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  • KRW

    3 years ago

    Hello how are things? AK is doing great, Tim is on his way to AZ in the morning I will follow Wednesday for 14 days of good living, fun and sun. Hope all is going well for you, keep juicing and SMILE

  • KRW

    4 years ago

    Good morning how is the juicing going for you? I just got home yesterday and made several juice for the next few days, stay healthy.

  • GlennS

    4 years ago

    Welcome home! That is amazing that you guys headed to Florida after New York!! I am ready to get away.It has been good... I kept juicing full time for 2 more weeks... which really makes it 4 total weeks I was doing it. I just started eating again... had some salads... but of course today and yesterday I went to two industry parties and couldn't resist some chips and salsa :( I did not have much. Just enough to feel guilty! I am down a total of 26 pounds.... I would love to go 15 more than fade back in. What about you guys? Lots of great food in Florida?

  • Allan

    4 years ago

    Hey Glen

    I'm still travelling! Last leg bus home from central Edinburgh.

    Hope ur well you have a Facebook account?



  • GlennS

    4 years ago

    Hi Allan!! Sorry for my delay! I forgot to log back here. I am assuming you are finally back home? I forgot that I have friends from Edinburgh... it is a cute singer named, Emma King... She was going by Emma King and the Heartsets. SO HAS HAS THE TRANSITION BACK TO NORMAL LIFE BEEN FOR YOU? I have been juicing since I got back from the Camp Reboot... which makes it 4 weeks of juicing for me. I am down 25 pounds, and would like to go 15 more. EXCEPT... the last two days have been industry parties, and I caved and had chips and salsa. Not much.. just enough to feel really guilty!!! How has it been for you? Tell me about the job... are you pursuing??? I think we are now friends on Facebook... my page is /glennsweitzer


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    Who’s ready to learn more about our third annual CAMP REBOOT?! On July 26th – July 31st, you can spend your vacation juicing with Joe Cross on a 5-day Reboot in the beautiful setting of the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY with hundreds of other Rebooters with similar health goals!! Team Camp Reboot is here to answer any questions you might have in making the decision to join us for an amazing week of positive change at Camp this year!! Watch our video that gives you a firsthand look into this life-changing week of Rebooting fun!

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