• About: I switched to the raw vegan diet over 2 years ago & then returned to working out and running regularly. After a year I added cooked foods back in and started eating fish (mostly sushi), and then slowly added processed foods here and there. I quit smoking on 1.19.16 and let my diet slide into total chaos of skittles and oreos washed down with Guinness at least 4 nights or more a week! Not that I am beating myself up over it (I mean 26 yrs of smoking and I cold turkey quit... of course something was going to give!) Well, now that I have kicked that I need to reboot and my 1st green juice cleanse or any real cleanse ever started 2 days ago. My goal is 90+ days. So far I am 4-6 liters of green juice each day and at least 75 oz of water and tonight I added in my 100% raw vegan veggie protein powder (I have already committed to run some races) and I would like running to remain in my routine. I am not doing this for weight but that is a bonus. My focus is on healing the years of smoking, eating the SAD diet, and illnesses that I have battled through out my life. I would love to see my body heal from the inside out!
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My family is supportive but they continued to eat the SAD diet. I am here looking for support and to troll (in a positive way) stories for motivation. I have not had red meat, chicken, ect for 2 yrs but I have had cravings of every meat product ever create since I started prepping on Monday and actually going 100% green juice only on Tuesday.
  • Favorite Juice? Anything with ginger and habanero peppers
  • Food temptation? everything + Guinness

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  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago

    Day 2: Well after a decent nights sleep for the first time in a cpl weeks if not all 3 wks I have some clarity and a more upbeat attitude. I had to go to bed early last night to get away from wanting to eat everything in the kitchen. My original weigh in was 144.4 lbs and this morning I weighed in at 137.8 lbs. So after 24 hours I am not as bloated, my stomach is not as distended, I have more clarity, positive attitude, more energy, mental motivation and I slept better. I still want to eat solid food (why when I feel so much better without it?!?)! I need to figure out how to transition back to my raw, gluten free, pescetarian lifestyle... Not sure why this has been so hard to do since I quit smoking.

  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago


  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago

    Day 1 of ? - So after a 3 week binge on junk and lots of beer I started prepping for today on Sunday by juicing all day and eating at night and the same yesterday. Today I start my no time limit reboot. My goal is to lose the 15 lbs that I lost on my 35 day reboot and the extra 5 lbs that I gained while not working out and messing with a crap diet over the past 3 wks. My home life went completely upside down with construction and remodel work that didn't allow me to juice regularly and now that most of the indoor stuff is completed I can use my kitchen again. I was not prepared to come off my last reboot and the difficulty to restart seems 100xs harder than the first time! I am weighing in at 144 lbs, 5' 3", I have not worked out or ran in the past 3 weeks however I will start running again as soon as my body signals that I can.

    The feelings I felt during the past 3 weeks are suphicating compared to the 35 days I juiced!

    I feel heavy, bloated, out of tune with my emotions, off schedule with everything from gardening to summer school classes with my son. I have felt exhausted 99% of the time and the other 1% I feel like I am in a fog. My natural high is gone. My productivity level has dropped to almost nothing outside of running normal errands but even then I would rather be in bed watching Netflix (not really but that is what my body is saying). My skin has gone crazy and so has my hair. I swelled up like a person being flooded with fluids from an IV drip for days. My stomach is so distended that I cannot breathe comfortably and I sweat in my sleep, having hot flashes compared to being cold all the time sucks! Oh the gas and stomach pains are pretty severe as well. The most important part of this has been the emotional failure I felt for not completing my 90 day goal.

    Now I start again with no set days and I go until I feel better and can transition with a healthy plan in place. The only positive side to all this is knowing now that planning for the transition is just as important in the beginning as planning for the cleanse. I will have a written list of foods and meals for the first week and if I come off the cleanse my husband or I can get the supplies right away.

  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago

    Days 33-35 of 90:

    Day 33: I ran my 2nd 5K race and dropped 4 min off my time placing 1st in my age group! My 1st race was on May 15, a 5K that I placed 4th in my age group (this was a week into my green juice cleanse!) So in less than a month I have improved a huge amount something that I wasn't doing prior to the green juice! It took 3x's the amount of training, a more regular schedule of training and many more hours at the gym and I still did not have the #'s! I also lost another lb. 126lbs at this time. I stopped my protein powder last night and will drop Guinness tonight.

