• About: I am a mother to 8 children and a lovely husband. As you can imagine my life is very busy and with food i have often made the wrong choices.quite Presently i work from home helping my husband with the family business. its not easy and demands a lot from me. previously i managed to do a three week reeboot and now i have decided to complete a longer juice fast. presently i am finding it quite hard to resist the desire to chew. if i fail or make a mistake i get right on up and back on the wagon again. i really need a lot of motivation so please please whatever you have to offer i would really appreciate. OneLove
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I have done everything you can imagine as far as diets are concerned. I have a desire to eat for health and am motivated to change my life and my palate. I know that this really works and I am enjoying every minute.
  • Favorite Juice? BEETROOT, APPLE, GINGER
  • Food temptation? SWEET

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  • Closed Account

    5 years ago

    Hi Gina, I have found that the need to chew seems to be related in some way to my hormonal cycle. Once I get through the first 10days or so (with chewing gum) and then it cuts out altogether. BUT the week when I get PMT it comes back (coinciding with the natural increase in a woman's metabolism). I keep gum handy for emergencies. I have also just had a minor health scare as I didn't take the time to get my blood tested before embarking on the fast. At about day 35 I became quite dizzy and after a few days went to the doctor to discover many things about my health I had no idea about. Firstly, I was probably dehydrated, not because of an observable lack of water or juice, but because I have low blood pressure anyway, the beetroot juice's vascular dilation properties made it necessary for me to take in more water (I cut back on the beetroot and after 2 weeks my blood pressure came back to normal). I was also depleted of B12, which affects neurological function - make sure you keep your B12 up. I have just had a course of 3 injections and next month get another blood test to see if it has worked. Lastly, I had to have an ECG (x2) plus a chest x-ray, which after 2 weeks of waiting I have discovered that losing weight can cause metabolic aberrations as our systems get used to not having as much weight. It's certainly been a learning curve but I am 12kg down with 12 kg to go. Having the doctors give me a clearance to return to the fast and the gym, I am looking forward to achieving my goals. The key is always to see any setbacks as minor and to reframe the time frame. I wanted to get into a special dress by my birthday, due to the health scare it isn't going to happen. But it WILL happen. Just remember that, you can never fail if you continue to move towards your goal. Keep smiling!

  • GINA

    5 years ago

    Thank you Julianne for your message it is very interesting and informative. i will keep plodding on and may see how i get on with chewing some gum. take care. OneLove. Gina

  • GINA

    5 years ago

    Another day. Still juicing. Having the odd hot cup of tea too. This does seem to help. I havent weighed myself since last week when i was on day 5 and had lost 5lbs. Probably will weigh in on wednesday. Maybe. Im always scared that i will see no changes. One day i ate a cake. Its not easy cooking for 7 children and my hubby when on a juice fast. Its sooo not easy!

  • GINA

    5 years ago

    @Paul G.

    thanks so very much for your advice it really is helpful. i think i will get some jars and pre-juice so that i have them on hand. this would make things alot easier for me, i know. Also once i have completed my juice i reckon i will have juice in the days and green salads for dinner. i keep thinking what can i chew just to deal with it. i may buy some garden peas so that i can cope with it, im not really sure yet. anyway today was quite a good day for me i managed to drink loads of water which is not like me at all. take care and thanks again..

  • GINA

    5 years ago

    Day 7 for me and I am feeling good. I am still trying to fight the feeling to chew but I am determined to complete 30 days then after I will have a break then back on to another 30. I really want to be ready for summer and take control of my health. I am looking forward to running with my kids. Yaaay!

  • dijones247

    5 years ago

    Thanks for the friend's request. Looks like we both have the same favorite juice. I juiced a Beet for the first time this month. When I put that ginger and apple in there I thought this is it! LOL!!! Glad to hear you are feeling great on Day 7. Be encouraged and Juice On!

  • Paul G.

