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  • HandyLady

    5 years ago

    mint, fennel, cucumber and apple Yum

    tomato, carrot, celery and parsley Yum

    beets w greens, red pepper, red apple, ginger and lemon Gd

    apple, eggplant, cabbage, celery Gd

    carrots, oranges, and ginger

    mango, squash, yellow peppers, lemon Yum

  • OttawaGal

    5 years ago
    We will have to try this one - someone called it carrot cake, wonder if it tastes that way :) It's 6 large carrots, 1 1/2 sweet potatoes, 2 red apples, and a dash of cinnamon added to the juice
  • HandyLady

    5 years ago

    This is actually day 3 of the all juice fast (I didn't sign up right away and can't go backwards in the tracker) and last night was tough as my elbows, ankles and hands really hurt and were a bit puffy. I presume that it is the detox causing this and will go away over time. I worked out today and was a bit weaker than expected.


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    Changing a lifetime of "I've always done it that way" to "I'll try that". Never too old to change.


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