    Day 34: I dropped another lb and that puts me at 125lbs. I have not had protein powder or Guinness, but ate sorbet by letting it melt in my mouth at the end of the day. So I bombed on my 1st attempt if the Green Juice Only Challenge...

    Day 35: I woke up and felt like crap weather it is bc of the detox from the protein powder or from having the sorbet or combo I am def in detox mode! I have no motivation and could lay down and nap if my floors were not being ripped up right now. I am drinking lots of lemon water and juice and coconut water with spirulina... Hope this helps.

    My legs are starting to slim down a lot but I need to start lifting weights and toning or I will have lose skin (not good). My plan is to create a workout schedule this week for weight lifting and toning along with the running.

    I also ordered the Tribest Slowstar Juicer this morning and will return the Omega 8006 once I have had a cpl days to test it out and see if I like it better. At this point I want to be able to juice pineapple and melons in the long term and the Omega does not handle these fruits. The Breville did not juice these well leaving a lot of the juice in the pulp but it did juice them. The blade died from juicing the more fiberous veggies and roots.

    Maybe I can talk my husband into keeping both...

  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago


    Overall changes: Mental clarity, vision clarity, lungs are clearing and did not burn during my first 5K race, sleep is great 99% of the time, my eyes are whiter and bluer than ever, my energy is through the roof, my motivations is on fire 110% of the time. I love how I feel and how I look. I had a severe menstrual cycle month 1(cramping,bleeding, body aches, vomit, you name it I had it) and now month 2 it has been 90% better (less bleeding and less pain, however I did not sleep last night bc of cramps). My emotions are not only more stable but they are more accurate when responding to situations. I am quicker in responding to people or things and I am more confident even when I don't know something I ask for help. Normally I would just pass up whatever it was I needed. I am able to hold my bladder longer and only wake up to pee 2 or 3 times in the night but really don't even remember I just try to keep track if I can. I have lost 12-13 lbs and currently weigh in at 127-128lbs. I went from wearing a size 30 in pants to a size 27.I will be removing my protein as of Sunday and doing juice, coconut water and water only to see how my runs change during month 2 and 3. I have scheduled a half marathon for August 21 and plan on only transitioning to solids 11 days before that so I may decide go 101 days and then transition after the race. I will decide at 90 days.

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    2 years ago

    Day 23/90

    Much better day! Positive and productive! I made some yummy juices and that always helps plus I am getting faster using the Omega juicer. Prep time is longer than juice time but its still a pain no matter how you juice... I am still full of energy and I am glad I have it bc things are just getting busier!

  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago

    Day 22 of 92 on juice, coconut water, h2o, protein powder, spiralina, liver cleanse: Week 4 has started off rougher than expected. I don't know why I am going through such intense cravings but salt and vinegar chips and Justin's hazelnut chocolate butter is on my mind non stop sweet and salty so I don't know what I'm not getting enough of?! I posted days 21 and prior on Starting on or around May 1, 2016 however no one commits to posting on these groups they come and go as needed so I will post on my wall from here on out to keep track of my progress. Day 21 nothing different then previously documented. Day 20 I introduced Guinness to my 92 day juice cleanse. Sorry I know I am weak however it is not solid food so my stomach is still dormant in processing foods. From day 1-20 I have lost 12lbs, had a colon cleanse, brighter whites of the eyes, bluer eyes, higher energy, insomnia has been gone since day 1, and my sleep has been fabulous except for 2 nights. I am mentally clearer, and emotionally more stable however on some days I am more emotional than others, I seem to purge mucus the most and vision has improved. I can see muscles in my stomach back and shoulder/arms area. My legs have thinned out and my running has been great since my lungs don't burn even in the cold. I am able to run 1.5 miles to 2 miles 1 or 2 xs daily and hair nails skin look great! I will be running my 2nd 5K on June 11 and I am excited since I am taking a friends spot she can't race due to a bum knee, then I am heading to the 10K and half marathon before the summer is over! I am taking in 4000-6000 calories a day.

  • Freedomflyer

    2 years ago

    Made it to day 20 before I had a beer...


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