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  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    FlowerLady!!! I am so sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital!!! Is he doing better? So you are on day 2 today right? How are you doing? These are the hardest, the first few days but I know you got this!!!! Please please please do not hesitate to post on the various group pages when you are having a good day or even a bad day!!! It helps ALL of us!! Keep up the good work! I can say that day 16 feels pretty stinking amazing!!! You will love it!!

  • FlowerLady

    4 years ago

    Hi .... He is doing really well! Thank you! Yes the first couple of days are really hard!!! I haven't even got through the third day with out giving in! I will start again tomorrow and will pray I make it at least a week! After a week I can keep going ... It was pretty hard to be in the hospital with out a juicer so I went to the farmers market today and stocked up and will try it again:... Thank you!!!!!!!


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