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  • Gina B

    2 years ago

    How are you doing? I started the next 30 day reboot :). Day 1.

  • Hadam

    2 years ago

    Hi Gina!!!! I am on day 20, I think, of second Reboot. To be honest I didn't followed 100% Juicing, I have been eating lots of salads!!! And I have snacked once or twice on Cashew-nuts. But I am feeling great in the sense that I have not have horrible Cravings or the need to lick or steal food from my toddler!!! I feel more relaxed towards food. I had a couple of bad bad days. One I had a selfesteem crisis and I went for the pizza, hotdog and all the bad things... But with all the support and pet talks I feel much better and haven't have any crisis since. AND YOUUUUU?????


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