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  • About: Juicing to cleanse and jump start some bodily transformation.. lose some weight (73 lbs is my current goal), and hopefully help my allergies (environmental and food sensitivities) with a reset.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Looking for a little community and support as I go through the process...
  • Favorite Juice? Almost all of them
  • Food temptation? Yes. :)
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  • Greenspirit

    4 years ago

    Whoa... so I kinda gapped out there at the end.. but I went a full 15 days juicing and it was great.... now after being back on food and convenience foods and feeling crappy...I feel like juicing again... almost through day 1 of my second round of fasting... got the detox headache going again, but now I know that will pas... looking forward to feeling great again... :)

  • Greenspirit

    4 years ago

    Day 8, just been through two days of a gastrointestinal virus with my daughter... hasn't hit me yet... huge blessing that is! The interruption to my routine has been a little hard on me energetically though, but a sick child is a good reason to work from home, so that has helped. Lost just over 10 lbs now. I can feel it when I am out walking too, the difference in my body. More to go, but feels great so far. Interestingly, my allergies are still quite bad. Less inflammation and ongoing congestion, but still having sneezing fits and periodic ultra-runny nose. Still hoping this can solve some of those issues. At least 7 more days of juicing to go!! :)

  • Greenspirit

    4 years ago

    Day 6 of juice only...down about 9 lbs.... feeling pretty good. Craving protein and fats a bit..would love a couple scrambled eggs. :) Is it weird to say I feel like I laugh more easily? (Maybe it's delerium?..ha) But really...I have my usual 'grumpy' things... but generally I feel more emotionality, more joy, and when I laugh it feels different somehow.

  • Greenspirit

    4 years ago

    Day 5 of Juice only :) Janet, I think there are issues with storing juice for two days.... like it goes bad, oxidizes or something... it also depends on the juicer you have, and how much foam it creates. More foam = more oxidation. I read an interesting article on storing juice... don't have the URL anymore, but google it, you should find the same one.

    What I decided to do... since I have a masticating juicer that produces very little foam, is on work days, I do my breakfast, lunch, and snack the evening before, and in the morning I juice my dinner juice if it's a day that my daughter has activities...(meaning I won't get home til 7pm ish) .... on the weekends I just juice as needed. So good fresh!

    No more headaches... first day was brutal. Second day was tender... it's been better ever since. Happy juicing!!! :D

  • Greenspirit

    4 years ago's day 1 of juice only. :) I got up early enough to get my breakfast, snack, and lunch juice made before heading to work.....but it was a little stressful admittedly.. it took almost an hour to make that much juice, even though I have everything washed and in separate bags (breakfast/snack, and lunch produce). Getting up earlier will be a must.

    I have a mild headache... no hunger though. As it's the day before Valentines, of course someone at work left me chocolates on my desk.... they smell so good... ha!

    I am down 3 lbs after my pre-cleanse week, and looking forward to a nice relaxing long weekend of quiet time and my fireplace.

  • Janet

    4 years ago

    Hi Greenspirit. An hour eh? Good to know. I think I should juice in the evening then because I know it won't likely happen in the morning before work. I'll make enough for two days each time.

    It's a new beginning for us! Keep that gorgeous smile on your face and your eyes on the prize.

    If you have a moment, I would love to hear how you are doing today.


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