steroid. I know that some of the damage is irreversible; I'll never be able to fully run again, or walk down the stairs without a tight grip on the railing due to the weakness in my legs, but I also know that I'm totally over using my TM as an excuse for my lack of health and balance. Joe and Phil have inspired me to try out a Juice Reboot (with a following lifestyle change on a plant-heavy diet) on my autoimmune disorder. Yes my TM is vastly different than their Urticaria Vasculitis, but when you really research these ailments (and other autoimmune diseases), it all boils back down to the same thing: an overactive immune system and a chronic state of inflammation. I'll keep everyone posted on the results, I can't wait to be one of the Success Stories on this website!
  • Favorite Juice? Mixed-Up Mean Green (I rotate a different bunch of greens each time I make Joe's mean Green)
  • Food temptation? Fast Food, especially Popeyes, mozzarella sticks, breaded zucchini, hot wings.
  • Birthday: Jan 13

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  • Saying GOODBYE to 100lbs or more!!!

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    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

  • Nurses That Juice

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    Many nurses are exhausted, lack time for healthy snacks and food, need the little sleep they are afforded, and rarely have the energy for a gym. Juicing will be my way to train my body and change my attitute. It fits well into the nurses' life. Easy to prepare, quick to pack, and speedy to drink and get back into the bullpen! Nurses that juice are examples of health!

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