    5 years ago

    Hi Gina,

    After I left your profile, I was thinking about your comment about fighting the need to chew... a very valid one. I have addressed this in several ways. I have learned over time that this is more in my head.. than a true"need". When I have been doing a "juice only" juice fast, I have put reminders in my iPhone to remind me at certain times to drink another Juice. I would prepare my Juice in advance & usually double or triple the recipes & then bottle them in 16 oz. glass bottles & put them in the fridge. I found that if I wait until I am "feeling hungry" it was more difficult to deal with the desire to chew, so I would drink a juice at a predetermined time, whether I felt hungry or not to make sure I was always well nourished & felt satisfied... I would usually start the morning with a large coffee cup of hot lemon-ginger water to stimulate my digestion & the ginger also is a natural thermogetic & would kinda jump start my metabolism first thing. Then I would usually have a juice or a smoothie with more fruit in it in the morning which was a treat for me & by choosing this type of juice earlier in the day (like 8-9:00 am), it gave my body the rest of the day to metabolize the natural sugars. I would then drink a juice at about 10:00 am as a mid morning juice. I would then move towards the green juices & have on at 12:00 for lunch, in the afternoon about 3:00 pm & then a dinner juice at somewhere between 6-7:00 pm. Then end the day in the evening with a hot tea to once again aide my digestion before bed & to do the heavy lifting for me while I slept... By following this protocol I was able to do much better with the desire to chew something... mainly because I never felt "hungry". Now I try to follow a very similar routine but I skip the mid morning juice & the afternoon juice... although I have to sneak an extra juice in sometimes to supplement. I know that this is a lot but it really seemed to help me. I now follow a modified format that is not a full on juice fast, where I do juice only during the day & I have a really nice salad in the evenings... this way I do not feel that it is such a test of my endurance & the salad is my "pay-off" for sticking to the Juice only during the day & it is still a micro-nutrient so it is easily digested & then back to juice the next day. I was stuck in the 60 lb. area for over a little over a year & this modified format helped me do juice only for longer periods of time vs. a shorter juice only format. I am not sure if any of this will give you the same help, but it really seems to be working for me right now... & my salads at night are amazing... I make them with 3-4 different kinds of greens (baby spinach, arugula, kale, spring mix & chard), some fresh fruit, Gorgonzola, Jicama, Avocado & a nice vinaigrette of some type...), I hope some of this helps you while you are working so hard to change your eating habits & your health standards. It truly is a new lifestyle... but an amazing change & so worth it!

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    5 years ago

    hey gina, what helped me get through the day far as chewing is to chew some peppermint gum. wrigleys to be exact Hope this helps for you

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  • RoyalsFan

    5 years ago

    TY for the friend request! I noticed your fav juice is BEETROOT, APPLE, GINGER. I have not tried that combo, yet. Sounds Good! /BB

  • GINA

    5 years ago
    Hey I just earned the badge I'm on a Reboot badge - Juice On!
  • GINA

    5 years ago

    Needing some motivation. help please

  • Garry

    5 years ago

    Hey Gina, do you have a juicer or a bullet mixer of some sort? That's step one, step two is to start eating fruit as your snacks and/or dessert. There are a lot to chose from and they are naturally sweet. Try to eat five smaller meals per day versus three medium to large and unhealthy snacks. Read labels a lot and stay away from milk and dairy and a lot of sugar and salt but most of all drink a gallon of water per day and you will be well on your way to the new you. Good luck and Juice On! P.S. Don't forget to move...some type of excercise is always good like walking stairs or walking period to start. All the best to you and keep us posted. Garry


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    Be sure to review all the posts below starting on page one through to the present... there are videos, viewpoints, comments, pictures and links to aid you in your personal journey to lose weight and gain optimum health with Reboot Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFoodist attitude. I could make a number of suggestions while undertaking a reboot juice feast regimen or simply incorporating more fruits & veggies (whether juiced, blended or eaten whole) into your daily meal planning. First of all – Be Kind to Your Self! It took many years and lots of poor food choices to become overweight – It will take some time to lose it. Your body must be allowed to come into balance with phytonutrient dense plant-based foods. There will be plateaus during your weight loss journey – you’ll think nothing is happening, but it is. ************Avoid the scale to avoid disillusionment.......... Clean out your pantry to avoid temptation.****************

    The weight will come off with reboot vegetable juicing and a plant-based food choice – but must be allowed to integrate and work with your level of conscious nutrition.

    Free yourself from added eating stress and change the way you approach it. Forget dieting and just start a process of "Incorporating ~ Eliminating". Start incorporating a larger quantity of (cooked or raw, juiced or blended) plant-based whole foods like: green and rainbow color fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans-peas-legumes, nuts & seeds . Start eliminating and weeding out the SAD diet foods like: drive-through junk & hyperpalatable fast food, animal products (meats, seafood, shellfish, eggs), animal-derived products (dairy, butter, cheese, ice cream, whey, casein, lard), oil fat/sugar/sodium-laden processed, refined and packaged foods. .........>There is over 40 years of research supporting that a WholeFood–PlantBased (WFPB) eating lifestyle will rejuvenate & regenerate your whole body, will alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverses degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Reboot Juicing is a tool to discover and compliments a shift to including more plants into your daily eating habit.

    ------> Not only is plant-based whole foods the healthiest way of eating that has ever been studied, but it’s far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation. A PlantBased Reboot Juicing lifestyle entails; No counting calories, No drowning in minutiae about what to eat or what not to eat --- just simplify and make wise health-promoting choices........ DRINK Vegetable Juices & EAT Plants!

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