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  • sally

    3 years ago

    Hi ,

    how are you now?

    Day 15 for me and still waiting for the big change,

    that means no longer dreaming of meat :-)

    But I am not any hungry at all, only thoughts are on mind.

    Lost 22 lbs, need another 80 :-(


  • girlonjuice

    3 years ago

    That's fantastic Sally. 22 lobs is huge in 15 days.

  • girlonjuice

    3 years ago

    Ambivelence, the bane of my existence.

    But, this is part of the problem. One minute, we're telling ourselves to DO SOMETHING about the weight. The next minute, we're telling ourselves, 'how can I say no to XYZ delicious food? That's the point, I think. What you said, the sense of denial from having a happy life. As long as we're ambivalent, this won't work. It's happened to me every time I've tried recently as well. I need to push through the pleasures in the moment to get to the pleasure of a result at the other end.

    My weight has been BLOOMING in the last six months, for some reason. I don't THINK that my eating habits have gotten that much worse, and I'm even making a point of going on long walks every day - but it's not enough. My metabolism, the total calories going in, the rest of the day (I'm a writer - so we're talking major sittitude) these things are adding up, to the tune of a two to three pound weight gain a month.

    I was 180 a few years ago when I first came over here and had a few weeks of success. But, now I'm 217 and climbing.

    I'm tall, so I carry it well, and part of me thinks - NO BIG DEAL.

    Again - ambivalence is my enemy, and when the delicious tasty treat beckons, I'm there.

    Last week, I went on Sparkpeople.com - and found some diet. I went out and bought a weeks worth of food. Expensive stuff, like fresh jumbo shrimp, fresh fish, high quality cuts of meat. The diet also had cheeses and vegetables, and breads. I spent almost $300, and ended up forgetting about the diet plan, ate all the meat/fish within two days before it spoiled, and went through the cheese. The vegetables died the death of the neglected, and the frozen veges were never touched.

    Too complicated. Too much cooking. Too hard to keep track.

    So, I went back to old habits. Dinner out at a Japanese restaurant. A wee Mexican tostada on the road, popcorn with lots of butter as a TREAT before going to bed, and gained another two pounds.


    I know that if I can just stick to juicing for 10-15-30-and eventually 60 days., I'll see results.

    The food, treats, etc., will still be there. Perhaps, after I accomplish the BELOW-200 club again, I can schedule the indulgent food fest for an afternoon.

    Maybe, it's okay to live life and still be happy without having to make every day all about cooking and consuming food.

    I don't know, but it feels damn good to talk about it.

    I'm dreading the side effects. Leg cramps are my big fear. I hear mustard taken by the tablespoon before going to bed helps. I also remember people telling me my breath stank from the Kale, but, no pain, no gain?

    Let's do this.

    Day 1 of ?

    - See more at: http://community.rebootwithjoe.com/discussions/to...



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